Thai Chai from The Persimmon Tree – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Thai Chai Black Tea is a spiced black tea chai with coconut and lemon grass. This chai blend comes from The Persimmon Tree. MMmmm, Thai Chai Black Tea. Thai food is something I should really have more of. I LOVE burn your face off spicy food! I’m hoping this chai is nice and flavorful! Dry Leaf Very fragrant tea! Can I also have this tea as a lotion? Thai Chai Black Tea smells strongly of spices and lemon grass with a cocobutter like finish. Appearance wise, Thai Chai Black Tea has lots of busy looking bits, heavy on the coconut strips and … Continue reading, hoot!

Sexy Chai from Steep City Teas – Tea Review

Sexy Chai is a black chai blend featuring floral elements of lavender and rose. This fun, sexy take on chai is from Steep City Teas. Hmmm, this is the first chai for me to review here at Oolong Owl. I’ll give you tea owlets some background on my chai history. During my last year of university, I loved SPICY chais. I actually burned my tongue on too much spice once when I added multiple tea bags for one cup of tea. After university, I had a bad run in with cardamon, so I stopped getting chais, especially with cardamon in it. These … Continue reading, hoot!