Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack – Tea Beauty Review

I love Korean beauty products and a sucker for buying anything tea (and owl) related. I came across these Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping packs and had to have them! They come in 3 varieties – Green Tea, Black Tea, and Strawberry Tea. As much as I wanted all three, I purchased Green and Black tea as the Strawberry’s promised effect isn’t what I wanted for my feathers. Etude house Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack 516 grams each Should last at least a month if used daily. Black Tea – For improvement of skin elasticity and smooth skin. Green Tea – … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s Tea Beauty Product Collection Summer 2016

I do not mention it much on Oolong Owl, but I am a bit of a beauty junkie. I got well over a hundred nail polishes and my lip stick stash is starting to look a little out of control. My hand lotion stash is so bad you likely can go to every room in my house and find hand lotion. Like health benefits, I’m not particularly sold on tea adding anything special to my beauty products. However, since I love tea I am drawn to tea ingredients or themes for all my other products. While I was packing and unpacking my … Continue reading, hoot!