World Market Cost Plus Tea Ware Haul – Owl Mugs, Infusers and Coasters!

I love World Market Cost Plus – they have a bunch of stores in my area as well as an online shop! I tend to shop at this store for holiday gifts as they have a neat range of interesting toys, international foods, decor, bath stuff and clothes. Their kitchen section is really nice and World Market has lots of tea ware (and teas)! They also have lots of OWL GOODIES! HOOT! I bought a bunch of stuff online for Christmas gifts, but I also got a bunch of owl stuff for myself. I’ve purchased from World Market before for … Continue reading, hoot!

Discontinued Teas – Finding old favorite teas and heartbreak

I write this as I sip at one of my favorite teas – Good Morning Sunshine – a guayusa citrus blend from Butiki Teas. Not too long ago, Butiki Teas announced she is closing up shop. My undergrad major is psychology. In a marketing psychology class I came to realize what drives me to buy stuff – limited quantities. If I have the feeling if I miss out on something, I freak out. When I heard Butiki Teas was closing down, I ordered a bunch of my favorites (and some new teas that I would regret not trying), not waiting for any … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s World Tea Expo 2014 Haul

Oolong Owl @ the World Tea Expo 2014! Read Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 I know you tea peeps have been waiting for this! OOLONG OWL’s World Tea Expo 2014 Haul! YEAH! Surrounded by teas and teaware for 3 days, there is no way one can resist buying stuff! Even though I’m just a blogger, I managed to purchase a few things – though many booths were not selling on site or are wholesale only. Modern Tea Girl – Nail polish! Modern Tea Girl has lots of goodies – icing mix and tea themed nail polish! The nail polish … Continue reading, hoot!

Happy Holidays! Tea Ornaments! Oolong Owl 2013

Happy Holidays my tea peeps! The Tea Owls and I hope you are all having a great winter Holiday and drinking lots of tea!  I made sure to crack open some good pu’er and oolong for the occasion! The Oolong Owl Tea Owls are having lots of fun! They enjoyed supervising the gingerbread village construction. Hmm, we need to keep an eye on Teal “pu’er pick” Owl. I don’t want him stabbing the gingerbread houses for tea. The Tea Owls also enjoyed roosting in my Christmas Tree! My tree is right next to my tea shelf, so it is a … Continue reading, hoot!

Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker: Oolong Owl review!

Noooo! My A/C died and it’s still hot here in Southern California! Thankfully, my new Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker arrived the night before! I have been eyeing the Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker for awhile. What interested me for the Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker was the long, large tea filter, which I thought gave plenty of room for the tea to expand as well as no need to completely fill the pitcher with hot water. I also wanted a non-glass pitcher, as my household is crazy. I purchased this snazzy iced tea maker off … Continue reading, hoot!

Teaware update – August 2013

When I started Oolong Owl early this year I was really a “I rather have tea than tea ware” kind of person. I used basic tea ware like a gravity steeper, variable kettle with a glass mug and white tea cup to show off tea colour. As this blog progressed I’ve been feeling like I need more attractive tea ware to photo with the teas. I’ve also been enjoying serving guests tea in tiny annoying tea cups, MUAHAHAH! Anyways, here is some of my recent tea ware purchases: Mint Owl Mug! I always wanted one of these sweet owl mugs! … Continue reading, hoot!

Daiso Haul #2 – More tea ware!

I had broken my 2 cup tea pot not too long ago. I was looking online for a new tea cup, but I felt kind of sad. I could spend $15-$20 and get a nice tea pot, or I can get a couple cheapy Daiso tea pots for $1.50 to $4 each and if I accidentally break another one again, I won’t feel as bad. So.. DAISO TEA WARE HAUL! (again) I found two nice small tea pots. They hold around 15 to 16 oz each. The blue print one came with an infuser and was $4! I also snagged a … Continue reading, hoot!

Cute Green Tea cup earrings!

More Etsy finds! This time, a pair of green tea earrings! I snagged these earrings from Artwonders on Etsy! Super super cute earrings! More pics! My earrings are very light weight and hang beautifully to show off the contents of the cup – green tea and a tea bag. I had to get these because the detail was very cool and I’m a big sushi eater. I wore these when I went out for sushi and it was awesome! Artwonders on Etsy has a couple other tea related earrings and necklaces which are all very cute. I’ve been very tempted by these earrings … Continue reading, hoot!

Cute Earl Grey Tea Pot Earrings!

I’ve been searching Etsy the last few weeks for some cute tea related jewelry. You know, so I can go out and show off my tea love, without always carrying a tea travel mug. I bought a couple things from different sellers, with this cute pair of earrings showing up first. I snagged these from The Dappy Bint on Etsy. These are the “Earl Grey” coloured earrings, however there many many more different tea pot colours available! I also was very attracted to the “Green Tea” colour, but I settled for the grey tea pots as I figured it would match my clothes … Continue reading, hoot!