Yet another raid feat. White Ruyao Gaiwan

I had a Teaware.House order come last month, then I got caught up busy with the mediation of the Tea Owl union moving to becoming a Parliament, so some of these pieces of sneaked into Oolong Owl reviews. Teaware.House has many really nice tea ware pieces and the pricing is really fair. The quality is quite good too, better than many of the rando cheap tea ware I buy off aliexpress. Teaware.House Cups I can easily be persuaded to buy a tea cup, especially pretty ones that cost under $10. It’s for photos and Tea Owls to sit in! That said, I need lots … Continue reading, hoot!

Teaware.House Teaware Review

White2Tea recently opened a new shop, which specializes in teaware – Teaware.House. White2tea does sell some teaware pieces, but Teaware.House expands the beautiful tea ware offerings to “your wallet will weep” mode. There are so many really nice tea ware items, from tea pots, cups, and gaiwans, it is hard to stay in your tea ware budget! Anyways, I got three items from Teaware.House for review (OMG YES!) and more on the way since I went into a buying frenzy after this package arrived. Unboxing of Teaware.House You all know I like to tease you, here’s the box. Boxes within boxes with lots of … Continue reading, hoot!

Yet Another Daiso Teaware Haul

Yet another Daiso teaware haul. Officially, I found two (one and two) other hauls I posted about, but since then I’ve done numerous Daiso trips and there’s probably some buried in other haul posts or I had just posted them on Instagram. Anyways, if you don’t know Daiso is a Japanese Dollar store chain that is sprouting up stores in North America (yay!). I discovered they opened yet another location near me and this one a pretty quick drive for me and near things I need to drive to – a blessing and a curse! Daiso a weird selection of … Continue reading, hoot!

Because you can never have too many rice pattern gaiwans and tea cups

Just keep me away from ebay and aliexpress – I keep finding these pretty gaiwans, tea cups and tea pets (I also find really weird stuff, but that’s another topic). I guess the good thing is as I downsize my tea stash, I’m creating more room for the tea ware. The Haul: The first item I purchased was the cups off aliexpress. I was inspired to get a rice pattern cup off Verdant Tea, who had some for a nice price, however I wanted a cup with more colour on it. I found these off aliexpress, which were a nice price, … Continue reading, hoot!

Yet again, Oolong Owl bought another ru kiln gaiwan and rabbit tea pet

I was doing my usual browsing through aliexpress and found a really sweet gaiwan! I also snagged a tea pet while I was at it! My tea pet is one I’ve seen around instagram plus I remember a tea seller having one in her facebook photos. I’ve wanted it for some time and I finally found one for an alright price so I jumped on it. It’s a bunny on a leaf boat tea pet! The tea pet is pretty cute as when you pour tea on him it fills up the boat! Thankfully, filling up the boat does not … Continue reading, hoot!

More Ru Kiln Tea Ware!

In case you didn’t catch it on my Oolong Owl Instagram a few months back, my favorite ru kiln cup broke. The cup was part of my favorite travel gaiwan too. The set fell from my tea table onto the linoleum floor. The gaiwan is okay but the cup didn’t make it. I thought about kintsugi’n it, but for the price of the cheapest kintsugi kit I could find (33,00 EUR) I could just buy a new cup. I ended up buying a ru kiln tea pot, 2 cups and a pitcher (cha hai/fair cup/justice cup/whatever it is translated to) for the price of … Continue reading, hoot!

World Market Cost Plus Tea Ware Haul – Owl Mugs, Infusers and Coasters!

I love World Market Cost Plus – they have a bunch of stores in my area as well as an online shop! I tend to shop at this store for holiday gifts as they have a neat range of interesting toys, international foods, decor, bath stuff and clothes. Their kitchen section is really nice and World Market has lots of tea ware (and teas)! They also have lots of OWL GOODIES! HOOT! I bought a bunch of stuff online for Christmas gifts, but I also got a bunch of owl stuff for myself. I’ve purchased from World Market before for … Continue reading, hoot!

Korean Tea Cups from Hankook Tea

I’ve been questing for Korean Tea cups with infusers for awhile now. Every time I see a character in a Korean Drama drink out of one I’m like “OOooh, pretty – I need one of those!” Annoyingly, these tea cups are a little hard to find and when you do find them, they are not cheap. Paying $30+ for a small tea cup makes me cry. Anyways, I saw on Hankook Teas‘ site, who sell Korean Teas (and ship from California!), that they have Korean tea cups! Even better is that they aren’t too pricey, some under $20. With that said, … Continue reading, hoot!

Nordic Mug from DAVIDsTea – Oolong Owl Teaware review

A large tea mug with tentacles? I had to have it! The cool mug is DAVIDsTea‘s Nordic mug in Breton Navy Octopus (Spring 2014 design)! Every season they come out with new designs and colours for their Nordic Mug. Let’s take a closer look at this tea mug. I ordered my mug online, so it was shipping from Eastern Canada and made it all the way to California in perfect condition. The Breton Navy Octopus Nordic Mug! The Nordic Mug is a big 16oz/463ml or 2 cups of tea compared to DAVIDsTea‘s which is a 12oz/ 355ml tea mug. All the DAVIDsTea tea mugs come with … Continue reading, hoot!

The Glass Perfect Tea Mug from DAVIDsTea – Oolong Owl Tea ware review

My father, who lives near a DAVIDsTea store in Vancouver Canada, purchased this Glass Perfect Tea Mug for me. Hurray for having a Canadian tea mule! I own DAVIDsTea Bubble Tea pot, which is quite nice and their Steeper, which is also a solid product, however I never tried their Perfect Tea Mugs. Let’s unwrap and try out DAVIDsTea‘s Glass Perfect Tea Mug! The Glass Perfect Tea Mug I picked out was a seasonal one, I think 2013 Spring – Glass Peacock design. Inside! Ooooh, shiny! The Glass Perfect Tea Mug is a 3 piece set: Mug, Tea Strainer and lid. As usual, David’s Perfect … Continue reading, hoot!