Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack – Tea Beauty Review

I love Korean beauty products and a sucker for buying anything tea (and owl) related. I came across these Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping packs and had to have them!

They come in 3 varieties – Green Tea, Black Tea, and Strawberry Tea. As much as I wanted all three, I purchased Green and Black tea as the Strawberry’s promised effect isn’t what I wanted for my feathers.etude house bubble tea sleeping pack - oolong owl (1)

Etude house Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack

  • 516 grams each
  • Should last at least a month if used daily.
  • Black Tea – For improvement of skin elasticity and smooth skin.
  • Green Tea – Clears skin by treating pores and sebum. Gives a nice clean feel.
  • Strawberry Tea – Moisturizes dry skin and has a dewy effect.
  • Bubbles contained in the sleeping pack are water capsules which have a moisturizing effect.

etude house bubble tea sleeping pack - oolong owl (2)

How to use a Sleeping Pack

Sleeping packs are like a mask + night cream treatment. You apply it as your final step, go to bed, and wash it off the next morning. They often feel like a slick watery gel or very heavy cream and you can feel it on your skin the next day, but not as heavy, crusty, crumbly, or tacky feeling as a standard mask. I LOVE sleeping packs – they do wonders for my skin.

Testing the Etude house Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack

Inside the box, and OMG they packaged it just like bubble tea!

etude house bubble tea sleeping pack - oolong owl (3)

Each come with a little spoon that can snap onto the lid. I like this detail as many don’t like putting their hands in their cream, plus you need to dig out a bubble for every use.

etude house bubble tea sleeping pack - oolong owl (4)

This oddly looks delicious…. if it weren’t for the smell.

etude house bubble tea sleeping pack - oolong owl (8)

etude house bubble tea sleeping pack - oolong owl (6)

The scent is strongly generic  fresh facial lotion scent, which I find disappointing as I was hoping for a more distinct scent like anything related to green tea. Jasmine would of been a fine choice for a scent. The Black Tea Sleeping pack smells the best as it has a buttery tropical coconut chocolate like scent, though it still smells like facial product. I guess the Sleeping Packs not smelling like food might be a good idea so the owls don’t eat it.

etude house bubble tea sleeping pack - oolong owl (7)

The instructions say to take a bubble or two and pop it to mix with the sleeping pack tea gel.  The sleeping pack felt a little gummy to apply, but it felt like a little went a long way, and I had quite a bit of product with a bubble and a spoon of gel. Applied the scent of the green tea one isn’t too strong.

The beads were weird. I expected it to pop like a popping boba filled with liquid, but it just just smushed into bits like one of those expanding water beads, a solid jelly. They were difficult to mash right with fingers, so there was chunks of those on my face.

etude house bubble tea sleeping pack - oolong owl (9)

Before use I found the spoon really good idea so you aren’t digging fingers into the product, but upon use I am finding the spoon messy. The whole spoon gets coated in product digging for pearls, so I get more than what I want, plus I have to clean the spoon after use. A couple times I got lazy and the day before I mixed the bubbles so some would be on the top, and next use I stuck my fingers in the bubble tea container.

Next morning, the sleeping pack left a bit of film before I washed it off, but after my skin felt pretty moisturized, yet clean. My skin looked brighter and a bit more even. I used both sleeping packs for a month and have been having great skin days, as I haven’t been using sleeping packs in awhile. I felt minor differences between the green and black bubble tea, which makes me curious about the Strawberry one. Both made my skin feel great, but the green tea felt a bit more clean feeling, but not a huge difference between the two sleeping packs.

etude house bubble tea sleeping pack - oolong owl (5)

Overall, the Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping pack is a lot of fun with really cute packaging! It is a fun skin care product for the tea fan. I do find the Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack kind of gimicky and messy to use, and long term use is slightly annoying to muck around with. I like Black Tea Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack a bit more due to the smell. I’d likely not repurchase due to mess… though I am tempted to try the Strawberry one to see if it smells nicer.

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  • D Liu

    Does it dry completely? Seems way too messy for sleeping in, but maybe leave it on for a few hours on a day off.