Tora Organic Japanese Ceremonial Matcha

A new matcha today! Let’s check out Tora Organic Japanese Ceremonial Matcha, it has a tiger on the package!

Tora Matcha - oolong owl (2)

Tora Matcha - oolong owl (3)

Dry Powder and Preparation Method

Tora Organic Japanese Ceremonial Matcha has a very appealing looking matcha powder – it has a bright green color, fluffy texture, and sweet grass scent.

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I sifted 2 grams of matcha, then whisked it in a warmed bowl with 160F water. I then topped it off with more water to taste. Tora Organic Japanese Ceremonial Matcha has a pretty nice appearance with good foam, though the foam doesn’t last for the full session of drinking.

Interestingly, I found I used a lot more water than usual with this matcha, close to a cup (similar to their directions on the back of the package), to tone down the sharp and bitter notes.

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Tasting of Tora Organic Japanese Ceremonial Matcha

The profile of Tora Organic Japanese Ceremonial Matcha is on the savory side with strong notes of vegetal and sharp seeds. I get flavors of cream, broccoli florets, spinach leaf, raw sesame seeds, all quite potent. The texture is creamy sipping in, but contrasts a bit dry at the end of sip from the sharp flavors. Aftertaste wise, I get a fresh squeaky clean feeling and lingering vegetal taste in my mouth, as if I brushed with matcha. The sweetness level is on the lower side, as this matcha is more dominant vegetal. As Tora Organic Japanese Ceremonial Matcha cools, the more creamy elements and sweetness come out more.


Tora Organic Japanese Ceremonial Matcha is priced competitively, at this time $6.99 for 20 grams. If you think in 30 gram matcha units only, about $10.50 for 30 grams. I got quite a bit of mileage out of a serving as it it a potent matcha. I found it is heavy vegetal if you like that strong taste, and does well cold – I can see it doing very well iced or as a latte. If you are on a budget and want only organic matcha, this is the best for price point. I did find this matcha on the bitter side and a bit of a dry texture – you may or may not like it depending on your personal taste of matcha. You can certainly jump to the $15-$20 price point and find something less bitter and more smooth, especially if you are okay without organic.

(tea provided for review)

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  • Hfreed84

    Hi Char, I am recently new to your blog and quite fond of your humor in the 12 Matcha reviews you did. I am not an expert on Matcha but am looking for advice. I read that taking in this antioxidant supplement, many benefits come in to play (I definitely liked what I saw). I really haven’t had different variations of this drink, I’ve only bought the Green Tea Ice Cream through a local WorldMarket, my question to you is, is it in any way beneficial still? I mean, do I need to purchase it in powder form and make hot teas with it instead of eating it in ice cream form?
    Thanks in advance! ~Holly