World Market Cost Plus Tea Ware Haul – Owl Mugs, Infusers and Coasters!

I love World Market Cost Plus – they have a bunch of stores in my area as well as an online shop! I tend to shop at this store for holiday gifts as they have a neat range of interesting toys, international foods, decor, bath stuff and clothes. Their kitchen section is really nice and World Market has lots of tea ware (and teas)! They also have lots of OWL GOODIES! HOOT! I bought a bunch of stuff online for Christmas gifts, but I also got a bunch of owl stuff for myself. I’ve purchased from World Market before for … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s Essential Loose Leaf Tea Ware Guide

One question I see often on tea forums is along the lines of “I want to get into loose leaf tea, what tea ware do I need?” or “My loved one drinks bagged tea and I want to get them loose leaf tea ware, what do I buy?” This question, I feel, has multiple answers since people want to drink tea for different reasons or have tea ware items that would be better suited to their life style. I drink a lot of loose leaf tea, like 6 cups+ a day, mostly solo or on the go. I have a crazy … Continue reading, hoot!

Measuring your Tea: Digital Pocket Scales

It has been on my mind for awhile that I should get a good little digital pocket scale for tea. The more I drink unflavored teas, especially big leafy greens, oolongs and blacks, the more I felt I needed a scale. Majority of the steeping instructions will have you use a teaspoon or two. Those big leafy teas are really hard to measure, it seems I either have to smash up the leaves to fit the spoon, or be a little more generous as “error”. Then there are other teas, like rolled oolongs and pu’er, that are dense and heavy, causing … Continue reading, hoot!