November 2017 White2Tea Club feat. 2017 BP Sheng Puer

November 2017 White2Tea Club! This month, a 50 gram cake of 2017 B_P_ Sheng Puer. Last year’s mad lib cake of 2016 B_D_ was impressively good. I have revisited it and it got even better. It was also warned to let this cake sit for a few months, at least, as it was freshly pressed. I gave this tea until January before trying.

Anyways, B_P_? I immediately thought Bad Pirate, but my Tea Owls lack pirate gear.

Boxy Pigs? I got Boxy Pigs. (I own way too many stuff toys)

I also thought back in I believe Pokemon Black/White I put down on my trainer card that “I like Big Pecks.” under the limited text selections Nintendo gives you so you don’t put down creepy things in a kids game. It is supposed to mean I like the bird pokemon ability that protects again defense lowering moves. I sadly can’t find my copy to take the screenshot.

Or maybe 2Dog was onto something. He knew spoilers of The Last Jedi a month before release! GASP, that Sithspawn!

Dry Leaf and Steeping Method

Damn that’s a tiny cake. 50 gram cakes look like toys. The scent is light. It was more scented when I got it, but I had it resting for a month outside the pumidor.

I used 1 gram of leaf per 15ml of vessel size, steeped gongfu style in boiling water. This year I know better and I’m rolling with a teeny gaiwan to only take a little chip off, so I have more to taste for later.

The hot leaf smells like raisins. It is hard to capture on camera, but the colour of this tea is an indicator of something special. It isn’t yellow or gold but has a peachy pink tinge to it.

Tasting of November 2017 White2Tea Club B_P_ Sheng Puer

First and Second Infusion: I guzzled the rinse and the first infusion without thinking. The second infusion is watery light, sugar cane, with a creeping jasmine-like floral aftertaste that gets stronger and stronger with each sip. B_P_ is soft, watery, and light enough to chug down, but doing so you miss out on the aftertaste. This tea’s flavor doesn’t end after you drink it. The body is slick and lip balmy too.

When you see it....

Third and Fourth Infusion: B_P_ is getting some bitterness and notes of buzzing amber incense. The aftertaste is heavy floral that stays in the mouth as if I brushed and flossed my teeth with the tea leaf. I quickly got some energy from this tea, feeling tea buzzed and flailing. I like this tea for the body feel as I can feel it travel through the digestive tract and uppercut my heart. I used this energy to good use – arguing that there is little difference between a Goldfish and Cheezit cracker with my husband.

Interestingly, the hot leaf scent changed to orchids and no longer smells of raisins.

Fifth and Sixth Infusion: This young tea is certainly a sensitive steeper. It got on the stewy side with notes of boiled greens, strong amber incense, with a moderate level of bitterness. It still has a watery aspect to the notes. The aftertaste is still a powerful floral.

Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Infusion: The flavor of the tea slipped to barely detectable, but what I can taste is sweet and bitter. What is carrying this tea on is the strong floral aftertaste. The last two infusions were creamy smooth and ultra light but had an astringency leaving a gritty feel in my mouth and throat. The floral aftertaste is strong and enduring. I think the tea is dead, but the floral aftertaste keeps giving.


This is the kind of stuff that makes White2tea club awesome – exclusive expensive young puer. Teas like B_P_ are great for those who wouldn’t buy this expensive of tea on their own. I really enjoyed 2017 B_P_ as it checked off boxes I like in a puer, with lots of potential for aging. I certainly suggest sitting on this tea longer if you have it. Sadly, you cannot get this tea outside being in the club for November 2017. If this is on track similar to B_D_, it will settle down well.

That said, if you love puer be sure to check out the White2Tea club. Be sure to follow White2Tea on social media and jump into club months that have exclusive teas like this.

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