Vanilla Orchid from DavidsTEA – Tea Review

Vanilla Orchid is a huang jin gui oolong flavored with vanilla. This tea is from DavidsTEA, an online loose leaf tea seller.

What a morning! I have so many teas to try. I have a “try me” tupperware full of tea with more on the way. I recently did another DavidsTEA review, but the blue packaging and promise of creamy tea screamed at me to try it. I tried to talk myself out of it – I have a couple fun fruity blends and pu-erhs waiting, but no – Vanilla Orchid won.

Vanilla Orchid - Oolong Owl tea review

DRY LEAF: Tight lumps of dark green oolong. The smell here is amazing – sweet vanilla pudding with a hint of grassy.

Vanilla Orchid - Oolong Owl tea review

STEEPED: Oaky gold coloured tea. Vanilla Oolong still smells sweet and vanilla pudding like. I’m getting a slight floral hint too. I steeped this tea for 4 minutes over 200F water, as per instructions.

Vanilla Orchid - Oolong Owl tea review

What was really neat was this was a full leaf oolong – then leaves expanded 1/3 of my Steeper for just 1.5 teaspoon.

I steeped this tea for 4 minutes over 200F water, as per instructions.Boom! Leaf explosion!

TASTE: Upfront, creamy and smooth. The vanilla used here is delicious as if I’m eating real vanilla bean flecked ice cream or homemade pudding. After the creamy, I get the flavor of the light floral oolong. The oolong is on the grassier side. Creamy aftertaste with a creamy mouth feel that lingers. No bitterness in Vanilla Orchid. Oddly, I didn’t get much tea out of this first cup as the leaves totally sucked all the water!

RESTEEP #1: The vanilla is much lighter, adding just a silky blanket of smoothness over the floral light oolong. I found the oolong here was much nicer and less strong. I am still getting the creamy mouth feel with the resteep – very nice! I thought I wouldn’t get any vanilla taste at all.

RESTEEP #2: The oolong is still going strong with light floral notes. Little bit of a creamy feel aftertaste. I probably could get one more resteep, but I’m calling for now as I figure this tea would not go with my spicy kimchi ramen lunch.

TIPS: I found I liked this tea more on the shorter steep end of 3 to 4 minutes for better creamy flavor. That or drop the temperature to 190F.  Also, be careful not to over leaf here as the oolong can be quite strong.

COMMENTS: When I think about it, Vanilla Orchid is a simple tea – Oolong, Floral and Vanilla. However, there is nothing simple about the flavoring here – the three elements go together to create a full flavored tea with plenty of interest. This tea has some really good resteeps, making it a great tea to take to work and sip all day.

If you love creamy teas, give Vanilla Orchid a shot! This tea would also make a good dessert substitute – personally, I rather have a pot of Vanilla Orchid over a bowl of store pudding!



Cocomint Cream from DavidsTEA – Tea Review

Cocomint Cream is a herbal, caffeine free tea featuring apple, coconut and peppermint. This tea is from DavidsTEA, a pretty cool Canadian loose leaf tea seller.

cocomint cream by davidstea - oolong owl tea reviewI recently did an order with them, snagging a couple tea pots and a bunch of tea. See my smexy teal bubble pot above? So pretty!

I’m on a hunt for good herbals as my tea collection is heavy on caffeine teas and I’d love to drink more tea in the evening. I decided to give Cocomint Cream a shot as I enjoy coconut teas. What is funny is my husband dislikes coconut (and tea for that matter) and he’s not big into mint either – he seemed slightly horrified at this tea’s smell! PssshhhhH!

DRY LEAF: Fresh mint smell with a hint of coconut creamyness. Large slices of coconut, peppermint leaves and apple cubes, some more brown than other apple bits.

cocomint cream by davidstea - oolong owl tea reviewMmm, looks tasty! This tea owl is tempted to snack on these leaves!

STEEPED: I steeped Cocomint Cream with boiling water for 4 minutes, as per instructions. Bronze colour tea, bit of debris bottom of cup and film on the top. My stance on film on tea? I don’t care as long as the film doesn’t wreck the tea, like be oily.

cocomint cream by davidstea - oolong owl tea reviewPurple glitter owl is protectively holding her bag of cocomint!

TASTE: I found Cocomint Cream came in three flavor stages. Very sweet up front – not sugary sweet but more dried appley sweet. After you get past the sweet, there is a creamy fleshy coconut taste. The coconut here is pretty natural, I can also sense the texture of the soft coconut fruit. However, the sweetness of the coconut is more from the apple. After the apple sweetness and coconut, I get a nice blast of mint – adding freshness and cooling to my mouth. A very creamy and refreshing tea! The mint is used nicely here, very fresh and no overcooked, bitter taste. No tartness in this tea.

My cup of Cocomint Cream got cool on me (I was absorbed in watching a couple K-pop music videos, I love EXO) and this tea cold loses its minty taste and is more of an apple cream.

RESTEEP: The mint here changes, being tasted throughout, but very lightly. There is a hint of creamyness here. The resteep is much less sweeter and the apple perks up end of sip. Very good resteep!

COMMENTS: I was kinda surprised here as I thought I’d get more mint from this tea and less apple – maybe I got lots of apple this batch? As always with blends with bits, I try to do a good mix, but sometimes it doesn’t pan out. Either way, I enjoyed the change of flavors and the interesting combination of coconut, apple and mint. I really enjoyed the resteep – which was I was expecting the cup to be. I quite like that I got a good resteep from Cocomint as I don’t often resteep herbals (or it comes out bitter).

Overall, very interesting tea! This tea is a great after dinner or dessert treat. Cocomint might be an interesting tea latte. Coconut and mint lovers need to check this one out!

Yuzu Kukicha from Den’s Tea – Tea Review

Yuzu Kukicha is a loose twig Japanese green tea (kukicha) flavored with yuzu and matcha. I got Yuzu Kukicha from Den’s Tea, an online tea seller of Japanese Green teas.

yuzu kukicha - tea review by Oolong Owl

In case you were wondering, Yuzu is an aromatic tart citrus fruit which kinda looks like a grapefruit/lemon.

DRY LEAF: Zesty, fresh citrus scent – kind of a mix of grapefruit and lime to me. Close up, the leaves for Yuzu Kukicha are very pretty – love the yuzu bits and the dusting of matcha.

yuzu kukicha - tea review by Oolong OwlOooh, very pretty looking tea!

STEEPED: Okay – I strictly followed the steeping instructions here – I did 180F for 1 minute, then a resteep of 15 seconds. Don’t do boiling water!

yuzu kukicha - tea review by Oolong Owl

The cup comes out an interesting green yellow. Yuzu Kukicha in a cup reminds me of some new green yellow grass peeking out of the snow.

yuzu kukicha (7)

TASTE: Yuzu Kukicha has a mellowy sweet green tea flavor, slightly vegetal like a snow pea. My mouth is filled with that mellow green, with the end of sip perking up to an interesting citrus flavor, which doesn’t linger very long after my sip. There is also a matcha flavor that tastes nice and fresh adding extra flavor. This tea is not tart, however distinctly citrus. There is no bitterness.

RESTEEP: a 15 second resteep? Pretty fast, eh? The resteep looks a little more yellow and lighter.

The yuzu flavor moved throughout the sip this time with that signature zip at the end. The green tea is much light here. Little bit of tart as an aftertaste – very minimal, 2/10 on the Tart-o-meter. The tartness tastes natural, like I nibbled on a chunk of citrus.

COMMENTS: I’ve had yuzu in ponzu sauce mostly and some Japanese items, and I never had Kukicha before. I love the mild sweetness and mellow, but more so that citrus zip at the end. The yuzu in this is like “Hey, enjoy me too!” at the end of my cup. The resteep is good, however first steeping was my favourite.

I think this tea sweetened and iced would be very tasty!

If you like lemon teas, this would be a fun switch up. I know a number of people who like lemon teas, but not lemongrass, which is often tossed in – Yuku Kukicha lacks lemongrass, but still has full citrus flavor.

FYI, Yuzu Kukicha is a seasonal exclusive tea – so I’d snag this one now or put it on your list for next winter.

Honeysuckle by The Persimmon Tree – Tea Review

Honeysuckle is an organic pu’erh tea from The Persimmon Tree, an online loose leaf tea seller.

Honeysuckle - The Persimmon Tree - Tea Review by Oolong Owl

First off, The Persimmon Tree. This tea seller has some fantastic teas – they got their flavoring of tea down to a science of amazingness. I love all their coconut teas the most, very creamy and real tasting coconut. Besides taste, The Persimmon Tree mission, as stated on their website, is to enrich people’s lives through the pleasure of tea. They demonstrate this mission by being environmentally conscious with their packaging. For their teas, they offer organic and fair trade teas. Each tea online describes their many health benefits.

They also have a nice loyalty program and partnered with Project HOPE School Foundation. They also have a Facebook page.

honeysuckle (8)

On to Honeysuckle, a Pu-erh. Pu-erh’s can be kinda intimidating to a tea beginner. They come in cakes (cake? yum!), sometimes show with elaborate steeping processes. They smell kinda funny dry. However, pu-erhs taste great – beautifully earthy! I think pu-erhs have the biggest bang for your buck – you can resteep this stuff like crazy, and it gets better and better each steeping. I’ve had a 1.5teaspoon provide me with an entire day of tea.

For tea memories, pu-erhs bring me back to my childhood, going to Vancouver, Canada’s chinatown. I remember the smells of the markets, eating BBQ pork buns and drinking tall glasses of smokey slight reddy amber tea with my never ending noodle  soup with shrimp wontons.

DRY LEAF: As with most pu-erhs, there is a bit of a fishy smell, but Honeysuckle has a very faint fishy smell, along with a nice earthy one. As a side note, The Persimmon Tree has really nice tea tins – great construction! I’m totally reusing mine!

honeysuckle - The Persimmon Tree - Oolong Owl Tea ReviewOwl approved! Hey.. get out of my tea tin!

STEEPED: I did a 3 second rinse with this tea, then followed the steeping instructions with the tea, I did a western style steep with 210 F for 3 minutes. I got a nice black cup of tea. Literally black. Smells nice and woodsy.

honeysuckle (5)

TASTE: Strong, earthy flavor balanced with some floral and an interesting, fresh and light sweetness. Describing the earthy flavor, theres a bit of smokey, autumn tree smell – like camping in the fall, smelling the air after the fire has been out for awhile. That floral and sweetness mellows out the tea, providing a nice relaxing drink. As the tea cools, the sweetness heightens. No fishy taste or bitterness!

RESTEEP #1 – Identical to the first cup of tea.

RESTEEP #2 – Amazing steep – a little lighter than the last two. The floral here is outstanding with a great sweet honey flavor. The earthy is nice and light, buzzing around like a humming bird in blooming flowers.  As the second resteeping of Honeysuckle cools, it gets slightly juicy in flavor. The colour of the tea is beginning to lighten to my favorite tea colour of all time.

honeysuckle (7)So pretty!  The colour is an amber brown, but there’s a faint pinky-peach colour, especially during the pour. I love that colour, it fires up the artist in me!

RESTEEP #3 – Very close to the amazing 2nd resteep. A little less earthy flavor and more juicy honey notes.

RESTEEP #4 – The colour has faded quite a bit, just to that lovely pu-erh colour I love. At first sip, the flavor is floral and sweet, then an aftertaste of the earthy original flavor.

RESTEEP #5 – Little bit of flavor left. I think I’ve sufficiently steeped all the yummyness out of this tea.

COMMENTS: Compared to other pu-erh’s I’ve had so far, Honeysuckle has a great floral, honey and juicy taste. Huge bonus is there is no fishy or bitterness in Honeysuckle. This tea has a good resteep payoff, holding its flavor well and never turning bitter. This has to be my most favourite pu-erh to date and I’ll be keeping this one stocked in my cupboard!

Only thing I’d change is steep times, more of a personal taste, but I like to steep my pu-erhs in shorter steeps, which equals more resteeps!

If you are new to pu-erhs, this tea is an excellent start! The good robust flavor for the first couple steepings would be good for a coffee drinker as well.

Den’s Tea Sampler unboxing

Swweeet! I did an order with Den’s Tea, an online seller of Japanese Green Teas. If you are looking for some solid Japanese green teas, I highly recommend them.

They have a really good deal going on, with their $3 Novice Sampler pack! (pssst, price includes shipping!)
I snagged one a month or two ago, and it came with like 5 bags of tea, a couple 10gram packets of loose leaf teas and a $3 coupon! So, with this new order, I used the coupon, thus making those samples free, hehe!

Here’s my recent order:

Den's unboxing (1)Hmm, that’s a big box for just the 2 teas I ordered and it’s interestingly full of stuff!


Den's unboxing (2)

I got a bag of Houji Genmaicha and Yuzu Kukicha. I snagged the Yuzu Kukicha because it is a seasonal tea – grab it while you can! Ahh, I’m a sucker for seasonal, limited edition teas. Also, a Den’s catalog and the local Japanese magazine. The magazine I will probably flail at my husband, asking for him to take me to some of the good looking Japanese restaurants it highlights. My husband and I love Japanese restaurants – we love sushi and I love terrorizing staff on how much tea I can put away.

With that, and this is a thing I love online tea companies to do – include a free sample!

Den's unboxing (3)Gyokuro Kin sample? SCORE!

High on my to-do list is to review Yuzu Kukicha before it sells out, but not sure if that’ll pan out.

So my lovely owl tea peeps out there… any free sample victory stories?


Jade Blend Oolong by Physique Tea – Tea Review

Jade Blend is an silky oolong tea with melon, strawberry and cucumber flavors.  I received this tea from Physique Tea, an online seller of bagged slimming teas.

Jade Blend by Physique - Tea Review by Oolong Owl

This is 1 of 3 teas I got from Physique, Jade Blend I was looking forward to the most as I don’t see many melon cucumber teas out there.  I really dig melon teas!

Packaging was very nice ^_^

Jade Blend (1)Hey USPS and UPS – see that, my tea is FRAGILE!

Too many times I’ve had them throw my tea packages around. Literally! I’ve had tea packages tossed over the fence or smashed through my mail slot.

Jade Blend (3)Love the organza bag! I’m reusing that!

DRY LEAF: When I opened the package for Jade Blend and it smelled strongly like those asian melon gummy candies. YUM! The more I smell the tea, however, the more it smells like strawberries. Very nice pieces of strawberries in this tea!

Jade Blend (5)

The tea bags are quite interesting – they are flat mesh bags vs the usual pyramid shape bags. I snagged a nearby mesh type tea bag of another company (Harney & Sons) to compare.

Jade Blend (7)

The Physique bag is much thicker and durable in texture compared to the typical mesh/silk bag. The holes on the Physique bag look a little bigger too.

STEEPED: I can totally smell melon, berry and fresh scent that I associate with cucumber. Very nice smell!

Jade Blend (8)

The tea bag swells to a little pillow!

Jade Blend by Physique - Oolong Owl ReviewNo bunnies were actually steeped. I’d totally snuggle that.. it it wasn’t soggy.

I steeped this tea with boiling water for 6 minutes, as per instructions. Admittedly, I was kinda terrified how long this steep time was with the boiling temperature. In my experience, I do oolongs at like 180 to 195 F for 4 minutes, for western style steeping.

TASTE: Fresh leafy strawberry taste – like when you accidentally eat that green stemmy base of a fresh strawberry. The oolong is pretty light here, fresh vegetal in flavor and gives off a slight silky texture each sip. There is a sharp herby twang at end of sip which reminds me closely of bay leaf. After that silky sip, there’s a slight tingle in my mouth from that herb switch. I get a slight melon after taste.

As I get to the end of my small pot, I’m noticing this tea is getting grainy or sandy on my tongue.  I look at the cup, and there’s quite a bit of debris there.

Here’s a close up of the bottom of  my cup.

Jade Blend (9)Debris at the bottom of my cup is fine and I see it in many teas. Tasting it, not so common.


Physique mentions their teas can steep for 3 to 6 times. Let’s give it a go!

RESTEEP # 1 – Not as strong of a strawberry flavor, but still there. The herby flavor is more mellow and waves in and out, complimenting the strawberry. The tea is still pretty grainy, about 30% less. I taste the cucumber and melon a bit more now. Very good resteep!

RESTEEP #2 – I rinsed out all tea ware involved in making this tea and there is still debris coming out of the bag, but it’s cut down now by 90%. This steeping I’m not getting any strawberry flavor and is down to the herby freshy taste. I almost get an echo of mint in here.

RESTEEP #3 – Very light, slightly savory and just a little herby flavor left. I’m going to stop resteeping here.

ICED: Very delicious! The strawberry, melon and freshy cucumber flavor really pop here! The only thing I miss is the silky texture. However,  this tea performs well iced – I like it both hot and iced. I didn’t add sweetener, but I think a little honey would work well here.

Jade Blend (14)

EFFECT: Okay, I honestly feel full after drinking the first cup, which I had about 3 hours after eating lunch.  After drinking 2 more resteeps, I was very sloshy and done. I left to bake granola bars and had the last resteeping 2 hours later. I had the tea hot and iced the next day before lunch and also felt full after. I have a similar result with drinking guayusa teas, but this tea has a stronger effect.


COMMENTS:  I love the taste of this tea, hot and iced. I felt full after drinking Jade blend! The grainy bits in my first couple steepings was not a favourite.

I did a little experiment, chopping up a bag and steeping Jade Blend in my ingenuiTEA

Jade Blend (11)

Jade Blend (12)After 6 minutes of steeping away – brew my tasty melon tea!

The result:

Jade Blend (13)

Much less debris and what was there was lighter. I had no grainy texture in my mouth using the ingenuiTEA.

Taste wise, I can’t tell the difference from the Jade Blend in the bag and ingenuiTEA. With that said, taste wise – bag does very well. Performance wise, not so good. I’m hoping Physique would sell this tea loose leaf in the future.

I’m not sure if this grainy result is just with this blend, but stay turned for when I review the other two teas!

Overall, Jade blend is a tasty blend of strawberry, melon and cucumber – very good for someone who wants a cool, juicy fruity tea hot or iced. If you are looking for a slimming tea, this one tastes pretty darn good. The bag performs not so great, so I strongly recommend to steep this tea using other methods.

Momoko by Lupicia – Tea Review

Momoko is a green tea that features peach and vanilla flavors. This tea is sold by Lupicia and comes in bagged or loose leaf forms.

Lupicia's Momoko - Tea review by Oolong OwlVery lovely packaging!

momoko (2)

DRY LEAF: Oh wow! DROOOOL! Creamy sweet peachyness! The smell reminds me of those japanese peach gummies! I spent awhile smelling this tea.

Up close, the tea has little pink flowers buds and teeny rock sugar bits.

momoko (3)

STEEPED: Momoko comes out a bright green yellow with a green buttery scent.

momoko (4)

I steeped this tea with boiling water for 1.45 minutes.

TASTE: Momoko is surprisingly very creamy. This tea tastes like good fresh matcha, but on the creamy end. Upfront, creamyness that coats the lips and tongue, with crisp, buttery, sweet green. I don’t notice the peach flavor right away – however there is a light juicy peach aftertaste. No bitterness. As the tea cools, more peachy, but still kinda light on peach, heavy on creamy. The tea reminds me of those Campino yogurt creamy hard candies, but not as sweet and fruity.

As a second attempt, I steeped up 2 tea bags – maybe my peach flavor was light as I was adding too much water. Alas, I got just a stronger creamy green flavor.

COMMENTS:  This tea is absolutely delicious! The creamyness is great, the freshness of the green is amazing with the sweet peach a bonus treat! I received this tea in bagged form from my Lupicia 2012/2013 happy bag. For 10 bags, I’m going to go through this tea fast! However, I really want to try this loose leaf to see if there is any difference with those peach notes.

In bagged form, this tea is pretty good. I’ve had peach green bagged tea from popular tea brands you see in the supermarket, and Momoko is many steps above. No grassy, mulchy, papery, bitter or tart taste.

Finally, the artwork is very pretty! I’m going to keep it and mod podge it onto a tea tin!

momoko label

If you love a good creamy peachy green – give Momoko a shot! You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Potato Pancakes & Applesauce Tea (Butiki Teas) – Tea Review

Potato Pancakes & Applesauce is a organic huangshan mao feng green tea blend, featuring apple chips and potato bits. This is quite a unique blend from Butiki Teas.

Potato Pancakes & Applesauce - Tea Review by Oolong Owl

DRY LEAF: Very cool looking tea with all the bits in it. This tea likes to resist being scooped. The green tea leaves are long and wiry and the potato bits are big, making it a little tricky to judge if I’m using enough tea – and I don’t wanna smush it into my spoon, you know? Whatever, I just use a bit more as “error” control.

The potato bits are so darn cute! I couldn’t resist:

Potato Pancakes & Applesauce - Tea ReviewHi guys! I’m Cutie Potato! Tea me!

STEEPED:  An interesting light spice and apple smell. The potato bits just start to fall flake at the edges, but my Steeper catches the bits with no issues. The colour of the tea is a light gold green.

potato pancakes n applesauce (3)

I steeped this tea at 180F for 4 minutes, as per instructions on the package.

As usual, I like to snack on bits from the steeped remains. Mmmm, tasty potato cutie!

potato pancakes n applesauce (5)Noo potato cuties are for tea’ing, not snacking!

TASTE: Potato Pancakes & Applesauce tastes like a light version of apple sauce in tea form. The potato adds texture in a way – not in the physical sense (this is not chunky tea at all!), but in a flavor sense of adding a weighty layer of flavor adding to the applesauce like feeling. The potato also adds a little savory to this tea, working well with the buttery green base. The apple here is natural tasting – crisp with a bit of sweetness. There is no tartness in this tea. There is a light hum of spice throughout the sip. The tea ends with a nice buttery note.

I’ve had Butiki Tea’s organic huangshan mao feng on its own before, which is light and buttery, and is a lovely base to this tea.

Butiki Tea’s site mentions to try this with either a little salt to bring out the potato, or a little sweetener to bring out the apple.

COMMENTS: I am calling this a unique tea blend as I haven’t seen potato used in tea.

I like how the apple is used in this tea – it’s an actual flavor and it is crisp and yummy. I’ve had a number of teas where the apple is tart or used as filler in fruit blends.

I found this tea very easy to drink and the combination works well – you don’t need to be an adventurous type to try Potato Pancakes & Applesauce Tea. If you like light green teas, you’ll dig this tea. And the potato cuties.

How to Make an Easy Tea Latte

Easy Tea Latte by Oolong Owl


Tea lattes are delicious and easy to make! They also bring life to that cup of dessert tea you’ve gotten tired of. I’ve also found some teas are only good as lattes.

This is how I make my tea lattes. I know other people who boil their milk in a pot with their tea and strain – I tried that and that was one extra pot I didn’t want to clean.

Lets get this party started! Well, this is a fast tea latte for one, so it’s a small party.

1. Pick your tea

What teas should you pick? Well, feel free to get creative with this. However, here is what I choose for lattes:

I use all desserty blend teas – Black, Oolong, Rooibos and Honeybush. I haven’t had much luck with Green or White blends so far as the tea is is light. Herbals can sometimes work, especially if it is fruit based. I choose desserty blends that are not tart.  Spicy teas, like chai, are amazing with milk. Teas that have a coffee-like taste are fab in latte form. Rose floral blends are interesting as a latte. Of course, teas with chocolate, cream, and fruit are lovely lattes.  For matchas, I use a different method for making a latte (that’s a future blog post!)

These suggestions are all personal taste – I’m sure there is someone out there that loves their tarty hibiscus latte.

Easy Tea Latte by Oolong Owl (1)DavidsTEA Creme Brulee – a rooibos – for a caffeine free tea latte!

2. Steep your tea. For an 8oz-ish latte, I use 2 servings of tea. So, for our Creme Brulee tea here, I used two 1.5teaspoons. I poured the suggested water temperature to cover the leaves, maybe about 2 oz. I steeped the tea as suggested by the instructions.

Here I used my DavidsTEA Steeper tea device. Any similar item works well.

3. Heat your milk / milk alternative + desired sweetener. 

While your tea is steeping into a strong brew, I microwave about a cup of milk. Time depends on microwave, for me it’s about 2 minutes. For this demo latte, I’m using light Vanilla SILK soymilk because I’m lactose intolerant and saving my calories for a matcha pound cake I’m making sometime soon.

Easy Tea Latte by Oolong Owl (2)Just a little honey for me! Feel free to experiment with different sweeteners.

If you don’t have a Steeper like device or want to save washing a cup – feel free to just steep the tea with a ball strainer or bag in your mug. Once the steep is done, add milk and microwave it. I like my method as I save 2 minutes 😛

4. Once the tea is done steeping, pour into milk! 

Easy Tea Latte by Oolong Owl (3)Sigh, my cup is too wide for my Steeper! #tea problems


5. Stir and Enjoy!

Easy Tea Latte by Oolong Owl (5)

!! Top Secret Oolong Owl Variation: ICED LATTE – do not heat milk. Add a couple ice cubes.

Chocolate Rocket from DavidsTEA – Tea Review

Chocolate Rocket is a roasted yerba mate tea, that features almonds, chocolate and raspberry. This tea comes from DavidsTEA, a wonderful Canadian tea shop.

Okay – I love this tea, it is on my fav list. I had a sample of this and went mental and bought more. I then was running out and didn’t have time to buy more before I was moving out of Canada. The last of my tea was in my tea tumbler (dry leaf) on my plan ride out of Canada. I needed it as I had a long customs /immigration process to deal with!

chocolate rocket tea review by Oolong Owl

DRY LEAF: Smells strongly like chocolate, raspberries and nuts. Actual lumps of raspberry in this – yum! Nice slices of almonds too.

STEEPED: Dark brown brew with delicious roasted, chocolate and raspberry scent.

I steeped Chocolate Rocket at 200f / 94c for 4 minutes, as per DavidsTEAs instructions.

chocolate rocket steeped by oolong owl

TASTE: Roasted mate flavor, which is kinda a deep, robust, earthy and roasty taste.  The raspberry comes out loud and clear and almost moving into a slight tart flavor and is pronounced end of sip. On the Tart-o-meter I give it a 3/10, you notice it, but it contributes to the flavor of the raspberry.The chocolate is also present but mild. Not sure if I taste the almond, but almonds can be pretty mild when used in tea.

COMMENTS: This tea gives me a super energy kick! I love mate teas as the caffeine hit is good on tired mornings. The chocolate and raspberry combo is very good and is lovely for someone with a sweet tooth like me (and others like me who are guilty of eating dessert for breakfast). I love how this raspberry tea isn’t ultra tart like other raspberry teas are out there.

I recommend this tea to coffee drinkers wanting to go into teas – you’ll appreciate the roasty flavor of the mate with a good kick to boot!

After this cup, I’m ready to blast off!

chocolate rocket blastoffChocolate Rocket blasts off again!  Ugg, I’ve been playing too much Pokemon lately..