December 2017 White2Tea Club

The December 2017 White2Tea Club is an exclusive 200 gram Huangpian sheng puer cake! You only get this cake if you were in the monthly tea club, or did a monster order during Black Friday. I should have tried this tea around Christmas, but I was so backlogged with other teas, and holidays is mostly me stress drinking black teas and matcha.

I am not sure what to call this cake. XXX is on the wrapper? My guess Santa got into the tea early. I can attest that tea drunk driving had me do 60mph in a 35mph zone a few times.

Dry Leaf and Steeping Method

The tea is has a grassy veggie scented leaf. Very green looking too!

I used 1 gram per 15 ml of vessel size, steeped in boiling water. I used jianshui pot for this tea as I figure I don’t need to be neutral as it is exclusive tea anyway.

Tasting of December 2017 White2Tea Club Huangpian Sheng Puer

First, Second, and Third Infusion: The 2017 Huangpian sheng is soft and light tasting. The broth is sweet and creamy and a little floral. The aftertaste is a sweet lemon biscuit and fresh greens. The tea has a creamy texture and smooth to drink. I could serve this tea to any new tea drinker and they would enjoy it as it is easy to drink, sweet, and refreshing.

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Infusion: The colour got amber looking.

Right away, there is a big flavour shift to a strong punchy flavour. This tea is so young and the hot water finally hit it hard. It tastes stewy spinach with creamy edamame beans, with a fresh medicinal grass aftertaste. It is bitter and dry here too. I steeped faster, which helped made it less stewy tasting. Likely if I steeped this at 200f it would be a little easier to drink.

Eighth Infusion: Super bitter now and I think I killed the sheng. The flavour got concentrated bitter spinach.

The leaf is super green!


The December 2017 White2tea Club Huangpian cake is a fun exclusive tea! I am certainly going to tuck it away and drink next Christmas as it is too green for me. I do enjoy the White2tea club for these exclusive teas, so I felt this month was totally worth it. If you love ultra young sheng, certainly this one can be drunk now, but likely best at 200F/93c.

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