Kenyan Black Tea from Justea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Kenyan Black Tea is a fair trade, hand processed tea by Kenyan farmers, which is directly sold by JusTea, a Vancouver Canada based tea company. First off, a cheer from Oolong Owl for a Vancouver based tea company – My hometown! Second, JusTea has just started a crowd funding campaign. Here is the model they are aiming for: You can access the campaign by visiting the JusTea site or via JusTea’s Facebook page. Let’s check out the tea! Our Great Horned Owl is going to help with the review! Dry Leaf The Kenyan Black Tea has a light scent woodsy scent … Continue reading, hoot!

Choco-Honeyberry tea from Steep City Teas – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Choco-Honeyberry is a black and blend that has rooibos, honeybush, honey pollen, chocolate pieces, marigolds, and safflowers. This unique blend is made by Steep City Teas. When Steep City Teas came out with Choco-Honeyberry I was intrigued. This blend is very unique with the use of honey pollen, chocolate and berry flavors. Bee pollen tea. I had a weird experience with bee pollen tea. I was at a chinese restaurant and I was sick. I was served a cup of tea that had a big fat bee floating in the middle. Actually tasted pretty sweet and interesting but was scary to … Continue reading, hoot!

Caramel Vanilla Assam from Butiki Teas – Tea Review

Caramel Vanilla Assam is a black tea blend with Taiwanese Assam. This tea is by Butiki Teas, an Oolong Owl favorite tea seller. I have heard so many good things about Butiki Teas black teas, especially their Taiwanese Assam. Caramel Vanilla Assam is also highly rated on Steepster, currently riding the first page of the best rated teas of the community. I had to snag this tea with my last, giant, Butiki Teas order. Dry Leaf: I tried scooping out the tea and WOW LOOK IT THE SIZE OF THE LEAF! This is something I expect with a good oolong … Continue reading, hoot!

Sweet Roasted Chestnuts Black Tea from Creha Tea via – Tea Review

Sweet Roasted Chestnuts Flavored Black Tea is a Japanese black tea with chestnut flavoring. This tea is a Creha Tea that I purchased from I’m sure when we think of Japanese teas we think of green teas. It’s really cool to see a Japanese tea seller like carry some Japanese blacks teas as well as oolongs. It is really neat to taste the difference of these teas compared to the typical teas that are more commonly from Africa, China or Taiwan. If you wanna know what I mean, check out my review of a Japanese Pu’er. Sweet Roasted … Continue reading, hoot!

Jasmine Black Pearls from DAVIDsTEA – Tea Review

Jasmine Black Pearls is an organic black tea offering from DAVIDsTEA. This tea is listed in the Web Specials at DAVIDsTEA‘s online store – with that said, if you want this tea you should act quickly!! I do like my floral teas, but most often floral is present in white, green and oolong teas rather than blacks. I was doing a tea order with a friend and he spotted Jasmine Black Pearls. I totally didn’t notice this tea when browsing around DAVIDsTEA. I don’t drink much unflavored blacks and own some regular black pearls from another tea company. My eyes just skimmed past assuming its … Continue reading, hoot!

Mad Tea Party Blend from Disney Wonderland Tea – Tea Review

Mad Tea Party blend is an indian black tea flavored with peach, apricot, ginger, safflower and calendula petals. This tea was purchased at Disneyland, under the brand Disney Wonderland Tea. My best friend/sister loves going to Disneyland. Of course, since I now live in Southern California, when she came to visit me, she went to Disneyland, like she does every time she’s in the area. Me? I went to Disneyland when I was 6 years old. These days I see the $90+ 1 day ticket price and pass – that’s lots of tea, yarn, nail polish, stuff owls and frozen yogurt … Continue reading, hoot!

Periwinkle from The Persimmon Tree – Tea Review

Periwinkle is a black Assam tea blended with vanilla bits and white tea leaf flowers. This loose leaf blend is from The Persimmon Tree. I’ve had only a couple black and white tea blends. One that sticks to my mind is DavidsTea’s Checkmate, a black & white tea blend with chamomile and coconut, which is pretty good. Black and white tea blends seem unusual – they are like polar opposites of dark rich tea vs. gentle floral tea, but somehow work. Anyways, when The Persimmon Tree released some new teas recently, Periwinkle was a must try for me – The Persimmon Tree has some great blends!   … Continue reading, hoot!

French Toast Black Tea from 52 Teas – Tea Review

French Toast Black tea is a funky, limited time blend from 52 Teas, an online tea seller that releases a new blend each week. French Toast Tea! OMG! If you tea owls read my Pancake Breakfast tea review, when I make pancakes, I make a huge batch to last the week for my husband. Do I do that with french toast? I do! However, I own a bread machine, so I make a 2lb loaf of bread the night before, leave the loaf out, and slice and french toast the entire thing in the morning for a crazy stack of french toast. … Continue reading, hoot!

Sexy Chai from Steep City Teas – Tea Review

Sexy Chai is a black chai blend featuring floral elements of lavender and rose. This fun, sexy take on chai is from Steep City Teas. Hmmm, this is the first chai for me to review here at Oolong Owl. I’ll give you tea owlets some background on my chai history. During my last year of university, I loved SPICY chais. I actually burned my tongue on too much spice once when I added multiple tea bags for one cup of tea. After university, I had a bad run in with cardamon, so I stopped getting chais, especially with cardamon in it. These … Continue reading, hoot!

Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha from Verdant Tea – Tea Review

Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha is a genmaicha blend from Verdant Tea. This blend features Verdant’s Laoshan Black, a little Shui Jin Gui Wuyi Oolong, hand crafted wild rice from Minnesota, and organic fair trade toasted jasmine rice. Oh, and organic cacao nibs. I really wanted to try Laoshan Black and this blend, but I was on a budget. So I opted to get an 1 oz of this blend, as I tend to drink more blends than straight unflavored teas. DRY LEAF: The tea smells like dark chocolate! Good dark chocolate, kinda like Lindt’s Dark Chocolate – Ohh yum, I love that … Continue reading, hoot!