Yet Another Daiso Teaware Haul

Yet another Daiso teaware haul. Officially, I found two (one and two) other hauls I posted about, but since then I’ve done numerous Daiso trips and there’s probably some buried in other haul posts or I had just posted them on Instagram.

Anyways, if you don’t know Daiso is a Japanese Dollar store chain that is sprouting up stores in North America (yay!). I discovered they opened yet another location near me and this one a pretty quick drive for me and near things I need to drive to – a blessing and a curse! Daiso a weird selection of things sometimes, but always they have cute stationary, makeup. They have a food section with lots of treats, including green tea things. Most importantly for us tea drinkers -they got a killer dishes section, including with many cute rice bowls with bunnies and teddy bears.

Everything is $1.50, though once in awhile you’ll find an item marked at $3 or $5. All the goodies I got were $1.50 each!

nov2015 daiso haul - oolong owl (9)

First up, this sweeeeet owl cup! They had another design with two Owls on a branch, but it wasn’t as pretty as this cup.

nov2015 daiso haul - oolong owl (1)

Next up is this simple swirl glazed cup. It’s subtle, but will make a great cup for showing off the colour of tea.

nov2015 daiso haul - oolong owl (7)

nov2015 daiso haul - oolong owl (8)

This cup attracted me – it’s darker and too patterned than what I usually buy, but there’s something so classic about the design and I love the scalloped edges.

nov2015 daiso haul - oolong owl (2)

nov2015 daiso haul - oolong owl (3)

These cups got me super excited – they had four different colours, however I only bought three colours. The fourth I decided to pass on was an ugly pink with a white center that was uninteresting.

nov2015 daiso haul - oolong owl (4)

On top of the coloured glaze pooling at the bottom of the cup, there is a crackle going on!

nov2015 daiso haul - oolong owl (6) nov2015 daiso haul - oolong owl (5)

I freaking love crackle glazed cups! So magical! Thanks Daiso for having sweet and cheap tea ware!

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