52 Teas 2015 Holiday Teas – Tea Review

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52 Teas had a Holiday tea kickstarter a few months back and I was able to preorder for the entire set! All the teas sounded pretty good – Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, Eggnog Chai, Gingerbread Houjicha, Cranberry Orange Cider Rooibos, and Peppermint Marshmallow Melting in Hot Chocolate. It looks like you can still purchase the teas at 52 Teas from their Holiday Tea section, but you’ll want to act fast as they are seasonal teas. I wasn’t in a Christmas mood until this week, so now I finally got around to sampling the entire lineup (barring I drank 2 of … Continue reading, hoot!

The Tea Spot Connoisseur Collection – Tea Review

Today’s tea review is of a collection of fancy teas! The Tea Spot Connoisseur Collection contains samples of four luxury teas – Organic Black Pearls, Golden Pu’er, 88th Night (shincha), and Organic Silver Needle White. This collection is quite interesting as you get a wide range of teas from pu’er to white, rarely do you see pu’er thrown in a collection like this. The Connoisseur Collection is true to the name as it is an expert line up of teas. The Tea Spot also sells the teas individually. The Tea Spot Connoisseur Collection comes in a set of four little tea tins. Looking on their site, you … Continue reading, hoot!

Spumoni Green Tea and Mexican Hot Chocolate from A Quarter to Tea – Tea Review

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More A Quarter to Tea teas! Not too long ago I was sent four teas. I reviewed the more autumn teas eariler and here is the rest. Let’s get to it! Spumoni Green Tea YES SPUMONI! I’ve suggested to many tea sellers to make a spumoni tea. Spumoni is one of my favorite ice creams. There is a restuarant I regularly went to in Vancouver, The Spaghetti Factory, and the end of every meal is the delicious spumoni ice cream. Spumoni seems to vary, but usually it is pistachio with a mix of usually chocolate, vanilla or cherry. A Quarter to Tea’s … Continue reading, hoot!

Jasmine Green from The Little Red Cup Tea Co – Tea Review

Jasmine Green Tea from Little Red Tea Cup Co - Oolong Owl (1)

Today’s tea review is Jasmine Green Tea from The Little Red Cup Tea co. This particular jasmine green is fair trade and organic! This tea is from WuYuan County, Jiangxi China. Little Red Cup Tea Co also has these really cool tea tins! Dry Leaf The Jasmine green has a lovely soft sweet jasmine scent. The tea is small little half moons. Steeping Instructions Little Red Cup Tea Co has pretty flexible steeping instructions. They have a basic guideline for a water temperature of 170F to 180F. I’m going to play with this one, wheeeeee! I steeped 5 grams of leaf … Continue reading, hoot!

Lime Jello Salad Green Tea from 52 Teas – Tea Review

Lime Jello Salad Green Tea - 52 Teas - Oolong Owl Tea Review (1)

I remember going to a buffet with my little 5 year old cousin. Buffets, especially back in the early 90’s, always had jello but this buffet in particular only had jello salad. The jello was lime with streaks of red and green cabbage and a little carrot in it. I picked out a large wiggly cube for my little cousin. Turned out, he never had jello before. He cried right after noticing it wiggle around on his plate, but we finally convinced him since that his older cousin liked it, so will he. He caved and finally tasted it, ending up … Continue reading, hoot!

Matcha Brand Comparison 2, Round 2 – Mid-range price $9.99 to $16.99 an ounce

Oolong Owl Matcha Brand Comparison 2 Round 2 (1)

It is time for the mid-range matcha brand comparison! For this Matcha Brand Comparison Round, the price point is $9.99 to $16.99 per ounce, average 13.69 price tag. Amazon Matcha Comparison Round 1 – Matcha Brands Comparison under $9.99 an ounce Round 3 – Matcha Brand Comparison $17 to $48 per ounce For full disclosure, like the other Matcha comparisons I’ve done, this is brought to you by Red Leaf Tea. Sadly, it looks like this price point is mostly Red Leaf Tea Matchas as well. Testing Procedure Every matcha is labelled by number or letter. I do not know what brands … Continue reading, hoot!

Chi Whole Leaf Tea Powder – Tea Review

Tea powder time! With matcha being the popular drink these days, we should also try other powdered teas. Chi Whole Leaf has a line up 5 different teas! I’ll be trying 3 of the 5 today, so let’s get to it. Tasting of Chi Whole Leaf Tea Powder Green mint Green Mint has a medicinal and mint scent. This tea powder contains Peppermint, Eucalyptus Leaf and Darjeeling Green tea. I was lazy so I used my DavidsTea Matcha Maker Tea Tumbler. I mixed the Green Mint tea with water and ice. It came out a deep dark army green. The flavor is … Continue reading, hoot!

Kikkoman Pearl Organic Green Tea Soy Milk – Tea Review

I crashed my local Asian supermarket not too long ago and raided it for all the tea goodies and cheap vegetables. To my surprise, I spotted this and had to try it – Kikkoman Pearl Organic Green Tea Soy milk, for tea lovers! I found this on the shelf as this is the type of soy milk that doesn’t need to be refrigerated unless it is opened. The packaging looks nice, though I’m confused why there’s a lemon in it. Nutrition stats are pretty standard soy milk ones. To premise this review, I regularly drink soy milk. Soy juice (what my … Continue reading, hoot!

June 2015 Simple Loose Leaf – Tea Review

Time for the June Simple Loose Leaf box! Simple Loose Leaf box info – Simple Loose Leaf is a monthly Co-op tea box that sends 4 to 6 loose leaf tea samples (1/4oz size) – you get a wide assortment of different teas such as straight teas, blends and herbals. With being in the Tea Co-op, you get a membership ID. If you enjoy and want more tea that you’ve sampled, you can purchase it from the Simple Loose Leaf Tea Shop for 50% off. For your first box, you can enter OolongOwl for a 50% off your first Simple Loose Leaf’s Tea co-op box! For … Continue reading, hoot!

Kyobancha Green Tea from M&K’s Tea Co – Tea Review

kyobancha from mk tea co - Oolong Owl Tea Review (2)

Hello Kyobancha! This organic roasted Japanese green tea is sold by M&Ks Tea Co. It is the March 2014 harvest from the Nakai Seichajo tea farm in Wazuka, Kyoto Prefecture Japan. Despite being on a Japanese Monthly tea club a year or so back, I haven’t had a kyobancha before. With that said, I am not able to compare whether this is an awesome kyobancha or not. All my other M&K teas are samples, but this one is a full size and it has really fun packaging! I almost don’t want to put it in a tin!   Dry Leaf … Continue reading, hoot!