Coconut Grove from Steep City Teas – Tea Review

Coconut Grove is a Pai mu tan white tea accented with rose and coconut flavoring. This tea is from Steep City Teas, a new online seller of loose leaf teas, based in Miami.

Coconut Grove from SteepCityTeas - Oolong Owl Tea Review (6)

Hmm. Pai Mu Tan? Please correct me if I’m wrong – but I’m guessing that’s Bai Mu Dan? I’m guessing as I’m learning to speak Korean, and if Mandarin is similar, the romanization of sounds “B” and “P”, “D” and “T” and “G” and “K” get mixed up all the time. I find the flipping of the romanization makes learning from multiple sources painful and confusing at time. Ugg, thinking about this reminds me how I suck at pronouncing “ㄹ” and need to practice more… PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Okay, enough about learning complicated languages – tea time!

DRY LEAF: Wow, very beautiful dry leaf here! I love it! /swoon

Coconut Grove from SteepCityTeas - Oolong Owl Tea Review (3)

Amazing big rose buds mixed with the white tea leaves, little purple flowers and twigs. The dry leaf smell kinda reminds me of a coconut cream pie including graham cracker crust.

Okay, not that many twigs were in the bag. I searched for some good ones though!

Coconut Grove from SteepCityTeas - Oolong Owl Tea Review (5)Antlers? This owl is entertained easily.

I found more of the little blue flowers drifted to the bottom of the bag, so make sure to give this bag a good mix. I actually regret not buying a tin with this tea. The 2oz bag of this tea is bursting full!

Coconut Grove from SteepCityTeas - Oolong Owl Tea Review (2)

STEEPED: Sweet white tea smell with creamy scent. Light gold/straw coloured tea. I was a little confused with the instructions on the bag, checked off for both 160F and 175F – I went with 175F for 2 minutes.

Coconut Grove from SteepCityTeas - Oolong Owl Tea Review (1)

The steeping process looked very lovely with all the rose buds. I’m thinking Coconut Grove would look very nice in a glass tea pot.

Coconut Grove from SteepCityTeas - Oolong Owl Tea Review (7)I feel like I’m in a garden, looking at the fallen petals in the pond.

Coconut Grove from SteepCityTeas - Oolong Owl Tea Review (8)

TASTE: Very sweet and coconutty! The taste is like big fresh, slippery slabs of coconut over top juicy sweet fruity white tea. The white tea is very flavorful and sweet. The floral is light, a 3/10 on the Floral-o-meter. The creamy coconut stays as an aftertaste as well. No bitterness or dryness in this tea.

Sweetened with rock sugar, Coconut Grove is just like a coconut water drink – served hot in a tea cup with rose petals floating in it. Why I’m drinking coconut in a rose garden, I’m not sure. I usually drink coconut water after a jiujitsu work out! The floral pops a bit more with the rock sugar. I think I prefer Coconut Grove unsweetened, but the rock sugar gives it added charm.

RESTEEP: I did a resteep for the hell of it and the tea came out even sweeter and floral, with a quick aftertaste of creamy coconut. I did not add sugar to the resteep – almost think I did add it, as it is so sweet! Probably this is the sweetest tasting tea I’ve had that wasn’t blended with stevia or rock sugar.

COMMENTS: Coconut Grove gives me the impression of something sophisticated classic, with a bit of romance – but with a bit of modern hip from the coconut flavoring. If you like coconut and sweeter teas, you’ll love this one! I’ve been drinking this one for a couple days, while I watch my Korean Dramas.

I’m very impressed with Steep City Teas so far – I’ve reviewed YaYa Strawberry, which blew me away in similar fashion to Coconut Grove being deliciously addictive. Awww crap, that means I’m doing another order for sure.

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  • We are so happy that you enjoyed the tea! Some people say Bai mu dan, or Pai mu Tan, it depends on the person! Sorry if the instructions were a bit confusing, they were supposed to imply 165-175 degrees! 175 is my choice, but my fiance likes it on the less hot setting… 175 to me, is the way to go on this one.

    We hope to keep servicing you delicious teas!

    • ahh, that makes sense! I’m just trying Coconut Grove at 165. Like you, I prefer it at 175 as the flavors pop more, but 165 isn’t bad! I’ll be doing a big order soon, I’m just trying to figure out what to get, lots I want to try!

      • It makes us so happy that you are enjoying our teas so much! we really appreciate the loyalty… you will soon see. 😛 Most importantly is that you enjoy our tea. let us know!!

  • P.S. working on some new blends 🙂 but those won’t be out for a long while.

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