Going Gongfu Tea Set from The Tea Spot

I got a preview of The Tea Spot‘s Going Gongfu Tea Set at the 2016 World Tea Expo… and was told to keep it a secret until launch. When I encountered this tea set I was in love with how pretty it was – the glazing and design is so nice! Finally the Going Gongfu set is for sale and I got my claws on it! Ooohoothoothoot! Going Gongfu Tea Set Stats The Tea Spot’s Going Gongfu 8oz/ 235ml tea pot 80z/235ml pitcher 1.5oz/45ml tea cups x 2 (additional cups can be purchased) Lead Free, Cadmium Free. Meets FDA, LFGB, CA … Continue reading, hoot!

Clay Tea Pots from Taiwan Tea Crafts

I found out that amazing Taiwanese tea seller Taiwan Tea Crafts has clay tea pots at a great price. I checked them out, and they got clay tea pots in the $35 to $50 range, but more importantly in the sizes I like – 100ml or less. If you like bigger pots, they also have 160-200ml sizes for $40-$48. I posted my clay tea pots on Instagram and have been getting lots of questions about them. First off, Taiwan Tea Crafts is quite clear these tea pots are not authentic, “…the clay used is tested to be free of heavy metals and contaminants. … Continue reading, hoot!

Teaware.House Teaware Review

White2Tea recently opened a new shop, which specializes in teaware – Teaware.House. White2tea does sell some teaware pieces, but Teaware.House expands the beautiful tea ware offerings to “your wallet will weep” mode. There are so many really nice tea ware items, from tea pots, cups, and gaiwans, it is hard to stay in your tea ware budget! Anyways, I got three items from Teaware.House for review (OMG YES!) and more on the way since I went into a buying frenzy after this package arrived. Unboxing of Teaware.House You all know I like to tease you, here’s the box. Boxes within boxes with lots of … Continue reading, hoot!

More Ru Kiln Tea Ware!

In case you didn’t catch it on my Oolong Owl Instagram a few months back, my favorite ru kiln cup broke. The cup was part of my favorite travel gaiwan too. The set fell from my tea table onto the linoleum floor. The gaiwan is okay but the cup didn’t make it. I thought about kintsugi’n it, but for the price of the cheapest kintsugi kit I could find (33,00 EUR) I could just buy a new cup. I ended up buying a ru kiln tea pot, 2 cups and a pitcher (cha hai/fair cup/justice cup/whatever it is translated to) for the price of … Continue reading, hoot!

Many Tea Pots!

My Grandmother in law has been collecting tea pots, displaying them on a shelf in her kitchen. Awesomely, she offered to give me some of her tea pots the next time I visit. Back in August, my husband’s family and I drove out to Utah to see her for her 90th birthday. I brought home two boxes full of tea pots! It took me a couple months to unpack the tea pots as I had no space to display them. For Christmas 2014, my dad bought me a spiffy new shelf from IKEA to display all my tea goodies. With that … Continue reading, hoot!

Tiny Yixing Tea Pot

When you think “tea pot” how big is it? I did a quick amazon search and the top tea pots are Gravity Steepers, 16oz (475ml ish), with a bunch of tea pots ranging from 700ml (23oz) to 1200ml (42oz). Search “Small teapot” and you’ll get 2 cup/500ml/16 oz sized tea pots. PSSSHHHHHH, that isn’t small. This is small. 40ml (1.35oz) small. US quarter coin for scale. I’ve noticed tea shops tend to sell tiny tea pots like this pretty expensive. I’ve done a bit of visual arts way back in art school and yes, making stuff smaller can take just as … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s World Tea Expo 2014 Haul

Oolong Owl @ the World Tea Expo 2014! Read Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 I know you tea peeps have been waiting for this! OOLONG OWL’s World Tea Expo 2014 Haul! YEAH! Surrounded by teas and teaware for 3 days, there is no way one can resist buying stuff! Even though I’m just a blogger, I managed to purchase a few things – though many booths were not selling on site or are wholesale only. Modern Tea Girl – Nail polish! Modern Tea Girl has lots of goodies – icing mix and tea themed nail polish! The nail polish … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s 2013 Christmas Tea Haul

Hello Tea Peeps! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with great tea and sweets! It seems I’ve come to a time that people don’t buy me tea things often. I mean, I have so much tea and so much tea ware, I can see it being hard to find something I don’t have. Of course, I have a list of things I do want (cough, tea table, cough), but as usual, surprise gift items are more fun than buying off my list. My husband joked about buying me a Costco sized box of Bigelow tea as a … Continue reading, hoot!

Teaware update – August 2013

When I started Oolong Owl early this year I was really a “I rather have tea than tea ware” kind of person. I used basic tea ware like a gravity steeper, variable kettle with a glass mug and white tea cup to show off tea colour. As this blog progressed I’ve been feeling like I need more attractive tea ware to photo with the teas. I’ve also been enjoying serving guests tea in tiny annoying tea cups, MUAHAHAH! Anyways, here is some of my recent tea ware purchases: Mint Owl Mug! I always wanted one of these sweet owl mugs! … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s Special New Teapot

I have a new tea pot! A piece of teaware I’ve been questing for! Here’s the box: Owly is here at the unveiling of this awesome teaware. Owly and I decided that he will be present for all Oolong Owl achievements and fan mail. This teaware is certainly an achievement. Can you guess what it is? Attractive purple owl will be our owl hand model, unwrapping the box. Opened, the box is full of tissue. Let’s take out the tissue. Folding away some of the tissue, Owly is confused what he is looking at. Ah, it’s a teapot! A very … Continue reading, hoot!