Nan Nuo Mountain from Jalam Teas – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Nan Nuo Mountain (Nan Nuo Shan) is a green, unfermented 2012 Spring pu’er from the Nan Nuo Mountain area. This cake is specifically from a village of Bang Po Lao Zai in Southern Yunnan. This exclusive pu’er is from Jalam Teas, a monthly pu’er tea club. A little on  Jalam Teas – for $19 a month (plus shipping), they’ll send you a hand sourced, limited quanity 100 gram pu’er cake. Each cake comes with a card explaining where the tea is from, how to locals drink it and such. In addition,  Jalam Teas has a webpage for each tea with more information, plus … Continue reading, hoot!

2012 Dragon of Jing Mai Pu’er from Yunnan Sourcing – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Dragon of Jing Mai Pu’er is a 2012 ripe/shu tea obtained from Yunnan This pu’er is also available on Yunnan Sourcing’s US site. This tea is produced in the Jing Mai area of China. This ripe pu’er cake is a steal! It’s 100 grams and only $5.80 to $6.50 depending on which Yunnan Sourcing site you’re on (at the time of this entry). It also has quite attractive packaging too… Oooh dragons! I am partial to nice designs on Pu’er wrappers. Actually, the cool wrapping and cheap price is probably why I bought this cake. Tea “pu’er pick” Owl is pumped! He’s … Continue reading, hoot!

Ethical Agriculture’s Wild Grown Pu’er from Tea Setter – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Ethical Agriculture’s Wild Grown Pu’er is a 2010 pu’er. This tea is from Tea Setter, an online tea seller. I was really curious of the name of this tea “Ethical Agriculture” which prompted me to contact Tea Setter. “Ethical Agriculture” is the name of the chinese tea producer, translated into English. I also found out Ethical Agriculture’s Wild Grown Pu’er  tea leaves were picked from wild tea trees on a remote mountain area in the Yunnan Province. Very cool! Dry Leaf The leaf is lightly earthy pu’er scent. I could barely smell the leaf unless my nose was right on the … Continue reading, hoot!

Sweet Fragrance Pu’er from Tea Setter – Tea Review

Sweet Fragrance Pu’er is a 1992 loose ripe pu’er sold by Tea Setter. Tea Setter has a small, yet interesting selection, of oolong and pu’er teas. It appears they are in the process of getting some green teas as well. What I found to be a sweet deal on their site is their Gaiwan Starter Set as you get a glass gaiwan + 6 tea samples, perfect to start the gongfu tea adventure! Their entire pu’er line looks great – I decided to try this Sweet Fragrance Pu’er first, as I do have a sweet tooth. Dry Leaf: The leaf … Continue reading, hoot!

Special Dark Ripe Loose Leaf Pu’er 2006 from Mandala Tea – Tea Review

Special Dark Pu’er is a loose leaf, ripe/shu 2006 pu’er from Mandala Tea. Mandala’s Special Dark Pu’er was on my “must try!” list before it was even listed for sale. With my last Mandala Tea order, I snagged this and a bunch of other ripe pu’er for more pu’er tea drunk party times. The website description of Special Dark Pu’er cites an indulgent cocoa like tea with a soundtrack of the dark side….hmm. I do like the dark side! Let’s give this pu’er a go! Dry Leaf: Special Dark Pu’er has a dusty dry coloured brown leaf, with some lighter … Continue reading, hoot!

2012 Qui Yun Wild Arbor Raw Pu’er from Yunnan Sourcing – Tea Review

2012 Qui Yun Wild Arbor Raw Pu’er is a 250 gram cake from YiWu mountain. This tea is from Yunnan This raw pu’er is harvested in Autumn from 60 to 80 year old, non sprayed arbor trees. I discovered I really like autumn pu’er. I was having this discussion with another pu’er lover and we figured it might be because I’m born in the fall. Spring pu’er is still tasty, but the fall teas really make me swoon! Dry Cake: Slightly sweet earthy floral smell to the cake. I love the appearance of raw pu’er cakes – it’s like … Continue reading, hoot!

Yunnan Sourcing Tea order! Pu’er Cakes and an awesome gaiwan!

Usually I just post what I get in the mail on my Oolong Owl Facebook page, however this Yunnan order was pretty epic. It wasn’t a huge order, but an interesting one. By the way, if you aren’t familar with Yunnan Sourcing, they have 2 sites – the China based one,  Yunnan and the US based one, Yunnan My order was with the China based one, as one of these items is only on sale there at the moment. First off, my order took a few weeks to arrived as I cheaped out on shipping. Hey, more money for tea! … Continue reading, hoot!

Eight Treasures Yabao from Verdant Tea – Tea Review

Eight Treasures Yabao is a blend of yunnan green jasmine, silver buds yabao pu’er, goji berry, marigold, vanilla bean, honeysuckle, rose and elderberry. This unique tea is from Verdant Tea. This blend caught my eye last year, but I didn’t jump on it, then it eventually went out of stock. When Verdant Tea restocked this tea for the season, it prompt me to do my first order with them. I think what interested me was the combination of a silver bud yabao pu’er with floral and goji.   Dry Leaf: The smell of Eight Treasures Yabao is unexpected! It smells like a musky mountain spice. … Continue reading, hoot!

Mandala Silver Buds Raw Pu’er 2012 from Mandala Tea – Tea Review

Time to pu’er pick some Mandala Silver Buds Raw Pu’er 2012! This 100g cake from Mandala Tea. Mandala Tea has several Silver Bud pu’er cakes – 2008, 2011 and 2012. I went with the 2012 as it is cheap price, plus it was on sale at the time! I actually was stuck between this one and the Mandala “Wild Monk” Raw Pu’er 2012 for my first cake. Also, the 100g cakes are so darn cute of a size!   My only disappointment was there was no artwork on the wrapper. The Wild Monk cake had some fantastic art on the wrapper (and I’m a sucker for that kind of … Continue reading, hoot!

2012 Autumn Yiwu Sheng Pu’er from Misty Peak Teas – Tea Review

Misty Peak Tea’s 2012 Autumn Yiwu Sheng Pu’er!   Another Misty Peak Tea sheng from 300-600 year old trees? Yes please! I can’t say no to sheng pu’er – the stuff is THA BOMB! Just something so magical about raw/sheng pu’er. I’ve been a green/white/oolong drinker the last few months, and I find raw pu’ers really appealing in flavor – they aren’t strong robust like black teas, but not really grassy vegetal like a green. I’ve been recommending raw pu’er to fellow green/white tea drinkers. Be adventurous, hoot! Dry cake: The tea has a lovely earthy floor scent. I had no issues … Continue reading, hoot!