Lotus Nut Green Tea from Nature’s Tea Leaf – Tea Review

Lotus Nut Green Tea is from Nature’s Tea Leaf, an online seller of loose leaf teas. I’m pretty tired out today – and I think it is purely a Korean Drama show called “Faith” fault. I spent most of yesterday vegging out, drinking tea and watching (and screaming) at this show. Faith drove me mental with cliff-hanger-must-watch-next-episode endings that made me scream at my computer and give in to the show’s demands to watch the next episode. I gotta get back to swooning over tea instead of korean drama stars. This tea caught my eye with the lotus nut flavoring which … Continue reading, hoot!

YaYa Strawberry from Steep City Teas – Tea Review

YaYa Strawberry is a green tea with strawberries and papaya, inspired by Cuban-style smoothies. This tea is from Steep City Teas, a new online tea seller based in Miami. I gotta say, I’ve never been to Florida. After watching lots of Burn Notice and Dexter, I wouldn’t mind going to see all the sights (and eat all the seafood). It’s pretty cool to see a tea seller inspired by something – with Steep City creating exotic, Miami inspired teas. I miss some of the references as I’m just a Canadian just figuring the culture here in California, but I enjoy seeing a new … Continue reading, hoot!

Jasmine Daughter Rings from Nature’s Tea Leaf – Tea Review

Jasmine Daughter Rings is a green tea from Nature’s Tea Leaf, an online seller of loose leaf tea. This tea is hand rolled into rings. FYI, Nature’s Tea leaf two types of this ring-looking tea: Daughter Rings Green tea and the Jasmine version I’m reviewing today. DRY LEAF: This tea is so cool looking – 100% why I wanted to try it. So much fun! The rings are all rolled into rings. I tried to unravel one and it crumbled. It was like “NO! I only steep in rings!” Jasmine Daughter Rings teaspooned onto a plate. Kinda looks like a … Continue reading, hoot!

Yuzu Kukicha from Den’s Tea – Tea Review

Yuzu Kukicha is a loose twig Japanese green tea (kukicha) flavored with yuzu and matcha. I got Yuzu Kukicha from Den’s Tea, an online tea seller of Japanese Green teas. In case you were wondering, Yuzu is an aromatic tart citrus fruit which kinda looks like a grapefruit/lemon. DRY LEAF: Zesty, fresh citrus scent – kind of a mix of grapefruit and lime to me. Close up, the leaves for Yuzu Kukicha are very pretty – love the yuzu bits and the dusting of matcha. Oooh, very pretty looking tea! STEEPED: Okay – I strictly followed the steeping instructions here – … Continue reading, hoot!

Momoko by Lupicia – Tea Review

Momoko is a green tea that features peach and vanilla flavors. This tea is sold by Lupicia and comes in bagged or loose leaf forms. Very lovely packaging! DRY LEAF: Oh wow! DROOOOL! Creamy sweet peachyness! The smell reminds me of those japanese peach gummies! I spent awhile smelling this tea. Up close, the tea has little pink flowers buds and teeny rock sugar bits. STEEPED: Momoko comes out a bright green yellow with a green buttery scent. I steeped this tea with boiling water for 1.45 minutes. TASTE: Momoko is surprisingly very creamy. This tea tastes like good fresh matcha, … Continue reading, hoot!

Potato Pancakes & Applesauce Tea (Butiki Teas) – Tea Review

Potato Pancakes & Applesauce is a organic huangshan mao feng green tea blend, featuring apple chips and potato bits. This is quite a unique blend from Butiki Teas. DRY LEAF: Very cool looking tea with all the bits in it. This tea likes to resist being scooped. The green tea leaves are long and wiry and the potato bits are big, making it a little tricky to judge if I’m using enough tea – and I don’t wanna smush it into my spoon, you know? Whatever, I just use a bit more as “error” control. The potato bits are so darn cute! … Continue reading, hoot!

Dragon Feelers by Butiki Teas – Tea Review

Dragon Feelers is a light green tea from Butiki Teas, an online tea seller. This tea seller is a personal favorite of mine – very good and unique teas! DRY LEAF: Hold up. This tea is all about the crazy appearance. Let’s zoom in Awww, cute! Didn’t take me long to find the cutest leaf out of my teaspoon! When I saw a picture of this tea I was all, “What is that? The leaves look freaky, like fuzzy little bugs! I have to drink it!” (yes, freaking looking tea is a selling point for me) REST ASSURED, THESE ARE … Continue reading, hoot!

Choco Cinnamon by Tea Desire – Tea Review

Choco Cinnamon is a green tea featuring cinnamon sugar, white chocolate stars, orange peel, rose blossoms and cloves. I snagged this tea from Tea Desire. DRY LEAF: The dry leaf looks very nice – I love the chocolate stars! Smells mouthwatering sweet with light spices. I’ve had this tea a few times, and I think the stars like to float to the top of the bag, so make sure to mix well. I’m near the end of my bag, so I’m running low on stars. STEEPED: Dark gold colour and light film on the top, most likely from the chocolate … Continue reading, hoot!