2016 Untitled 02 Sheng Puer from White2Tea

2016 untitled 02 white2tea - oolong owl (1)

Here it is, the 2016 Untitled 02 Sheng Puer from White2Tea! This raw puer is the 3rd most expensive out of the 2016 line and one of the new teas. There is little information on this tea other than, “A blend of raw Puer material with low underlying bitterness. The soup is thick and heavy with strong sweetness and body feel.” which sounds good. The wrapper looks pretty awesome too! There is a lot of try this year so I bought samples of all the new White2Tea shengs. Owl in a Sombrero is helping me out today. Dry Leaf and Steeping Instructions 2016 … Continue reading, hoot!

The New Black Ripe Puer from Misty Peak Teas

The New Black Misty Peak Teas - Oolong Owl (1)

Today’s review is a brand new offering from Misty Peak Teas – The New Black. The New Black is a ripe puer, a coming of a new age as Misty Peaks has not ventured into shou until now. This tea caught my interest, moreso to see how good of a ripe Misty Peak teas has for $29 for 100g price tag. The review for this tea jumped up my queue as I got so many questions about it! As described on their site The New Black “…has matured to perfection since it was picked back in the Spring of 2012. As we … Continue reading, hoot!

LongRun 2007 HeXin Shou Puer Tuocha – Tea Review

2007 longrun hexin tuocha - oolong owl (4)

I bought this LongRun 2007 HeXin Shou Puer Tuocha while I was at the World Tea Expo 2016. Similar to my other purchase from LongRun teas, this tea was stamped one year, but they stated it was another. They had explained to me that these were rewraps from a factory they had purchased, and they couldn’t stamp it older than when they acquired it. I’ve reviewed LongRun (also known as Spring Teas) before – they are of interest to many as their teas are available on Amazon. I mostly bought this puer as the price was right (showroom price) and … Continue reading, hoot!

August 2016 White2Tea Club feat. Mengsong Sheng Comparison

White2Tea Club time! This month features two different 2016 Mengsong Shengs, one 50 gram cake and two balls. My cake clocked in at 49 grams, the balls 8.5 grams each. We had a White2Tea mengsong comparison back in June 2016, but this is a different farmer. Both teas are club exclusives. As always, there is a handout that comes with the club giving us information about the teas. For this month reading the handout with the tea is a spoiler for the tasting. I glanced at it before going for a taste, then as I am back editing I added in the tea … Continue reading, hoot!

2012 Sheng Ban Payasi from Laos Tea – Tea Review

Laos Tea 2012 Sheng - oolong Owl (1)

Laos Pu’er?! A tea friend joked to me we’ve likely already unknowingly drank Laos origin pu’er in some fake puer we’ve all likely come across. I think it is pretty fun to try a new region (intentionally) you never know what gems you find! I came across Laos Tea at the World Tea Expo 2015 and 2016, both times sporting gorgeous packaging. In 2015 they gifted me this sample of the 2012 Sheng Ban Payasi Puer. At this time it looks there are a number of sellers selling Laos Tea’s puer, but no clear sellers that deal with North American buyers like myself. If … Continue reading, hoot!

2016 Daily Drinker Sheng Puer from White2Tea

2016 Daily Drinker White2tea - oolong owl (1)

Today’s review is one of the new offerings from White2tea – the budget friendly 2016 Daily Drinker Sheng Puer. This sheng puer is the cheapest tea in the 2016 line up with a promise of you guessed it, being a daily drinker. Before I went to review this tea I just finished drinking a sheng and a black tea. I went into drinking Daily Drinker completely tea drunk, which is different compared to getting tea drunk while I write the review. Unwrapping All of the 2016 White2Tea shengs have great wrappers, but the 2016 Daily Drinker is certainly a statement piece … Continue reading, hoot!

2016 Diving Duck Sheng Puer from White2Tea – Tea Review

2016 Diving Duck White2tea - Oolong Owl (1)

After sleeping a night on it, I ordered everything from the 2016 White2Tea lineup, barring Old Arbor (due to no sample size) and Poundcake (it is apparently the same recipe and I own a cake of the 2015). My mail comes early here in Seattle, unlike back in Los Angeles where I’d get mail at 5pm, so I can actually drink tea the same day I get it! The Haul! A photo posted by Char (@oolongowl) on Jul 12, 2016 at 2:53pm PDT I settled on trying the 2016 Diving Duck Sheng Puer first. I almost didn’t buy Diving Duck. … Continue reading, hoot!

June 2016 White2Tea Club – Tea Review

june 2016 white2tea club - oolong owl (19)

For June 2016 White2Tea club we got cute 50 gram cakes! 2016 Mengsong Raw Puer and 2016 Mengsong Black Tea. This month sounds like another tea education piece as we can compare spring 2016 Mengsong – same producer and leaf, but processed differently resulting in a puer and black tea. The puer was traditionally processed to be a sheng, whereas the black was made for traditional Yunnan Dianhong style. These were pressed in mid-May and the notes stated resting would be a good idea. Since I am behind on the club, I am drinking this end of July, so these little cakes … Continue reading, hoot!

Rosali Tea Subscription Box – Tea Review

Rosali Tea - Oolong Owl (3)

Rosali Tea is a tea of the month club / subscription box. This tea club has a quiz model, so you fill out survey and they send you a tea box to match your tastes. However, I recently got an email from them talking about the next box having Yaupon and Kenya Purple tea being included in boxes so maybe they got themes too. First off, awesome packaging! Wow, you get a box with a pull out drawer! I love this box, I will keep it and store things in it. Inside is three teas, 1oz each. I got Milk oolong, … Continue reading, hoot!

2008 Bana Tea Company Limited Edition Sheng – Tea Review

2008 bana tea company limited edition - oolong owl (1)

This tea was another Bana Tea Company purchase during my time at the 2015 Los Angeles Tea Festival. I don’t remember whether I sampled the 2008 Bana Tea Company Limited Edition sheng at the festival, but I’m not a hard upsell on a cake that is in the $50 range. The 2008 Bana Tea Company Limited Edition Sheng is a 200gram cake of Jinngu Mountain material. Dry Leaf The Limited Edition Sheng has a light sweet dry scent. This cake is also lightly pressed so it was fairly easy to break pieces off. The ticket wasn’t pressed with the tea but also came with … Continue reading, hoot!