Daintree Tea and Tim Tam Slams

Austrailian Tea Special! I’ve tried Daintree Tea before, but it was fairly old loose leaf not stored well. My husband’s coworker recently came back from Australia and I was given a Wallaby and a sample box of Daintree tea bags.

Around the same time, I got a package from Influenster (they send free products for review, I mostly signed up for makeup swag) to review some unexpected random crap like a tin of corn, tub of margarine, fried jalapenos, and a package of Tim Tams. I’ve heard about Tim Tams as being an Aussie fav treat. I recently saw Tim Tams at my local grocery store. If they aren’t at your local shop, you can snag Tim Tams on Amazon.

The Tea Owls have been sizing up the Wallaby for a week. He’s got riding mount potential.

With both Aussie tea and treats, this is the perfect opportunity to TIM TAM SLAM! YASSSSSSSSSS!

Daintree Tea tasting

Daintree is in a tea bag and looks like a generic black tea. The packaging promises rainforest tea.

I steeped a bag in a cup for about 3 minutes. I haven’t done a teabag in awhile and was amazed at the dark colour that seeps out and sat in the bottom of the cup.

Stirred, I got a lovely ruddy black tea.

Taste wise, Daintree tastes aromatic, fruity, earthy, and bitter cardboard. It likely needs to have at least milk to cut the bitterness. It does have a nice malty aroma and not tannic or brisk like your common British breakfast teas or US black teas. The cardboard note could have been from tea bag packaging or length of time on the shelf.

Tim Tam Slam Time!

I bet a Tim Tam would make this Daintree tea taste good for this hoot snoot.

What you do is peck off the diagonal corners of the Tim Tam. I screwed up and ate more than a corner as I was hungry. Then use the Tim Tam as a straw to suck in the tea.

I tried to take a picture but quickly learned the Tim Tam loses structural integrity, so you need to inhale in (hence the “Slam”) before it flops into the teacup. The Tim Tam is almost like a KitKat, but with stiff chocolate digestive biscuits. With tea sucked into it, the center chocolate melts and the biscuits turn soggy tea sponges, just being held by the exterior chocolate coating.

The sip during the Tim Tam slam was great – the tea was smooth and fruity with no bitterness.. but still slightly cardboardy. Later on, I Tim Tam slammed with Sun Moon Lake and OH MY that is good!

You know this is Oolong Owl. It has to be done so you readers will know. Someone likely has the question if it was purely brewing skill that made the Daintree Tea not good and only artful brewing will fix it.

Daintree Tea Tim Tam Slam. Will it Gongfu?

I gongfu style steeped 4 grams of Daintree in 75ml gaiwan using boiling water.

The colour came out a dark murk cloud.

The flavor of gongfu Daintree is atrocious. It is strongly bitter and dirt cardboard with an ultra tart lemon gone bad. It is also dry enough to chap lips. It had some pretty dry storage, I could likely troll someone that this is an aged oolong in bad storage that went off.

Will it Gongfu? No, the tea bag version was much better. Rest assured Aussies, Liptons was much worse.

But will it Tim Tam slam?

The tea I sucked up was still horrible. The Tim Tam did not fix that portion, I actually gagged on how bitter and sour the tea was. Eating the Tim Tam after made it all better as all I could taste was chocolate. I am not sure if gongfu’d Daintree Tea will Tim Tam. Is the winning metric having the tea taste good or successful slam, or combined good experience? The only good part was the chocolate!

(Tea given as a gift | Tim Tams provided for review & Influenster Referral Links | Amazon Affiliate Links)

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  • Bob Krul

    Wow, I could taste that dark steep all the way up here in Winnipeg!. That looks nasty but I bet it would taste real fine with milk and some honey. It looks rich and dark brown which could mean that it has had lots of sunshine grow, but it got the pukka twisted out of it during processing to create that dark brown syrup. You had fun with it, good for you.

    • Oh certainly, it would be a great morning or afternoon tea with milk and a sweetener… and not steeped to motor oil. Likely even better if it was loose leaf and fresh.

      • Bob Krul

        I am going to look for some Tim Tams. They sound good and I too am hungry right about now. Time for a cuppa….