2011 Moonlight White Cake from The Chinese Tea Shop – Tea Review


I’ve been holding onto this 2011 Moonlight White (Yue Guang Bai) Cake for awhile. I am not sure why I was saving it, it is a very large 360 gram cake with a gorgeous wrapper. I bought this cake with my last visit to The Chinese Tea Shop in Vancouver, Canada. The Canadian Dollar was really low at the time, so I went on a buying spree, getting this cake without even sampling. I love Moonlight Whites, I had confidence that Daniel sells great tea, and a couple local tea buddies told me that this cake is amazing. So here is the … Continue reading, hoot!

October 2016 White2Tea Club


White2Tea club time! This month we got 3 2016 Orange Drops (shou puer) and 2 new oolongs – Hot & Heavy and Dahongpao. /throws up hands. Bloody white balance hates me again. White2tea Club 2016 Orange Drop I just realized that last year’s October White2Tea club also included an orange however this year we got a nicer orange. These puer oranges (though these days more teas have been stuffed into oranges, like black and white tea) are a great new to puer tea drinkers or types looking branch away from flavored teas. I guess it is technically flavored, the tea is stuffed … Continue reading, hoot!

2015 Green Miracle Shou Puer from Yunnan Sourcing


Today’s review is Yunnan Sourcing’s 2015 Green Miracle Wild Arbor shou puer. This puer is pressed spring 2014 50-70 year old wild arbor tree material. Since this puer came out, I’ve been told by friends that this shou is really good. I got tea buddies who have finished a whole cake or two of Green Miracle. A tea friend sent me a sample and I thought it was good enough for me to buy cake  with my next Yunnan Sourcing order. Once this puer hit my radar, I’ve noticed the price has gone up twice. It is still very affordable for a 250 … Continue reading, hoot!

2012 Nannuo First Spring Sheng from Denong Tea – Tea Review

I encountered Denong Tea at the 2016 World Tea Expo and greatly enjoyed their teas. Some of them I have had, as Bana Tea Company carries a couple of them. While at the World Tea Expo, I lost my mind over their 2015 Enchanting Beauty Sheng and stockpiled. After the Expo, Denong Tea was awesome to send me some samples of their other shengs and one of them was this 2012 Nannuo First Spring Sheng. I figure I review this Nannuo first so I got more Enchanting Beauty for myself, HAHAHAHA! Denong Tea’s 2012 Nannuo First Spring Sheng is sold in 100 … Continue reading, hoot!

2016 Jingmai Love from Crimson Lotus Tea – Tea Review


I always associate Crimson Lotus Tea for having excellent Jingmai sheng puer. Awesomely, Glen & Lamu, owners at Crimson Lotus Tea, gifted me a cake of the new Spring 2016 Jingmai LOVE sheng puer. Spring 2016 Jingmai LOVE is an affordable 200 gram hand blended puer cake. Stats on this puer is it is from Simao Prefecture, 1300m elevation, and wood fired. I love the design of Jingmai Love wrapper and greatly appreciate the back that clearly states the tea and seller. It saves the front for artwork, and I don’t have to tape more information to the wrapper or open … Continue reading, hoot!

2005 Ruyi LongRun Shou Puer from LongRun Tea – Tea Review

Today’s tea is the 2005 Ruyi LongRun Shou Puer. I snagged this cake at the World Tea Expo 2016 but it is available on Amazon! This puer is Lingcang material. I had asked LongRun what was their oldest shou was and they directed me to this 357 gram cake. 2005 is actually the date they rewrapped this tea. They bought a factory and these cakes were part of that acquisition, so likely they are older. I went blind on this one as I got a deal and was hoping for some good old shou. Dry Leaf and Steeping Method The 2005 Ruyi … Continue reading, hoot!

2016 Secret Garden Sheng Puer from Bitterleaf Teas


Bitterleaf Teas! This new puer seller has been high requested and lucky me Bitterleaf Teas contacted me and sent me goodies for me to hoot through. First up, Spring 2016 Secret Garden Sheng Puer, which is old tree jungle yiwu material. Jungle teas are so in. This tea is so jungle that apparently the teas are surrounded with banana trees. Maybe Jungle Owls? Secret Garden reminded me of this weird Garden tea I reviewed years ago. My tastes have certainly changed, but 10/10 would do it again due to weird factor. Dry Leaf and Steeping Method The scent of the puer is quite nice … Continue reading, hoot!

2016 Untitled 02 Sheng Puer from White2Tea

2016 untitled 02 white2tea - oolong owl (1)

Here it is, the 2016 Untitled 02 Sheng Puer from White2Tea! This raw puer is the 3rd most expensive out of the 2016 line and one of the new teas. There is little information on this tea other than, “A blend of raw Puer material with low underlying bitterness. The soup is thick and heavy with strong sweetness and body feel.” which sounds good. The wrapper looks pretty awesome too! There is a lot of try this year so I bought samples of all the new White2Tea shengs. Owl in a Sombrero is helping me out today. Dry Leaf and Steeping Instructions 2016 … Continue reading, hoot!

The New Black Ripe Puer from Misty Peak Teas

The New Black Misty Peak Teas - Oolong Owl (1)

Today’s review is a brand new offering from Misty Peak Teas – The New Black. The New Black is a ripe puer, a coming of a new age as Misty Peaks has not ventured into shou until now. This tea caught my interest, moreso to see how good of a ripe Misty Peak teas has for $29 for 100g price tag. The review for this tea jumped up my queue as I got so many questions about it! As described on their site The New Black “…has matured to perfection since it was picked back in the Spring of 2012. As we … Continue reading, hoot!

LongRun 2007 HeXin Shou Puer Tuocha – Tea Review

2007 longrun hexin tuocha - oolong owl (4)

I bought this LongRun 2007 HeXin Shou Puer Tuocha while I was at the World Tea Expo 2016. Similar to my other purchase from LongRun teas, this tea was stamped one year, but they stated it was another. They had explained to me that these were rewraps from a factory they had purchased, and they couldn’t stamp it older than when they acquired it. I’ve reviewed LongRun (also known as Spring Teas) before – they are of interest to many as their teas are available on Amazon. I mostly bought this puer as the price was right (showroom price) and … Continue reading, hoot!