Tencha Kuki Houjicha from Den’s Tea – Tea Review

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I was buying some teapots off Den’s Tea and this Tencha Kuki Houjicha Green tea was impluse purchased.  Out of all the green teas, I like houjicha – it’s got that roasty richer flavor I like, plus easy brewing. This Houjicha sounded quite different as it is roasted tencha stems. (Tencha is the tea material to make Matcha). I haven’t ordered of Den’s Tea in years. They are a great SoCal Japanese tea seller, I’ve seen them a few times at local tea festivals and their teas sometimes at local stores when I was in California. If you are looking … Continue reading, hoot!

Tea Lovers Organic Ceremonial Matcha from My Matcha Life

More matcha, what else is new here at Oolong Owl? I got so much matcha here, but I end up drinking it at least 4 times a week so at least I’m getting through it all. Today’s review is from My Matcha Life. They sell on their site, but also on Amazon. I know you guys love Amazon for tea since you can use those amazon gift cards. My Matcha Life has a few different matchas, this one is the Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha, but they also have a culinary and a latte grade matcha. On the My Matcha … Continue reading, hoot!

Organic Ceremonial Matcha from First Harvest Tea

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It certainly feels weird for me to review just a single matcha and not 20 of them at once, as the last 4 matcha reviews I’ve done all are huge comparison ones. Today’s review is a matcha from an online seller based in Nevada, First Harvest Tea. At this time, they just have a single matcha for sale, the Organic Ceremonial Matcha, and a free matcha recipe ebook. First Harvest Organic Ceremonial Matcha is also available on Amazon! This matcha is from Shizuoka, Japan. It is Certified Organic by the JAS-JONA & USDA. Matcha Powder and Preparation The matcha powder is a light … Continue reading, hoot!

Green Needle and Fushou Green Tea from Tea Adventure – Tea Review

Tea Adventure Green Teas - Oolong Owl (9)

I’ve been working through all the green teas I need to review. Today’s review is a pair of green teas from Tea Adventure! This online seller is based in China. I got some green tea from them, but they also carry a nice range of black and oolongs that impressed me. They also carry some yellow and pu’er tea. I quite like how Tea Adventure also lists other names for the tea and origin. Both greens, Green Needle and Fushou Green, I steeped in a gaiwan with a 1 gram to 30ml ratio, 175F (80c) water temperature, starting with a 30 … Continue reading, hoot!

Fish Hook, Dragoncloud, and Mountain Mist Green tea – Tea From Vietnam

Today’s reviews are of a collection of green teas from Tea From Vietnam. They currently have three different green teas in their collection! Let’s drink them all! I quite like the label art on all the Tea From Vietnam packages, every tea has different artwork. Steeping Instructions For all the greens I used 4 grams to 120ml gaiwan (1 gram to 30ml ratio), using 175F water temperature. I did not do a rinse and started with a 30 second steep. Fish Hook Green Tea – Tea From Vietnam The leaf are delicate tight curls of tea with a sweet bread scent. Fresh marine and … Continue reading, hoot!

Choui Fong Thailand Green Tea from Kent & Sussex Tea Co – Tea Review

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Another tea from Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co, a UK tea seller with a HUGE tea line up. The previous review was a blend, but let’s have an unflavored tea today – Choui Fong Thailand green tea. Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co carries quite a bit of unflavored teas from various regions. Dry Leaf Big gently pinched dark leaves that are on the twiggy side. The leaf has a bunch of fuzzies too Actually, quite a few sticks in this one. The Tea Owls picked some out as they need it for their camp fire for the weekend owl scout trip. The leaf … Continue reading, hoot!

Imperial Blend Hadong Green Tea from Wooree Tea – Tea Review

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Yay a Korean tea review today! The tea is from Wooree tea, a New Zealand seller. Right now they just have tea ware and one tea – Imperial Blend Hadong Green tea. Imperial Blend Hadong Green tea is grown in the Hadong region in the south west as per the website. Looking around, all I can find is a university of the same name and nothing on the map. Maybe the area is spelled differently in English? Dry Leaf Imperial Blend Hadong Green tea looks like twisted waves of dark green and has a sweet spinach and light roasted scent. Steeping Instructions The steeping … Continue reading, hoot!

52 Teas 2015 Holiday Teas – Tea Review

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52 Teas had a Holiday tea kickstarter a few months back and I was able to preorder for the entire set! All the teas sounded pretty good – Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, Eggnog Chai, Gingerbread Houjicha, Cranberry Orange Cider Rooibos, and Peppermint Marshmallow Melting in Hot Chocolate. It looks like you can still purchase the teas at 52 Teas from their Holiday Tea section, but you’ll want to act fast as they are seasonal teas. I wasn’t in a Christmas mood until this week, so now I finally got around to sampling the entire lineup (barring I drank 2 of … Continue reading, hoot!

The Tea Spot Connoisseur Collection – Tea Review

Today’s tea review is of a collection of fancy teas! The Tea Spot Connoisseur Collection contains samples of four luxury teas – Organic Black Pearls, Golden Pu’er, 88th Night (shincha), and Organic Silver Needle White. This collection is quite interesting as you get a wide range of teas from pu’er to white, rarely do you see pu’er thrown in a collection like this. The Connoisseur Collection is true to the name as it is an expert line up of teas. The Tea Spot also sells the teas individually. The Tea Spot Connoisseur Collection comes in a set of four little tea tins. Looking on their site, you … Continue reading, hoot!

Spumoni Green Tea and Mexican Hot Chocolate from A Quarter to Tea – Tea Review

A Quarter To Tea - Tea Review 2 Oolong Owl (1)

More A Quarter to Tea teas! Not too long ago I was sent four teas. I reviewed the more autumn teas eariler and here is the rest. Let’s get to it! Spumoni Green Tea YES SPUMONI! I’ve suggested to many tea sellers to make a spumoni tea. Spumoni is one of my favorite ice creams. There is a restuarant I regularly went to in Vancouver, The Spaghetti Factory, and the end of every meal is the delicious spumoni ice cream. Spumoni seems to vary, but usually it is pistachio with a mix of usually chocolate, vanilla or cherry. A Quarter to Tea’s … Continue reading, hoot!