Clay Tea Pots from Taiwan Tea Crafts

I found out that amazing Taiwanese tea seller Taiwan Tea Crafts has clay tea pots at a great price. I checked them out, and they got clay tea pots in the $35 to $50 range, but more importantly in the sizes I like – 100ml or less. If you like bigger pots, they also have 160-200ml sizes for $40-$48. I posted my clay tea pots on Instagram and have been getting lots of questions about them. First off, Taiwan Tea Crafts is quite clear these tea pots are not authentic, “…the clay used is tested to be free of heavy metals and contaminants. … Continue reading, hoot!

Tiny Yixing Tea Pot

When you think “tea pot” how big is it? I did a quick amazon search and the top tea pots are Gravity Steepers, 16oz (475ml ish), with a bunch of tea pots ranging from 700ml (23oz) to 1200ml (42oz). Search “Small teapot” and you’ll get 2 cup/500ml/16 oz sized tea pots. PSSSHHHHHH, that isn’t small. This is small. 40ml (1.35oz) small. US quarter coin for scale. I’ve noticed tea shops tend to sell tiny tea pots like this pretty expensive. I’ve done a bit of visual arts way back in art school and yes, making stuff smaller can take just as … Continue reading, hoot!

You Are The One, My Little Black Yixing Teapot

You are the one, my black yixing teapot. I saw you at the shop and knew from the get go, you’ll be my black tea pot. You were the last one at the shop, and I held onto you, determined to take you home. The shop keep scribed my name on the label and you became mine! At home, you were taken in with open wings – the Tea Owls were happy to have you on board! To start our tea journey, we boiled you, as carefully as possible to start you as a blank slate. I know, little yixing black … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s World Tea Expo 2014 Haul

Oolong Owl @ the World Tea Expo 2014! Read Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 I know you tea peeps have been waiting for this! OOLONG OWL’s World Tea Expo 2014 Haul! YEAH! Surrounded by teas and teaware for 3 days, there is no way one can resist buying stuff! Even though I’m just a blogger, I managed to purchase a few things – though many booths were not selling on site or are wholesale only. Modern Tea Girl – Nail polish! Modern Tea Girl has lots of goodies – icing mix and tea themed nail polish! The nail polish … Continue reading, hoot!

THE SEASONING! Oolong Owl seasoning yixing teapot special!

Finally, it is time for… THE SEASONING A horror film with a great black metal soundtrack. The air is filled with the earthy clay scent of yixing clay. Boiling pots of water of cleansing and dark shu pu’er THRASHING WITH QI! /metal yell Yeah I’m weird. Admittedly, I am a little scared of THE SEASONING, hence the horror film theme playing in my mind. These yixing pots are pricey little tea pots and it’s something I don’t want to mess up. Though logically, seasoning a yixing pot sounds easier than boiling pasta. As planned, I decided to season Oolong Owl’s Yixing pot … Continue reading, hoot!

Yixing pot #2

Finally, my second yixing pot! My first yixing pot was from Hong Kong, but I’ve been undecided what to season it with. I figured if I get a couple more, I’d have an easier time – so I ordered a second pot. While I waited for this teapot to arrive, I unexpectedly bought a third yixing teapot. I saw some fantastic yixing pots and gaiwans at Yunnan Sourcing. However, since based in China, the shipping fees were on the high side or long shipping times. Luckily, they have a US based site, Yunnan, that also had the same yixing pot. … Continue reading, hoot!

Yixing Teapot #3

So, I unexpectedly acquired another Yixing clay teapot. Yixing #3? Well, I have #2 coming in the mail soon. #1 is the yixing pot I got from Hong Kong. I was shopping a couple towns over from where I live and my Mother-inlaw said there was a tea shop in the area. We weren’t sure what kind of tea shop it was.. Boba tea? Restaurant? Loose leaf? Anyways, it was a few blocks away from where we were so we went to check it out. This tea shop is called Bamboo Tea House out in Claremont, California. By the way, … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s Special New Teapot

I have a new tea pot! A piece of teaware I’ve been questing for! Here’s the box: Owly is here at the unveiling of this awesome teaware. Owly and I decided that he will be present for all Oolong Owl achievements and fan mail. This teaware is certainly an achievement. Can you guess what it is? Attractive purple owl will be our owl hand model, unwrapping the box. Opened, the box is full of tissue. Let’s take out the tissue. Folding away some of the tissue, Owly is confused what he is looking at. Ah, it’s a teapot! A very … Continue reading, hoot!