Steep & Go Cold Brew Tea Infuser from The Tea Spot

Steep & Go - The Tea Spot - Oolong Owl Tea review (1)

Back at the World Tea Expo in 2014, I was at The Tea Spot‘s booth and they had these Steep & Go cold brew bottle adapters that were super popular! With the Steep & Go bottle adapter, you can turn your water bottle into a cold steeping tea vessel! All you need is tea, though The Tea Spot also has cold brew teas to go with it! The bottle adapter is pretty inexpensive too. The Steep & Go comes with a drink top, filter and two adapter rings. This took me awhile to get around to review as times I ended up buying … Continue reading, hoot!

Kerikeri Tea Honeybush Chai – Tea Review

When my mother in law was in New Calendonia last year, she brought me back tea! Interesting tea at that – KeriKeri Tea Honeybush Chai. What makes KeriKeri Tea organic’s Honeybush Chai unique is the ingredients – Organic honeybush, whole cloves, cardamon, ginger, cinnamon flakes and native New Zealand horopito pepper. That sounds spicy! Before I look up what horopito pepper tastes like, let’s sample the tea! Dry Leaf It is really hard to say something interesting about rooibos and honeybush leaves as it looks like wood chunks. So yeah, the dry leaf looks like wood bits in red, cream and dark … Continue reading, hoot!

Teatoxy Detox Tea

There’s been a few times on Oolong Owl I dip into diet and detox teas. Today’s tea review is of a detox tea line from Teatoxy – three herbals teas. I’m not into the whole detox thing. I’m more of a “get healthy by attempting to eat less cookies and lift heavy weights or sweat in brazillian jiujitsu class” kind of weight loss person. With that said, I’m just going to review the flavor of these herbal teas. I imagine if you are going to drink tea in larger amounts on a regular schedule it should taste good. I have the whole … Continue reading, hoot!

Santa’s Cup Herbal Rooibos Tea from TeaXotics – Tea Review

CHRISTMAS TEA TIME! I’m still not in the Holiday spirit yet. My tree isn’t up. I’m starting to buy gifts now, 9 days before Christmas. I’ve done only one round of holiday baking. I love doing the gingerbread house thing every year – that symbolizes Christmas time to me, but I decided against it this year as I really don’t want to eat it! It is hard feeling Christmas here in SoCal due to the weather, especially since I’m from Canada where it is usually snowing right now instead of sunny. I need to feel Christmasy soon or I’ll be … Continue reading, hoot!

December Simple Loose Leaf Tea Co-op Club – Tea Review

Hello December! I love when a new month rolls in as I get all my tea subscriptions. The Simple Loose Leaf Tea Co-op Club gets you 4 to 6 loose leaf tea samples (1/4oz size) of different teas including straight teas, blends and herbals. Being in the Tea Co-op gives you a membership ID which gives you 50% off their Simple Loose Leaf Tea Shop, so you can buy the teas you’ve enjoyed for a great price. For your first box, you can enter the coupon code OolongOwl for a 50% off your first Simple Loose Leaf’s Tea co-op box! Tasting of December’s Simple Loose Leaf Co-op Tea Club … Continue reading, hoot!

Coffee Leaf Tea, Armando’s Original Blend from Wize Monkey – Tea Review

This morning I was in the mood for something different. I’m tired after last nights World of Warcraft session involving my female Panda Warrior (named Alishan)’s tour of shield slamming baddies in heroic dungeons. Shield Charge! SLAM! Panda Panda! I’m tired enough to want to drink a crazy weird tea. Enter Wize Monkey Armando’s Original Blend Coffee Leaf Tea. Wut? Probably one of the few times you’ll hear a coffee like product here at Oolong Owl. These are the leaves off a 100% organic Arabica coffee plant grown in Nicaragua. I don’t know much about coffee, but coffee has a harvest season … Continue reading, hoot!

Camellia Flower Cake aka God of Night Sweats Tea

While looking through the Pu’er section of Aliexpress I found this cake. It’s full name is “new product Flowers and plants in puer tea Snow mountain ancient tree camellia Pure and fresh and sweet honey Beauty care food” (I guess to use the entire character limit on the title). I’ve never had a Camellia flower tea before and the appearance is quite pretty. However, what got me was the description of the tea. Here’s a screen shot to immortalize this Camellia Flower Cake (if it wasn’t already immortal and saintly already). Please click on the photo to read the seller description of … Continue reading, hoot!

July Simple Loose Leaf Tea Selection Club – Oolong Owl Tea Review

It’s July! Time for this month’s Simple Loose leaf box! By the way, a coupon code for you: OWLSELECTION25 for a 25% discount when you sign up for Simple Loose Leaf’s Selection Club! As stated in my previous Simple Loose Leaf Selection club reviews, Each month you get to choose from a selection of 5 teas. You may also select the option of sampling all 5 teas, or choose 2 you like. Each tea is 1 to 2 oz, or for the sampler, a 4 oz sampler pack. Within the 5 teas, Simple Loose Leaf aims to have a good variety to choose from, straight teas, … Continue reading, hoot!

Organic Herbal Blue Tea from BlueChai – Oolong Owl Tea Review

BlueChai is a caffeine free, organic herbal  butterfly pea flowers tea sold by These flowers are harvested in Northern Thailand. I ordered a free sample of BlueChai, I didn’t look much into what this tea was. A spicy tea? Though, it is confusing that “chai” can also just mean “tea”. Once I got the package, on the label, it states “pea flowers”. I’ve never had pea flower tea, so trying this tea will be fun! Dry Leaf Really pretty, chunky, big leafed blue flowers with yellow centers, dressed with the odd green stem and leaf. Not much scent to these flowers. … Continue reading, hoot!

Goji Pop from DAVIDsTea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Goji Pop is a herbal tea blend of apple, goji berries, hibiscus, roships, and honeydew. This caffeine free tea is from DAVIDsTea. Goji Pop is an Oolong Owl favorite. I’ve must of purchased this tea about 4 times now. I tried a sample of it and WOW very good! I then promptly bought a 100g tin worth and have been refilling it every since. Annoyingly, my local DAVIDsTea was always sold out of this tea, so I’ve bought it online most of the time. Dry Leaf Very chunky appearance. Lumps of apple, goji berries, and hibiscus that have petals stuck … Continue reading, hoot!