Higuchi Black Oolong from Yunomi – Tea Review

One can never have enough oolong! When one thinks of oolong, you probably think of oolong being from Taiwan or China, maybe Thailand. Today’s oolong is from Japan – Higuchi Black Oolong from Yunomi! Japanese oolongs aren’t something one sees often – checking around it seems Japanese oolongs are a special product and tea farmers don’t make much of them. This particular Japanese black oolong has a longer fermentation time than the other Japanese oolongs. The tea is grown in the Shige Prefecture with an altitude of 400 meters/ 1300 feet. Dry Leaf Higuchi Black Oolong dry leaf smells like plums … Continue reading, hoot!

Let’s Blend Genmaicha – Yunomi September 2013 Tea Samplers Club

Wow, Yunomi.us out did themselves for the Tea Samplers Club for September! For the month of September, Yunomi.us Tea Samplers Club  included: Organic Autumn Bancha from NaturaliTea. The leaf has an interesting mix of yellow and lower saturated green, compared to sencha, with a herb and celery scent. Organic Autumn Hojicha from the Takeo family. This tea as a lovely roasted scent with a great colour of fall: light greens and browns, a little lighter and delicate appearance than other hojichas I’ve seen. Genmai (toasted rice)  from Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations. The genmai features petite roasted rice with the odd mini … Continue reading, hoot!

Kuwacha Sencha – Mulberry Leaf from Kesennuma Kuwacha Eitoku via Yunomi – Tea Review

Kuwacha Sencha – Mulberry leaf tea is from supplier Kuwacha Eitoku. I obtained this tea from Yunomi.us from the August Tea Samplers Club. Mulberry leaf? I never heard of this tea! I’ve had mulberries in tea, which taste very sweet and honey like, but not the leaves and definitely not as the main ingredient. According to the information I got with my tea, the processing of this tea is the same as sencha, and as we see later, so is the steeping method. Out of the three teas in this month’s Tea Samplers Club, this Kuwacha Sencha – Mulberry leaf … Continue reading, hoot!

Sweet Roasted Chestnuts Black Tea from Creha Tea via Yunomi.us – Tea Review

Sweet Roasted Chestnuts Flavored Black Tea is a Japanese black tea with chestnut flavoring. This tea is a Creha Tea that I purchased from Yunomi.us. I’m sure when we think of Japanese teas we think of green teas. It’s really cool to see a Japanese tea seller like Yunomi.us carry some Japanese blacks teas as well as oolongs. It is really neat to taste the difference of these teas compared to the typical teas that are more commonly from Africa, China or Taiwan. If you wanna know what I mean, check out my review of a Japanese Pu’er. Sweet Roasted … Continue reading, hoot!

Houjicha from Obubu Tea via Yunomi.us Mystery Tea Samplers Club

Yunomi.us just started a Monthly Mystery Tea Samplers Club and this lucky Owl got her beak on it! With the Monthly Mystery Tea Samplers Club you get 3 x 10g samples, all different teas. 20% off coupon to purchase any of the teas for that month. What I found was really cool was included was a couple page letter that goes into each tea – the history of the tea farm its from, pictures of the family/farmers at the tea farm, information about what the tea is and steeping instructions.   This month, one of my three teas is Houjicha Light Roast from Obubu Teas! I’ve … Continue reading, hoot!

Gyokuro Standard (Kurihara Tea) via Yunomi.us – Tea Review

Gyokuro Standard is a 2012 Ichibancha first flush Gyokuro from Kurihara Tea, which I recieved from Yunomi.us. Ahhh Gyokuro. I need more of this tea in my life. I want to experiment more with steeping times, but this tea is on the pricey side as well as having a short shelf life. I’m in conflict as they seem like a tea I should save for special occasions  but gyokuro feels so full of energy that I need to have them often! Yunomi.us pointed out to me I need to try gyokuro at a lower temperature – which is what I’ll be doing today with my … Continue reading, hoot!

Sakura Tea from Yunomi.us – Tea Review

Sakura Tea is a floral herbal tea via Yunomi.us, an online seller of Japanese teas and supplies. Yunomi.us has a large selection of Japanese teas – including Japanese black teas, gyokuro, and matchas! My package came from Japan – sweeet! I received my Sakura tea to review. This Sakura tea is from Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations, and is made from whole, salt-pickled sakura blossoms. This tea is also a herbal. I wanted to review this tea as I’ve never seen a straight up sakura blossom tea before! I was warned this tea was very Japanese. Ehhh – they said that about some video games I loved like the Fire Emblem and … Continue reading, hoot!