Tea Review Policy

Tea Reviews


  • I feel even though I may not like the tea personally, I can see others who would as we all have different tastes. I enjoy recommending teas to others.
  • I generally enjoy most teas.  I prefer to review teas that are made with love, are good quality, stored well, and fresh.
  • I’m happy to review straight teas, but also wildly creative tea blends.

Tea Review Guidelines


  • Please contact me with ample time to do the review, especially if you are running a sale, limited/seasonal availability, monthly tea subscription, or crowdfunding campaign. I request at least 6-week notice for crowdfunding events or winter holiday products.
  • I love as much information as possible such as what makes your tea/company special, what you want (review/article/social media share), links to products, and timeline.
  • Unsolicited tea with the intention to be reviewed is a big pet peeve of mine.  Please ask permission before sending me more tea. My blog posts are scheduled and it is difficult to review surprise tea. In 2016 my address changed 3 times and I had half a dozen packages lost or delayed – all from tea sellers who did not contact me first.
  • If you have any coupon codes or sales, be sure to let me know in advance so I can post them on the main Oolong Owl page or in the review. Please indicate the length of sale or expiry.


  • Photos are taken of your tea, so this is your chance to show your amazing packaging.
  • Please package and ship your teas with care, as if you are sending them to your customers. Teas that have been abused by poor shipping and subpar packaging generally do not get reviewed or reviewed well.
  • Tracking is appreciated.


  • Oolong Owl is open to affiliate programs, including Amazon.
  • All reviews are disclosed whether teas were received for review or have affiliate links.
  • I do not accept Brand Ambassador programs with free tea/credit.

The Not So Fine Print

  • Due to the popularity of Oolong Owl, there is no guarantee every tea sent will be written about.
  • Not all tea reviews offers are accepted. I generally accept teas that I would like to write about or what my readers like.
  • Tea reviews may take weeks to be posted, depending on backlog. My busy times are February to July, then November to December.
  • Photos are the property of Oolong Owl. I encourage you to share links on social media and credit Oolong Owl, however, photos may not be used on your website without permission.
  • MLM (Steeped Tea/ Tealightful) and health/detox/weight loss scams requests go straight into the trash bin.

Guest Posts

  • I am happy to write articles for your site or blog, as well as provide photos.  I generally write reviews, tea ware uses, and how-tos.
  • For guest posts to be posted on Oolong Owl – I do accept but the majority of requests are declined due to not being a good fit with my content.


  • Sidebar ad space is available! Please note, not all offers are accepted. I accept only tea related items. No health/diet/MLM ads.

For any inquiries, please contact me at char@oolongowl.com or fill out the form below.

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