Oolong Owl’s First Tuocha

I had met some other tea lovers in person from Steepster the other weekend and we had a tea swap. One had brought a baggie filled with pu’er tuochas. I was happy to take some off her hands! The problem? We weren’t sure what tuocha was what, since there was very little English on the packaging. She did inform me there was some sheng/raw pu’er in there, but not sure which ones. I’m not experienced enough to tell any of the little cakes by smell, if that is even possible to do. To my surprise, Tuochas are smaller than I thought … Continue reading, hoot!

White Pu’erh: Mandarin Orange from New Mexico Tea Co – Tea Review and Experience

White Pu-erh: Mandarin Orange is an aged white tea pu-erh presented inside a real mandarin orange! This tea is from New Mexico Tea Company. The description of making this White Pu-erh: Mandarin Orange tea: “From the careful plucking of centuries old tea bushes, to the rolling on wide wicker baskets to the natural wood fires used to flash heat the mandarin orange peel, everything is done entirely by hand. Firing the orange peel serves to kill any microorganisms that may be present.” Okay, that is hardcore. However, I purely bought one of these oranges because it seemed really cool and crazy that there’s tea … Continue reading, hoot!

Organic Japanese Puerh from Butiki Teas – Tea Review

Organic Japanese Puerh is a unique offering from Butiki Teas. I’ve never heard of a japanese puerh, so I had to add this tea to my cart with my last Butiki order. DRY LEAF: The tight, chippy looking black leaf smells a little like cocoa and tobacco. STEEPED (Gaiwan): Lovely reddy peach amber colour! First infusion: I did a 5 second steeping with boiling water using a gaiwan. The flavor has a light, crisp and clean coffee note. There’s some other flavors going on too that remind me of roasted chestnuts and barley teas. End of sip is a light sweetness – … Continue reading, hoot!

Tropical Pu’erh from Kally Tea – Tea Review

Tropical Pu’erh is a pu’erh and shou mei white tea blend with tropical flavoring. This interesting tea comes from Kally Tea, an online loose leaf tea seller. I won this tea as part of a giveaway that was posted on Steepster. I got to choose which tea I wanted, and it was a difficult choice with all of Kally Tea’s interesting line of teas. I went with Tropical Pu’erh as it sounded very different and unique. DRY LEAF: Tropical fruit punch smell coming from this tea. I was expecting a more pu’erh smell, but it’s not present. Interesting presentation with the … Continue reading, hoot!

Onyx from Physique Tea – Tea Review

Onyx is a single leaf pure aged sheng pu’erh from Physique Teas, online seller of bagged slimming teas. Onyx blend is promoted as a detox type tea due to it being a pu-erh. I believe it! I find pu-erh during or near the end of a cold does wonders as it gets all the slime out. I can see it being good for hangovers, but I’m not much of an alcohol drinker these days to test it. I’m a tea drinker! DRY LEAF: Surprisingly Onyx is very light on smell. If I get my nose right on the bag and take a huge … Continue reading, hoot!

Honeysuckle by The Persimmon Tree – Tea Review

Honeysuckle is an organic pu’erh tea from The Persimmon Tree, an online loose leaf tea seller. First off, The Persimmon Tree. This tea seller has some fantastic teas – they got their flavoring of tea down to a science of amazingness. I love all their coconut teas the most, very creamy and real tasting coconut. Besides taste, The Persimmon Tree mission, as stated on their website, is to enrich people’s lives through the pleasure of tea. They demonstrate this mission by being environmentally conscious with their packaging. For their teas, they offer organic and fair trade teas. Each tea online describes their … Continue reading, hoot!