Grand Admiral Thrawn Tea from Adagio Teas – feat. Owlth’raw’nuruodo

Owl Thrawn

Pushing further into so-called “Unknown space” I have come across a curious race of “Tea Owls.” Their political organization is primitive, purporting to be a parliament but lacking most of the expected procedure as the majority of their time and efforts appears focused their titular concoction they call tea. I have observed the Tea Owls who work brewing tea, cleaning tea pots, and operating cameras in a remarkably diligent effort to document every aspect of this cultural obsession.

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At the end of each day these owls drink yet more tea and consume “beef jerky,” a desiccated meat product very similar in taste to dried nerf. Though their race does not generally express martial inclinations, I have observed some among them owls practicing with long metal picks designed for prying pressed tea apart. They accepted me into their presence without question, making no inquiry as to my purpose as they merely assumed I was a new Tea Owl, their numbers apparently frequently augmented by new arrivals. As I have found with so many other races they are unable to properly pronounce my full name of Owlth’raw’nuruodo, I instructed that they refer to me as Owl Thrawn.

Owl Thrawn

Though they bicker frequently, the Tea Owls overall demonstrate a naive openness in their interactions, unsuspicious hospitality that has seen them present me with a gift contained in a box painted with what, I assume, is meant to be my likeness.

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Inside the mysterious container I found, unsurprisingly, tea. It is apparently blended concoction of “Black Tea, Rose Hips, Hibiscus, Apple Pieces, Natural Creme Flavor, Natural Raspberry Flavor, Orange Peels, Blue Cornflowers, Raspberries, Natural Vanilla Flavor, and Natural Bergamot Flavor.” I am unfamiliar with most of these apparently native flora but I recognize the scent as being that of strong, pungent fruit, a mix of  Bilaberries, Belsavis Sweetberry and Corellian Kavasa fruit.

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After giving me but a moment to open the gift the Tea Owls hooted in excitement and guided me through the process of preparing the tea for me. Though obviously made from something other than the Cassius tree as is traditional on Alderaan the process appeared similar, they explained that this black tea was to be steeped with boiling water for 4 minutes.

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Matching the scent of the dried blend I find the flavor to be strongly fruity, with an overwhelming taste of Bilaberry – or as the owls term it, blueberry. The black tea is quite smooth and creamy from vanilla –  a flavor that I identify from its frequent use in the upper levels of Coruscant and whose name the Tea Owls use as well.  I identify the finish as a sharp mix of Sweetberry and the Shig used in Mandalorian tisane; the Tea Owls describe it as a sharp citrus raspberry.

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From observing their art and drinking their tea, I am able to understand their impression of myself. Demonstrating a superficial perspective they seem to have merely gone off my colouring, and from that classifying me as, in their tongue, a blueberry headed Tea Owl with raspberry eyes.

How “creative,” this unsophisticated understanding, combined with their overall primitive organization, makes me conclude they are of little threat or concern to the greater galaxy – though there are certainly many in the more decadent halls of power who would be intrigued by their complex rituals and meticulously curated concoctions. I shall consult with my advisors as to whether these Tea Owls may be of some political end, as their military is minuscule to nonexistent.

Tea: Fandom Blend – Star Wars Grand Admiral Thrawn Tea (Leslie M) from Adagio Teas

Collab: Oolong Owl + Tea Hating Husband

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