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This years New Years Resolution is to be injury free.  I want to finally compete in weightlifting, I just have to not get injured or be sick for a long enough stretch! Matcha is my go to for preworkout, along with other weightlifter concoctions. I spotted The Tea Spot’s Matcha Fitness Set and thought this would be a fun tea thing to try to get me pumped back to lifting again after being out after surgery.


Matcha Fitness Set Specs

Steep & Go Brew Bottle


I have reviewed the Steep & Go, which is just the filter cap that fits many water bottles. The Steep & Go is really handy for your emergency or pack light travel needs as all you need is to bring tea, the Steep & Go, and purchase a bottle of water. I found this device awesome while flying!

The Tea Spot got some feedback that people love the Steep & Go, but wanted a reusable bottle – enter the Steep & Go Brew Bottle!

I quite like the bottle, it is slim and clean looking, great to hold vs a bulky water bottle. The brew bottle is light too. There are a couple stickers on it that I could remove but I was lazy. The filter does a good job filtering out most bits. The bottle is leakproof during my tests.

For cons, and similar to the original Steep & Go and using conventional soft drink bottles, is the neck is quite narrow, which makes adding tea a challenge. You’ll want to tip tea in it from a corner of a tin or use a small spoon. The bottle worked well for adding big leafed teas, one at a time, however cold brewing time is much longer – that 10 minute cold brew claim is for more cut up teas.


Adding ice to this bottle is a challenge, but maybe you can life-hack it like some people do to water bottles and put it in the freezer for a bit. However, if your method is 1. Add tea. 2. Go to gym/outside/wherever. 3. Fill up bottle with cold water – the Steep & Go Brew Bottle does the job.

The Tea Spot’s Matcha Fitness Set Teas

Both teas come packaged in a bag inside small tins.


Matcha Mate – I admittedly was scared trying this Mate. Matcha + Mate sounds like it could be a little too crazy for my tastes. I used 5 grams of Matcha Mate and let it cold brew for around 10 minutes.


Cold brewed, this preworkout concoction is pretty good. It’s got an interesting grassy sweetness from the mate, with delicious fresh and cream notes from matcha. Both teas come through as I can taste that holly-weedy aspect of the mate. I’m not a big mate fan, I find it too grassy and weedy, but the combination and done cold brewed it quite nice. The caffeine hit is nuts, this had my eyes bulging and I felt the urge to run to my gym and deadlift something. I tried it hot and it isn’t as sweet with a stronger mate flavor, that said I prefer Matcha Mate cold brewed.

Strap on your headband and bring your dumbells to the squat cage – Matcha Mate is your ultimate preworkout tea without the chemicals and strange sugary koolaid flavor.

Organic Matcha – This matcha is a cute special micro tin of Tea Spot’s Organic Matcha of Kyushu Island, Japan origin. The 12 gram mini tin appears in the Matcha Fitness Set and Smitten by Matcha set, and can be purchased separately. I love this micro tin, it is adorable!

I had to drink the matcha on another day – the caffeine combination of the two teas would be explosive. I used 2 grams of Matcha for my Steep & Go Bottle. Cold matcha is super easy and a method I recommend if you want to get into matcha as you don’t have to worry about temperatures and whisking. This matcha is a little darker and the powder not super vibrant, but flavor wise is good with a grassy and savory with a bit of a sweet finish, which works well for cold brewing purposes.


You could also use this matcha to lace more caffeine into your other teas for cold brewing. Any green tea would pair well!


The Tea Spot’s Matcha Fitness Set is a great set for the cold brewer tea drinker on the go.  The set would make a great gift for your fitness friend or someone who wants to get into tea to kick the coffee out. The teas included in the set pack an energetic punch, sure to make you awake and working out.


You can purchase all the items separately if you just want the teas or Brew bottle. The Steep & Go Brew bottle I liked the most as the lightweight, leak proof, design makes it good for travel.

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