Earl Grey Premium from Ocean of Tea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Today’s review is Ocean of Tea’s Earl Grey Premium. Ocean of Tea is an online loose leaf tea seller.

I really felt like Earl Grey today. I made a batch of lemon curd for my mother in law but also made myself an extra jar. My lemon curd has been in my fridge for awhile. So, I made some scones to have with my lemon curd. Scones and lemon curd? I need some black tea, an Earl Grey, to go with these tasty treats!

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Dry Leaf

The dry leaf of Earl Grey Premium is super fragrant bergamont, wowee! Like fresh grated citrus. No frills earl grey appearance with simply black loose leaf tea.

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Steeping instructions

Hold up. 1 tablespoon per cup? I can accept 1 tablespoon measurements for an airy, spacious tea, but for a dense black 1 tablespoon is a lot of tea! Ehhh, I followed the instructions using boiling water for a 4 minute steeping.

After 4 minutes, Earl Grey Premium became a mega bergamont scented tea with a thick and rich dark brown colour. My kitchen smells citrusy!

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Tasting of Ocean of Tea’s Earl Grey Premium

That is a Lotta bergamont! Earl Grey Premium sips in loaded with bergamont. Throughout the sip, more bergamont. End of sip has a strong, sharp peak of bergamont taste. The aftertaste? You guessed it, more bergamont but with a refreshing quality to it. So much bergamont! The citrus, though the main flavor, is not tart, dry or bitter. More like concentrated bergamont. There is black tea in this blend, which I can taste in the background during the middle of the sip. It is quite smooth of a black with no dry or bitterness, especially for adding that much tea leaf.


  • Do you like bergamont?
  • A lot of bergamont?
  • You like some tea with your bergamont?

If you checked all those criteria, you’ll love Ocean of Tea’s Earl Grey Premium! I know you mega bergamont lovers are out there – I am one of them! This has to be the most bergamont I’ve had in an earl grey. I drink my earl greys straight up, I imagine some cream and sugar would numb some of the bergamont, but if you want less bergamont I’d try another Earl Grey.

Bonus: Time for afternoon tea snack!

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(tea provided for review)

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