Sunday Tea Hoots 29 – Award and Sewing Havoc

Just a quick Sunday Tea Hoots this week. First off, I need to announce the awesomeness that is Oolong Owl being the 2016 Internet Community Winner from The Oolong Drunk!


2016 was a good year for tea community – with most of us North Americans being solo drinkers, reaching out to meet other tea drinkers is a great opportunity to share and enable each other to buy new teas with. I met a lot of cool tea people, in person and online, and it is great to have a growing group of tea buddies. Get out there and meet people!

There are other cool peeps and tea sellers that made the Best The Oolong Drunk list, including teas that I need to get around to drinking.

In other news, I got a sewing machine for Christmas. My tea-hating husband immediately built a custom sewing table for the new machine and my serger. I’ve been wanting to get into quilting for years, but my excuse was too many hobbies and being too young. I guess I’ll just start small with stuff toys, coasters, tea cozies, and owl beds. I’ve already been shopping online for tea and owl fabrics!


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