Steepster Sheng and Shu Pu’er Traveling Tea Box

I was lucky to participate in a Steepster community Pu’er Traveling Tea box! A traveling tea box is a community put together box full of different teas that is shipped around the country (or world) to signed up participants. Participants sample teas from the box and put in their own teas to replace the teas that were tried.  I’ve been in a few large traveling tea box with variety, ones with sample sizes and ones with a specific tea theme. I’ve seen a few pu’er tea boxes not get off the ground as to start a traveling tea box one needs … Continue reading, hoot!

Unflavored Traveling Tea Box – An Unflavored Tea Paradise

Themed Traveling Tea boxes are becoming a favorite of mine – an unflavored themed one is even better! This traveling tea box was put together by the Steepster Community and has traveled around the USA. As with other tea boxes, you put in tea in the amounts you have sampled, though they do start getting big as the longer the travel as the added new tea packages take up more space than the tea taken out. Traveling tea boxes are great for sampling new teas without having to buy a bunch, with the only cost of shipping and teas from your collection. If … Continue reading, hoot!

Teeny Tiny Traveling Tea Box with Tiny Tea Owls

Another traveling tea box! After participating in a couple big Traveling Tea boxes, I wanted to try out some of the themed traveling tea boxes that are going around in the tea community. If you are unfamiliar about traveling tea boxes they are a community put together (sometimes tea seller assisted) box filled with tea that is chained mailed to other tea lovers across the country (sometimes world). This box is a Teeny Tiny Traveling tea box – one of many tea boxes going around the Steepster tea community. With similar rules to other tea boxes such as replace as much tea as you sample and finish, … Continue reading, hoot!

2014 US and Canada Reddit Traveling Tea Box

It’s the Reddit Traveling Tea Box! This one box of tea will be shipping around to other fellow reddit tea lovers in US and Canada! I’ve been loving these traveling tea boxes so much that I’ve been signing up for more over the last few weeks. The only thing I don’t like about them is they take time out of my regular Oolong Owl tea drinking time and the boxes can get pricey to ship. For the Reddit Traveling Tea Box I was the first stop! The schedule has 29 people on the list! I had the option of being last on the … Continue reading, hoot!

Traveling Tea Box Fun with Oolong Owl

Another travelling tea box made its way to the Oolong Owl and the Tea Owl’s possession! YUM! If you are interested in trying a whole bunch of new teas, I highly recommend hooking up with one of these Travelling Tea Boxes. A travelling tea box is a box full of tea that you can sample teas out of and then you add your teas into the box – usually of the same amount of tea you took out. Some of themed like unflavored, black teas or herbals only, others are exclusively set to mail within a country or two, while others … Continue reading, hoot!

Traveling Tea box: Oolong Owl’s first experience with a traveling tea box!

This lucky tea owl got to participate in a traveling tea box! A traveling tea box is a tea package full of tea goodies pass-mailed around. Whatever tea you take out or sample, you replace with teas you own, then you mail the box to the next person. Of course, these boxes take quite a bit of organization to pull off and trust that they don’t get lost. Some tea boxes are shipped around the world! This particular one I participated in was for US only, to save on shipping costs. There are a couple travelling tea boxes going around … Continue reading, hoot!