More Ru Kiln Tea Ware!

In case you didn’t catch it on my Oolong Owl Instagram a few months back, my favorite ru kiln cup broke.

ru kiln - june 2015 - broken up - oolong owl

The cup was part of my favorite travel gaiwan too. The set fell from my tea table onto the linoleum floor. The gaiwan is okay but the cup didn’t make it.

I thought about kintsugi’n it, but for the price of the cheapest kintsugi kit I could find (33,00 EUR) I could just buy a new cup. I ended up buying a ru kiln tea pot, 2 cups and a pitcher (cha hai/fair cup/justice cup/whatever it is translated to) for the price of the repair kit! I got all the tea ware off Aliexpress.

I already have done a few tea reviews with this tea set already, but let’s look up close!

The ru kiln tea pot! Pretty package presentation but annoying tape to remove!

ru kiln tea ware - june 2015 - oolong owl (4)

I like the pleasing pumpkin shape. The seller didn’t list capacity for their teapots and gaiwans. They had a few different styles but I went with this one as it seemed the smallest. Turns out the pot is 150ml. It pours very fast, however the filter inside is pretty big so tea does escape.

ru kiln tea pot - oolong owl

I got a set of cups with this tea pot. They are smaller than my broken up, but the lightly fluted shape has a nice feel and grip to them while drinking.

ru kiln tea ware - june 2015 - oolong owl (2)

I got a free gift with this tea set – a little tea jar!

ru kiln tea ware - june 2015 - oolong owl (5)

For those who are interested, here is the Aliexpress link for the tea pot and cups. Price and availability could change.

From another seller I picked up a new pitcher. I dislike my glass one these days as it is annoying to clean. I find my pitcher is also a workhorse and I worry glass is just too fragile for me sometimes. I really like the handles on this pitcher, it gives you a firm grip while pouring.

ru kiln tea ware - june 2015 - oolong owl (10)

The pitcher is also the perfect size for small Tea Owls. Here is the Aliexpress link for the pitcher.

ru kiln tea ware - june 2015 - oolong owl (7)

Annoyingly the colour doesn’t match – the tea pot and cups are blue and the pitcher is sea foam. I was hoping they were going to match when I order. Looking at the listing, the tea pot says “army green” and pitcher is “sky blue”. I might of got a random color or there’s color blindness on the other end.

ru kiln tea ware - june 2015 - oolong owl (8)

After a few uses, I can see tea stained cracks in the cups. I am just going to use one cup for now and leave the other tea cup as a control. The tea pot doesn’t have any stains yet and the pitcher is starting to get them on the inside (which is impossible to photo).

ru kiln tea ware - june 2015 - oolong owl (9)

ru kiln tea ware - june 2015 - oolong owl (6)

The new cup and pitcher with my old (not broken) ru kiln gaiwan – I got one of each colour, haha!

ru kiln tea ware - june 2015 - oolong owl (11)

Out of the colours, I prefer white ru kiln. It looks more crisp to me, photos better, and as a tea blogger I like the white backdrop more to show color.

In the end, I am saving my broken up – I’ve started a graveyard of broken tea ware. Maybe one day I’ll buy a kintsugi kit to repair multiple pieces. However, fingers crossed I don’t break more tea ware!

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  • Told myself “don’t click on this post” but then rationalized it with the thought of my own recently broken ru gaiwan. I’m glad you pointed out the best way to search for this type of glaze is with the keywords “ru kiln,” and not Ruyao or crackle. Found this out myself after a lot of trial and error. Ru ware seems to vary a lot in price between sellers across shopping sites. Would you say that aliexpress has the best price deal?

    • It’s more price hunting on aliexpress and more difficult of a search but the prices are pretty good, or at least you save a bit on shipping.

      Sometimes ali sellers don’t even list ru kiln/crackle and you have to go by pictures. However, sometimes I have nothing better to do and I sit on ali looking at dozen + pages of gaiwans and cups.

  • Were the cracks already a part of the tea cups when you bought them or does this happen naturally when using them?

    • it’s really hard to photo, but if you look closely on a ru kiln/ruyao there are faint clear cracks on the surface glaze. With lots of use the tea (especially darker teas) will stain the cracks. I only really use that style with black, ripe pu’er and sometimes oolong so I’m pretty aggressive with it.

      I noticed also the “ice crack” glaze also stains a bit too

      • I think it looks really interesting and cool when the tea stains the cracks. I’ve never had a chance to use ru kiln teaware since I’m just beginning my tea journey. Looking forward to experiencing this!

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