New 3 Leaf Flavored Matchas

3 Leaf came out with new matcha flavors! I had 3 Leaf’s Peach and Coconut matcha last time, and they were great. 3 Leaf sent me some of their new flavors – Lavender, Lemonade, and Raspberry Matcha. I love flavored matchas once in awhile, they are usually best iced or with milk, and I love both for tired mornings or workouts.

2017 matcha 3 leaf - oolong owl (1)

I followed their instructions, which is close to my usual method anyways. 1 teaspoon of matcha is around 2-3 grams.

2017 matcha 3 leaf - oolong owl (2)

3 Leaf Lavender Matcha

This Lavender Matcha is the one I’m scared about. I do like lavender, but lavender has a high failure rate of being too much like soap. The matcha powder smells strongly lavender. Like, I have bath products not as strong.

2017 matcha 3 leaf - oolong owl (3)

I went with a milk base, so I whisked the matcha with water, then topped with milk in hopes of muting the lavender. I failed, this Lavender Matcha is heavy so it is like drinking soap and that is all I can taste. I’m not a fan, but if you love strong lavender you’ll enjoy this.

2017 matcha 3 leaf - oolong owl (4)

3 Leaf Lemonade Matcha

I decided Lemonade Matcha has to be iced. I decided to not be completely lazy, so I whisked it like normal, but then added a large volume of ice cubes to finish. For iced matcha, I usually just add matcha to water and ice in a shaker bottle, but the whisked way added nice presentation and foam.

2017 matcha 3 leaf - oolong owl (5)

As is, it is lemon tart and grassy, with lemon being the main flavor. I found best use is water this one down a bit more for a light matcha lemon water flavor so it isn’t overly tart. I tried adding agave syrup to cover the tartness and it tasted way too weird – imagine sugary lemonade and matcha, it just doesn’t work in my brain and it was a pour out. I could be convinced to purchase Lemonade Matcha for pre-workout or hot day iced matcha drinking.

3 Leaf Raspberry Matcha

My Raspberry Matcha froth on this one is sad, but that is more my fault as I used an electric whisk. I don’t like using bamboo whisks with flavored matchas as I don’t want to contaminate my whisk again – I had to clean my whisk thoroughly after the last two matchas as the smells lingered.

2017 matcha 3 leaf - oolong owl (6)

I made the Raspberry Matcha traditionally. It is not bad – it sips in tasting matcha – creamy grassy and fruity. The fruity note doesn’t taste too weird as I’ve tasted fruity in some matchas. The aftertaste is when you know something is amiss – which is of raspberries. The flavor is fairly natural as it is tart and even a little seedy.

I tried Raspberry matcha as a latte and it didn’t turn out well. The raspberry flavor is too delicate, so the milk and sugar overpowered it. That said, Raspberry Matcha is great traditional and likely iced.

(tea provided for review)

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