Sunday Tea Hoots 6 – Cruisin’ to Alaska

If you caught my Drink Militia Interview, I mentioned I have been DYING to go on a cruise. I’ve been putting off booking one for awhile since I had some green card stuff I had to deal with. So I had to wait to book anything until I got my green card extension and fingerprinting appointment taken care of. Now that I did my appointment and now sitting around waiting for mail, I can go on a cruise! I right away booked a cruise to Alaska for the end of August! YES! I will also be back home in Vancouver for a few days. I’ve … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s Ru Kiln Travel Gaiwan

I’m starting to think you can never have too many gaiwans. Ever since hearing about the Ru Kiln glaze I wanted some kind of tea ware with it. I’ve seen said glaze before on tea ware, but I didn’t put two to two together that the glaze’s cracks get more obvious with tea drinking use. Like the yixing pot, I like the idea that my teaware can change over time – though with the Ru Kiln glaze tea ware, the change is more appearance than flavor. With that said, I’ve been looking awhile for this type of glaze on a … Continue reading, hoot!

Cruising with Tea: Travelling with Loose Leaf Tea on a Cruise Ship

Hi Tea Owls! Last month I went on a Princess Cruise from Los Angeles to Catalina Island to Ensenada Mexico and back! Totally check out part one of my experience on a cruise ship (aka, OMG Afternoon Tea Time!). In a crazy turn of events, it looks like I’m going on another cruise! I’m sailing for Hawaii tomorrow! Since I’m going on another cruise, I wanted to show what my travelling with loose leaf tea on a cruise ship set up was. This was my first cruise and I knew I needed to bring my own tea. I was glad … Continue reading, hoot!

Princess Cruise Afternoon Tea and Cruising Fun with Oolong Owl

I recently came back from a cruise! I went on a Princess Cruise from Los Angeles to Catalina Island to Ensenada Mexico and back! I was on the Golden Princess cruise ship. I had a great time and took 403 pictures! Lots of tea adventures! With that said, this’ll be a two part post. This part I’ll cover the Afternoon Tea event with travel pictures. The second part (coming soon!) will be about how I dealt with bringing my own loose leaf tea. Princess Cruise Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea was OMG BEST PART OF THE CRUISE for me! My ship had it … Continue reading, hoot!