Teaware Tea Owl Tuesday – Pocket Pipe Kyusu from Teaware.House

This Teaware Tea Owl Tuesday is the Pocket Pipe Kyusus from Teaware.House. I own three of them out of the 8 options available. The one I use the most is the Black Magda.

These little guys clock in at 70ml. The coloured ones are unglazed inside, whereas the white Ruyao one has a glazed interior.

I like these little pots. They aren’t hard to pour despite being a left-hander pouring a right-handed pot, but also the Black Magda teapot pours fast like at around 5 seconds. What is most appealing is the size and price. I’ve taken this teapot on trips as it is petite and cheap enough to travel with.

I particularly like this gritty textured glaze on the Black Magda teapot and the look of the sunken lid. The black pot I use rolled dark oolongs in, as the tall size should give some good leaf expansion. It is unglazed and with frequent use, it is slowly giving back.

For $15, this is a cheap little teapot to experiment with clay seasoning. Obviously, for $15 “WTF is this clay?” is in question, but I haven’t had any ill effects, though I doubt I could convince a high rolling minmaxer tea drinker.

There is a con with the Ruyao interior glazed Pocket Pipe Kyusu, but not present in the unglazed Pocket Pipe Kyusus. Everyone I know who owns the same teapot it has the same issue – the glaze covers some of the filter holes. Mine isn’t bad, the pour is around 10 seconds empty (but is slower with tea due to limited filter holes). Other people told me their pot is far worse. It is hard to see on camera, but 2 of the holes are plugged up with glaze.

In theory, I can go in with a little file or drill bit, but I think there is a thick wad of glaze on the bottom hole and inside the base of the spout. That said, I never used the Ruyao model, and suggest people go with the unglazed Pocket Pipe Kyusus instead.

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