China Green Tea with Magnolia from Grey’s Teas – Tea Review

Grey’s Teas is an online UK seller of loose leaf teas. They got quite a large selection, mostly unflavored teas, and have a few uncommon teas like GABA oolongs and teas from Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea.

Today’s review is Grey’s Teas China Green Tea with Magnolia, aka Yulan Huacha. You don’t see Magnolia teas that often, and most of the time they are oolong. I enjoy floral teas and I like Magnolia a bit more than Jasmine as it is something a bit different.

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Dry Leaf

Admittedly this sample has taken a beating. I got it in California, it got rolled up and jammed into my kettle twice, as that saved space while moving. They use a thin plastic bag to hold samples. The dry leaf of China Green tea with Magnolia has very little scent. The leaf looks a little beat up.

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Steeping Instructions

I followed what was on the packaging, 90C (194F) water temperature, 4 minute steep. I used 4 grams of leaf for my 10oz owl mug.

Tasting of Grey’s Teas China Green Tea Scented with Magnolia

Steeped up, I get a lovely floral peachy scent, yum!

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The Magnolia tea sips in very nice, it’s got a cuddly magnolia note with a fresh vegetal zucchini and bean tasting green tea, with a lemon citrus note. The magnolia is on the the moderately strong side with a hint of that peachy floral. If you haven’t had Magnolia teas, Magnolia is fairly distinct, but gives off a similar vibe to Jasmine. There is a light bitterness from either the strong floral or the steeping method. Some might find this bitterness undesirable, but I find it to be acceptable with the floral. I personally do my green teas at a lower temperature, so maybe 175f would work better.


Grey’s Teas China Green Tea with Magnolia is a pretty solid green. If you love floral teas be sure to quest for a Magnolia tea – I think you’ll enjoy it. If I had a bit more to sample, this tea would be great cold brewed or iced. If you are in the UK, be sure to check out Grey’s Teas!

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(tea provided for review)

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  • northernteaist

    Sounds interesting…I might have to get my hands on some magnolia and experiment….!