Sunday Tea Hoots 22 – Tea Binge and Withdrawal

I’ve recently come back from the World Tea Expo. I’ve now done three World Tea Expos and the days after seem to go the same.

For three days you drink (well at least I drink) an insane amount of tea – a true long weekend binge drinking of just tea. You got samples to taste at every booth and likely you will be trying more than one of their teas, or multiple steepings. The Expo ends at 5:30pm, and likely one just continues drinking tea to stay awake for the evening of checking out the strip, conquering Vegas buffets, or in my case of drinking matcha shots at 9pm while trying to get an article done. I drank more tea on the flight home so I don’t miss this great view of Seattle:

Sunday tea hoots 22 - wte after (2)

Yesterday and today I’ve been having the weird tea binge and withdrawals symptoms just like previous years. Symptoms include:

Excessive thirst. I am so thirsty! All that tea and peeing had my system used to drinking so much. I likely drank more this year than last due to the crazy hot Vegas weather. I have been slamming down bottles of water just to keep my thirst in check.

Screwy sleep. I did not really sleep Wednesday night – I had one of those “I laid in bed for 8 hours awake, but yet time passed so it didn’t feel like I was awake the whole time.” I slept around 4-5 hours each night, and today I was up at 6am, twitching about looking for something to drink. Then I drink way too much caffeine during the day to function.

My skin looks great! All this water and tea has made my skin soft and bright, if it weren’t for the puffy eyes from lack of sleep. Thank you Kat Von D for your concealer so hardcore that it covers tattoos, which does more than enough for tea hangover eyes.

Extreme tea making laziness. I think this is the worst withdrawal from World Tea Expo from a non-exhibitor attendee. I have to actually make my own tea and pour it myself! I’ve been spoiled for days getting tea made for me and then poured into my cup – all I had to do was drink it. I’m sure I could of gotten even more lazy and got one of those booze helmets with straw that people wore on the Vegas Strip – that way I’d never have to move my cup to my mouth. I didn’t even have to think about what tea I want to drink, there is tea everywhere. Now that I’ve been back home, I have been just grabbing the closest leaf and dumping it in a cup and drinking.

However, I am super lucky as I got a nice The Wall Boreal Wildcraft cup which is perfect for lazy grandpa style. I am too lazy for a strainer and to spit out leaf.

Sunday tea hoots 22 - wte after (1)

In a few days I will be weaned off excessive tea and recovered to normal tea drinking.


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  • Joshua Brock

    I’m right there with you on the first two. It being in hot & dry Vegas didn’t help the thirst one bit.