Lady Hannah from NM Tea Co – Tea Review

Lady Hannah is a herbal berry tea blend from New Mexico Tea Company (NM Tea Co). Lady Hannah features apple, hibiscus, rosehip, pineapple, papaya, bramble berries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.

First off – with my recent order with NMTea Co I purchased two 1 oz pouches of tea. They both came UNLABELED.

Lady Hannah from NMteaCo - Oolong Owl Tea Review (4)

NOOOO! Annoyingly, both teas were fruity herbals, but I was just able to tell them apart as one was more cherry whereas Lady Hannah is more berry. I labelled it myself after I figured out what tea was what.

Lady Hannah from NMteaCo - Oolong Owl Tea Review (6)

I’d be REALLY FFFING PISSED if I ordered a bunch of straight greens or something and I couldn’t tell them apart. I’m hoping this lack of labeling was an oversight.  /rantover.

Though, my tea peeps – NM Tea Co does FREE SHIPPING for US addresses! Why not order a couple sample sizes to check out?

DRY: Nice berry fruity smell coming from this crazy mix of fruits.

Lady Hannah from NMteaCo - Oolong Owl Tea Review (3)

STEEPED: Deep dark red tea with a fruity tart smell. Lovely tea colour here. I steeped this tea with boiling water for 7 minutes as per Lady Hannah site instructions.

Lady Hannah from NMteaCo - Oolong Owl Tea Review (1)

TASTE: Hibiscus up front with a barely-sweet strong  berry finish. Strawberry is the biggest fruit flavor, but I can pick up a bit of raspberry like flavors as well. The tart isn’t too bad as it works with the fruit, but it’s quite high – a 7/10 on the Tart-o-meter.

This tea needs to be sweetened, STAT! Sweetened with rock sugar, the tart drops and this tea becomes a strawberry and raspberry fruit juice like flavor. However, this tea is tasting.. I dunno.. kinda flat and missing something, despite all the berryness going on.

ICED: This is what I bought this tea for. Iced Tea! So, finally I killed off my entire 5lb bottle of honey.

Lady Hannah from NMteaCo - Oolong Owl Tea Review (2)All those calories! Ehh, went mostly into homemade granola bars for the husband

I steeped Lady Hannah, poured over ice, honey and a couple fresh lemon slices. Now, that is much better! This round, the raspberry and blackberries came out more – might be due to the iced making the flavors pop or I got more berries in the mix. The hibisciusy tart is minimal thanks to the honey. The fresh lemon added some more pop, killing the flatness of this tea.

Lady Hannah from NMteaCo - Oolong Owl Tea Review (5)

COMMENTS: Pretty much I will only drink Lady Hannah iced with lemon, it’s just too tart and kinda flat on its own. The berryness is pretty nice here and I really dig the strong blackberry and raspberry flavors I got for the iced round.

I’ve order LOTS of fruity herbal teas lately to prepare for the warm spring and summer here in southern California. This Lady Hannah was first of many, so let’s see which tea blows my… tea pants off? ehh.

If you are into iced, berry teas – Lady Hannah is worth trying. Especially with NM Tea Co’s free shipping of awesome sauce!

Orchid Blend from Physique Teas – Tea Review

Orchid Blend is a berry flavored gaba oolong from Physique Tea, an online seller of bagged slimming and detox teas.

Orchid Blend appears to be more of a woman’s tea, as it includes dong quai, the “female gingseng. It also has hibiscus flowers, lotus leaf, garcina and rosehips. Lots of tea bits that help with PMS, digestion, and stress!

Orchid Blend from Physique Teas - Oolong Owl tea review (2)
DRY LEAF: Mmm, smells like tasty sweet fruit with a slight zesty herbal smell! I love the smell of this tea!

Orchid Blend from Physique Teas - Oolong Owl tea review (1)

STEEPED: Strong herb smell that is quite pleasant. Weird deep brown colour tea. The tea gets lighter and lighter brown each steeping. I did boiling water for 6 minutes.

Orchid Blend from Physique Teas - Oolong Owl tea review (3)

TASTE: Gaba Oolong – I think I’ve had this before, but its pretty interesting. The taste here is deep, light earthy, apricoty-essence,  full flavored oolong tea. With that, a light floral, berry and herb splash of flavors. The more I drink and the cooler the tea grows, the more tart it becomes. The tart is light and lovely, adding to the experience. I’d give it a 3/10 on the Tart-o-meter.


Despite all the bits showing up at the bottom of my cup, they do not add texture – which is good. Any bits I consumed was soft like tea leaves. The first physique tea I tried was sandy. /sad owl

RESTEEP: The tea base shines through stronger – the flavor of the tea changed. The base is rich, earthy, still apricot oolong. The end of sip and aftertaste is herby tasting. The berry taste has disappeared. As the tea cools, it tastes slightly sweet here.

RESTEEP #2: Before I went to pour in more water, I discovered the leaves went into a rage and exploded out the side of the tea bag!

Orchid Blend from Physique Teas - Oolong Owl tea review (4)This tea is too sexy tasty for its bag!

Edit, had to add this:

The flavor has completely changed again. The base is light and juicy with a stronger herby bite end of sip. The flavor sometimes reminds me of a pu’erh that’s been steeped a number of times.

COMMENTS: The gaba oolong used in Orchid Blend is delicious! I was expecting more berry flavor, but the nice base and herb flavor is really nice. I also found this tea surprisingly relaxing – I was expecting more of a caffeine pop from the oolong but I’m pretty chill feeling. Very nice! I would love to see more gaba oolong blends out there!

This was the final Physique Tea I got to try – this one is my second fav. My favorite is the Jade blend! In common, Physique Teas blends have a bit of a herby taste, which I find appealing personally. I recommend removing the teas from the bags and steeping with a gravity steeper. I look forward to other teas Physique Tea comes out with – and I’d love to see them sold loose leaf instead of bagged!

Daiso teaware haul

DAISO! I love Daiso! They are sprouting more and more stores too!

I originally went to the store in Richmond, BC Canada and was really sad to move out of Canada because at the time they only had the store in Canada and around San Francisco. However now they recently have opened a couple Daisos in my area, in Southern California yay!

What’s Daiso? Well, it’s a japanese dollar store. Stuff is all $1.50 ($2 in Canada) and up. Need cute stationary, pencil cases, dishes, socks, lip gloss, yarn, gardening stuff, bath mitts, and kitchen stuff? Daiso has it and probably in pink.

Teaware? Of course! They have really cute tea pots and cups for $1.50 to $5.  Most of my teaware is from Daiso – I purchased my matcha whisk there. They also got handy tea bags there too.

My new tea pot:

Oolong Owls Daiso teaware haul (3)

It holds about 4 or 5 oz. I got this pot for $1.50. They had a couple at $4, but this one was cute and simple. I never thought I’d get these tea pots as I’m left handed, so the handle is kinda annoying to use. PFFFF! ONE DAY US LEFTIES WILL TAKE OVER! I was hoping for a bigger tea pot, but I didn’t like the other designs they had.

I also snagged a couple cute small cups. There was soooo many cups to choose from, so I got my favorites.

Oolong Owls Daiso teaware haul (2)

This cup is super cute with the cherry blossom design on the inside and outside with a bit of pink blushy spots. They had one cup that was the same colours and print but was a tall thin one.

Oolong Owls Daiso teaware haul (1)

I love this cup the most – the lotus design is so cute and I love the watercolour effect. The rim is a pale blue and the shape is nice to hold.

Oolong Owls Daiso teaware haul (4)and it was only $1.50 teeheheheee!


Oolong Owls Daiso teaware haul (5)

Bleh, I made a mess pouring with my right hand, which I covered with my cup. There’s no filter in the pot and I kinda don’t care. I can handle a bit of leaf now and then.

So, all this was less than $5. SCORE! More $$ for tea!

Starfruit/ Strawberry from ESP Emporium – Tea Review

Starfruit/Strawberry is a unique fruity white tea blend from ESP Emporium, an online tea seller.

Starfruit Strawberry from ESP Emporium - Oolong Owl Tea Review (4)

Okay – ESP Emporium – your shipping price SUCKS! At the time of this blog post, it’s $7.95 (unless you spend $45, then it’s free). I purchased my tea over a sale weekend, and they sent it First Class USPS with tracking. Come on, shipping 4 oz of tea probably costed $3-$4! My tea came with a coupon code at least! ESP Emporium has a big selection of fruity teas

Anyways, onto the tea – STARFRUIT TEA???? YES! I’ve never seen starfruit tea! I love starfruit, it was my favorite fruit as a child. When I saw this tea, I went into some kind of TEA RAMPAGE and needed to have it, despite the crappy shipping costs.

DRY LEAF: Very tangy and fruity smell! Also, Starfruit/Strawberry has a great appearance – huge starfruit slices, papaya cubes and little red petals.  Impressive appearance!

Starfruit Strawberry from ESP Emporium - Oolong Owl Tea Review (2)

Starfruit Strawberry from ESP Emporium - Oolong Owl Tea Review (3)

I couldn’t locate any strawberry chunks.FYI, the papaya cubes like to settle to the bottom since the tea and starfruit is so light. I had to dig out the starfruit to mix the bag better. SO MUCH STARFRUIT!

Starfruit Strawberry from ESP Emporium - Oolong Owl Tea Review (1)this was like 2/3 of the starfruit in my 50gram bag!

The ingredients doesn’t state what kind of white tea this is – however on the website states it is Pai Mu Tan/ Bai Mu Dan romanization confusion.

STEEPED: Very clean, sweet strawberry smell with a hint of sweet florally white tea. I did a 185F steeping for 2 minutes. The recommended steeping is 176F to 194F for 2 to 3 minutes.

Starfruit Strawberry from ESP Emporium - Oolong Owl Tea Review (6)

I snacked on the starfruit and…. they taste like white tea!

Starfruit Strawberry from ESP Emporium - Oolong Owl Tea Review (7)

Also, when I was steeping and later pawing through the steeped tea, I noticed I got a lot of twiggy bits.

Starfruit Strawberry from ESP Emporium - Oolong Owl Tea Review (5)

Starfruit Strawberry from ESP Emporium - Oolong Owl Tea Review (8)

TASTE: Light juicy tea that is nicely naturally sweet. There is a light strawberry and tropical flavor. I can pick out a teeny bit of starfruit – the inner core of the fruit. The aftertaste is surprisingly mellow and almost fluffy. The white tea base is okay, I found it a little flat than other white blends I’ve had.

Sweetened, this tea changes form drastically. The strawberry flavor is candy like and I can pick out the papaya.

Iced, this tea is even more juicy. The fruityness is bright, good and I oddly pick out a little floral. I didn’t get pics as I inhaled this very fast!

COMMENTS: Chunky teas like this are cool, but I’m not sure if I’m getting the right spread of tea base and chunks. I didn’t get any sour notes as stated on ESP Emporium product page. As much as I like the appearance, I’m tempted to go in my tea pouch with scissors and cut up the starfruit.

The bad, I was expecting more fruit flavor with tarty funky starfruit and I wish the white tea base was nicer. However, the flavor is nice, light and fruity. The visual appearance of this tea is awesome and it makes a good sweetened, iced tea!

Hey, tea blenders – lets see more Starfruit teas!

Buying Teas on a Budget: Deals, Samples and Sharing the Tea Love!

Oolong Owl's Buying teas on a budget seeking deals and sharing the tea love

Once you get into teas you realize the HUGE number of great tea sellers and variety of teas. The world of tea opens up once you step away from the grocery aisle.

There are tea sellers who carry cheesecake, root beer, bubble gum or cake flavored teas. Fandom teas are out there inspired from Dr. Who, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Tea sellers who sell grown in the wild teas picked from a hill somewhere in China. With that said, if you wanted to try it all – you’d need to spend lots of cash. Or, if you are like me – scoring deals equals MORE $$$$ LEFT FOR MORE TEA!

From my experience, here are some ways to score deals for tea and maximize your purchases:

1. Check ratings on Steepster / website / tea bloggers before committing to buy the tea.

See a tea you like? Further cement that you need to try it by checking how others thought on Steepster. Reviews on the tea sellers’ site are good in a pinch, but you’ll get more experience seeing more reviews are less likely to be biased from bloggers and Steepster, as we tend to rate or log everything, rather than only writing  reviews if we love or utterly disliked a tea. I’ve passed on teas after seeing stuff like “flavoring/base is weak”, “it’s supposed to have sprinkles/fruit chunks but I only got 3 in my whole 1oz bag”, “doesn’t taste like the description” or “very bitter!” Further on, seek out tea reviewers or bloggers that have similar tastes to you or like the same teas.

2. Seek out sample sizes

I DISLIKE when a tea seller only sells in large sizes. 2 oz or 50 grams is my limit on size and ONLY if it’s a good deal or I heard good things about that tea or I’ve purchased from the seller before. I prefer buying 1 oz /20 gram sizes or even smaller – some tea sellers sell samplers for about 2 cups of tea. This way, you can try the tea before spending much money on it. A perk most tea sellers do is include samples with your order, especially if you can choose the samples. That way, you can purchase the teas you really want, and get samples of teas you aren’t 100% you’d like, then go from there.

Often, local tea sellers have free samples you can taste right in store – though be weary and ask lots of questions of the samples you taste, like how much leaf is used and water temperature. Sometimes samples use more leaf than is recommended or lots of sugar to make the sample taste better.

It really sucks getting stuck with 2 oz+ of tea you dislike. Though, in the event you are stuck with tea you don’t like, read onto # 3.

3. Participate in tea swaps

Tea communities, like Steepster, have members that trade or swap teas. Or if you are a member of any community, see if there are tea drinkers there and ask to swap.

Swapping teas helps clean out your “dislike” pile and you can hopefully score tea from tea sellers you want to try but aren’t ready to order from yet. Communicate well with your trading partner – how much teas you are swapping by weight/ teaspoons/whatever.

FYI, it seems customary to include a couple “bonus” samples when you swap teas with someone.
4. Wait for sales / promotions

Slightly dangerous (as it will tempt you more), but sign up for promotional emails and follow facebook/twitter pages of tea sellers you are interested in – that way, if there is a sale or promo code released you’ll know right away. This also gets you in the loop for seasonal/limited edition teas that are released. Most often, tea sellers do sales on holidays.

I also check what other tea people are buying on tea communities to see if there’s an influx of purchases due to a promo code – though be cautious, as seeing others buy so much tea will make you buy more too!

Also, check tea bloggers (/ oolong owl wave) for promo codes!

5. Split orders with  friends

Often tea is a deal or on sale if you buy in larger quantities. Or the tea seller is a PITA and sell teas in large sizes. Or maybe all the teas you want are out of your price range. Or if you could spend an extra $10, you’ll hit the free shipping threshold, but you don’t want to spend more money. Check to see if a friend or family member is interested in any of the teas and split the cost with them (and also ask to sample extra teas they get). Also, check tea communities if someone wants to split or swap items with your tea order.

6. Stalk loyalty programs

Lots of tea companies have “loyalty” programs – you get credit towards purchases or samples by visiting their site, retweeting or sharing products on facebook/google+, referring friends, purchases and reviews. They also sometimes give you extra credit for being a new customer.

The loyalty programs that let you do reviews are awesome – especially if you order samples, review it and cash in on points!

7. Seek out “first timer buyers” promotions

Along with the “loyalty programs” extra credit for new buyers, I’ve seen a number of tea companies have a “first timers” deal such as free shipping or a package of samples deal. Even better is sometimes with you first sampler package it comes with a coupon code which more or less made your sampler pack free!
8. Seek out free stuff – weekly drawings, contests and samples

First off – go through a tea sellers site or facebook/twitter. Sometimes they have free samples, weekly drawings or contests. Often, they send information about contests and drawings on tea communities and promotional emails. Sometimes new tea sellers will give out free samples for reviews or ask for people to “sample” a collection of their teas to figure what the public likes more.

Also, some bloggers do drawings or contests, so get involved with your tea community!

9. Sometimes tea sellers surprise you…

I’ve had some lovely surprises with mostly smaller online tea sellers. I’d do a small order and it would come with samples or promo codes for my next order. Awesome!

A couple times, I would fill my online cart but not go through with the sale. I’d get an unexpected email from the tea seller asking “Hey, I see stuff in your cart but you didn’t buy. Would free shipping sweeten the deal?”

10. Share your love for tea! 

Share the tea love! Give teas you love (or don’t like) to friends, family and coworkers. Fill out wish lists and share them on your facebook so people around you then know what to give you for birthdays or holidays.  I’ve left teas (that I didn’t like) at work for all my coworkers to have – and eventually others will leave teas for others to try.

With spreading the tea love you may score new tea friends, who you can split orders with and sample their tea collections!




Cute Green Tea cup earrings!

More Etsy finds! This time, a pair of green tea earrings!


I snagged these earrings from Artwonders on Etsy! Super super cute earrings! More pics!



My earrings are very light weight and hang beautifully to show off the contents of the cup – green tea and a tea bag. I had to get these because the detail was very cool and I’m a big sushi eater. I wore these when I went out for sushi and it was awesome! Artwonders on Etsy has a couple other tea related earrings and necklaces which are all very cute.

I’ve been very tempted by these earrings from AnastasiaZiemba on Etsy too!


I love how you can see the tea through the polymer clay – very neat effect!  Hey, how about gravity steeper earrings? 😛 though, I think only tea nerds would buy that. Hey, how about teeny yixing and gaiwan earrings! Yeah!


Flowery Pineapple Oolong from Butiki Teas – Tea Review

Flowery Pineapple Oolong is a Wen Shan Bao Zhong oolong flavored with freeze dried pineapple. This tea comes from Butiki Teas.

This tea is delicious and one of my favorites. With Butiki Tea orders, you can request samples – and this was one of the first samples I got. I held onto my sample for awhile, waiting for the right time to try it. Then after I tried it.. YUM! So I ordered more. Samples FTW!

Flowery Pineapple Oolong from Butiki Teas - Oolong Owl tea review (2)
DRY LEAF: Chunky presentation here with the large lumps of oolong and bulky pineapple bits. Very nice!

Flowery Pineapple Oolong from Butiki Teas - Oolong Owl tea review (1)

STEEPED: As I poured the tea from my gravity steeper, the room filled with smells of floral and pineapple! Oooh, take me away! Very pretty light golden coloured tea! I steeped this tea as per package instructions: 180F for 4 minutes.

Flowery Pineapple Oolong from Butiki Teas - Oolong Owl tea review (3)

TASTE: Very nice silky oolong flavor with a blast of pineapple. I’m talking natural pineapple,  not the canned or sugared sweet stuff. The oolong here has a gentle floral note, and a bit of butteryness. With rock sugar, the pineapple spikes out into more deliciousness! This tea has so much pineapple flavor, I totally burped out pineapple taste after this first cup!

RESTEEP: The oolong is a touch lighter – still silky, floral and buttery in flavor. The after taste is that wonderful pineapple again. Admittedly, this is the first time I’ve had this tea resteeped, I’ve always ate all the pineapple, thus killing my resteep!

Flowery Pineapple Oolong from Butiki Teas - Oolong Owl tea review (4)Resteep done? Time to eat the pineapple! Munchmunch

COMMENTS: This tea sounds simple yet effective, however, is more complex than that. The pineapple flavor is really natural and full of luscious flavor – all balanced with the delicate oolong.

Very tasty! I bet Flowery Pineapple Oolong would be great iced, but I enjoy savoring this tea hot – lasts longer! I love pineapple teas, but I’ve set this one as the best I’ve had!

Pancake Breakfast from 52 Teas – Tea Review

Pancake Breakfast is a black tea blend that tastes like pancakes! This tea comes from 52 Teas, an online tea sellers that releases a limited edition blend each week.

52 Teas does some really CRAZY FUN blends – lots of cheesecake and nerd-inspired teas. I buy quite a bit from 52 Teas – however, this is the first time I’ve reviewed their tea here on Oolong Owl. I haven’t bought anything recently, so most of my stash is of 52 Teas you tea peeps won’t be able to buy, unless it gets reblended. Also, teas sell out pretty quick – so best to follow them on twitter, decide right away if you want it, and snag it. Or, get on their tea of the week/month club.
However – 52 Teas does have a permanent line up – teas that are always in stock. Pancake Breakfast being one of them.

Pancake Breakfast from 52 teas - Oolong Owl Review (2)

I make pancakes often – usually on a Sunday morning in huge batches that takes me 45 minutes to cook. Often, I make Pancake Breakfast tea to drink as I work. Why so many pancakes? The leftovers cover a work week of breakfasts for my husband! He just takes the huge stack and a bottle of syrup to work on Monday, then he can eat at work… and sleep in a bit longer each morning.

DRY LEAF: Pancake Breakfast has a nice maple smell, with the black tea leaves spattered with marigold petals. I like to picture those marigold bits as ribbons of butter.. MMMm!

Pancake Breakfast from 52 teas - Oolong Owl Review (1)

STEEPED: Classic dark brown tea appearance with smells of woodyness and maple. Ooooh yeah!

I did a 200F steep for 2.5 minutes.

TIP: 52 Teas often doesn’t list steeping temperature and times. You either need to check Steepster and see what everyone else is doing/successful with or use your tea steeping experience and experiment from there. My experience with 52 Tea’s black teas is 200F for 2-3.5 minutes.

Pancake Breakfast from 52 teas - Oolong Owl Review (3)

TASTE: Black tea flavor up front with no bitterness or dryness. After that, a buttery and maple flavor reminding me of pancakes (that I’m currently eating at the same time). The black tea is the main player here, with the flavoring being the lovely bonus.

COMMENTS: Pancake Breakfast is a solid black tea blend. The flavors are totally pancake – though for me, I’d want a little stronger of a maple flavor. Eh, I’m Canadian and have been spoiled by over the top maple flavor teas. However, I love having this tea with pancakes!

If you haven’t tried 52 Teas yet, I highly recommend you check out their shop! You’ll most definitely find something you like there, if not, tea blends that surprise you!

Sakura Sencha from Den’s Tea – Tea Review

Sakura Sencha is a seasonal fruity green tea from Den’s Tea, a japanese green tea seller.

This tea is SEASONAL and available for a limited time in the early spring. Seriously, I heard about this tea mid spring or so last year and I waited almost a year for it to be released again so I could buy it.

Sakura Sencha from Den's Tea - Oolong Owl Tea review

DRY LEAF: SOOOO PRETTY! I love the little pink flower buds! The tea leaves are so thin and deep green!

Sakura Sencha from Den's Tea - Oolong Owl Tea review

Sakura Sencha smells like luscious cherries!

STEEPED: Very beautiful steep with the pink flower buds and tree looking things floating on the top!

Sakura Sencha from Den's Tea - Oolong Owl Tea review

Grassy green tea smell, with a hint of sweetness. As per instructions, first steeping at 180F for 60 seconds, resteep at boiling for 15 seconds.

Sakura Sencha from Den's Tea - Oolong Owl Tea review

TASTE: Full flavor, fresh and clean, slightly buttery green tea balanced in with a sweet floral flavor with a hint of cherry. End of sip ends with a vegetal note. As I get to the bottom of my cup, the grassy pops more, along with the cherry. The cherry here is natural tasting.

RESTEEP: Still full of flavor – however more vegetal taste upfront. I’m getting the floral still and a little sweetness. The butteryness of the sencha comes end of sip. Some astringency in this cup, 4/10 on Astringency-o-meter. As my cup cools, it’s a bit more buttery. I’m impressed how much flavor I got for a 15 second steeping! Though, I’m not liking that astringency personally. I might tweak with the water temperature to see if I can lower the astringency.

COMMENTS: This tea totally reminds me of walking by a cherry blossom tree – fresh grassy spring air, lightly scented sweet floral. Sakura Sencha is spring!

Sakura Sencha is tasty – I love the first steeping! I can drown happily in that cup of buttery, floral, fruity and sweet sencha! I love the butteryness of this tea! The resteep is okay, I probably wouldn’t bother resteeping, but since this tea is limited edition, I will be resteeping it to extend my cup.

So my tea peeps – if this tea looks good to you, I’d buy it now! If not, you’ll have to wait a year like I did.

Champagne Rose from Lupicia – Tea Review

Champagne Rose is a black tea flavored with strawberries. This tea comes from Lupicia.

Happy Valentines Day!

Okay, I have to admit – I don’t drink alcohol. I drink like maybe 2 or 3 times a year, and only if it’s free at a party or something. I was/am a total nerd and during university, spending my time playing video games, knitting and drinking tea instead of doing the bar scene. When I’m having a nice dinner at home, my husband and I reach for the sparkling non-alcoholic apple cider. Well, mostly him. I would have a little bit then switch to tea to save calories and eat more dessert.

Champange Rose from Lupicia - Oolong Owl tea review (5)

I got Champagne Rose as part of my 2012/2013 Happy Bag. There is something great about mystery grab bags that get you to try new things!

DRY LEAF: Smells like.. well.. strawberry bubble gum. Kind of scary.

Champange Rose from Lupicia - Oolong Owl tea review (6)

From what I can tell, there are little pieces of rock sugar in this tea. Apparently, the Japanese version of this tea has pink and silver argent in it.

STEEPED: Wow, Champagne Rose smells amazing! Very strong tangy strawberry and floral scent while this tea steeps – scenting the entire room! It really smells like Valentines day in here! I wish you tea peeps could smell this!

I steeped this tea for 2.5 minutes with boiling water, as per instructions on the package.

Champange Rose from Lupicia - Oolong Owl tea review (1)

TASTE: Tart yet sweet ripe strawberry flavor. Very tangy tea! Kind of reminds me of really good berry fruit gem candy with a sugar coating. The black tea is pretty mellow adding background interest – no bitterness.  Slight floral here, but it’s really mild – 2 /10 on the Floral-o-meter. The tart flavor comes from a bit of dryness, but it is pretty light and does a job creating interest in the tea – 1/10 on the Astringent-o-meter.

Sweetened with rock sugar, the tang goes down and not as interesting as a flavor – it’s like I’m just drinking strawberry tea. The unsweetened Champagne Rose is much better in my opinion.

Champange Rose from Lupicia - Oolong Owl tea review (2)Owly photobomb!

COMMENTS: You know, I would of never purchased this tea for myself, this would of been a tea I would of got for my Mother-in-Law. I’ve gifted her a couple really cool wine inspired teas. I almost gave her this package, but I was curious to try this tea. I figured since I don’t drink alcohol, I wouldn’t fully enjoy this tea.

But wow, I really dig Champagne Rose for its strong fruity candy like taste. I’m probably going to buy this tea in loose leaf when I run out.  I can see others really liking this tea for a really good strawberry tea – though I think some will not be into the tangy candy like taste.

But hey, in the end – not a drinker? Still try wine or champagne teas for something new!