About Oolong Owl

Hi, I’m Char! Nice to meet you! My aim with the Oolong Owl is to show you tea owls some interesting and unusual teas. I’m adventurous with my tea tastes, open to trying unique teas and trying out various steeping methods. I also love taking pictures of tea and having lots of crazy nerdy fun!

A bit about me

I’m a born and raised west coast Canadian that moved to California in 2012. I enjoy a good cup or entire pot of tea. My daily tea consumption ranges from around 2 to 8 cups. My tea tale involved growing up with oolongs and Star Trek inspired earl greys.

Off the topic of tea, I’m a crochet/knit pattern designer – my work is featured on my other blog  Awkward Soul Designs. The amigurumi crocheted Owls featured here at Oolong Owl are my own creation. I do my own artwork and have been formally trained in Classical Animation. After working in animation, I went back to university got my bachelor of arts degree in Psychology, then further on, training in counselling. My other hobbies include cooking, baking (pies and cookies are my specialty), metal music, brazilian jiujitsu, nail polish, and video games.

Tea Reviews


  • I feel even though I may not like the tea personally, I can see others who would as we all have different tastes. I enjoy recommending teas to others.
  • I generally enjoy most teas and herbals.  I prefer to review teas that are made with love, are good quality, stored well, and fresh.
  • I’m happy to review straight teas, but also wildly creative tea blends.

Tea Review Guidelines

  • Please package and ship your teas with care, as if you are sending them to your consumers.
  • Tea and the tea company will be linked in the tea review. All teas that were sent to me to review will be indicated at the end of the review.
  • Each tea that is reviewed will also be reviewed on Steepster. If you would like your tea reviewed on your site(s), please let me know.
  • Every review will have photos taken by me. This is your chance to show your pretty packaging. There is a high chance there will be an Oolong Owl Tea Owl mascot in the photos.
  • I try and review every tea that comes my way, but due to the popularity of Oolong Owl, reviewing every tea isn’t possible. That said, there is no guarantee every tea will be written about.
  • Reviews may take a few weeks to be posted. Please contact me about a month in advance for a product article that requires a specific release date – such as a crowdfunding event.
  • Please confirm if your product is in stock and available for purchase, or a limited time offering by my readers at the time of review. As a tea lover myself, I dislike hearing about an awesome tea but I can’t get my hands on it! I am open to educational pieces, say comparative tastings.
  • Feel free to link the tea review and photos on your social media sites, provided you link back to Oolong Owl.
  • If you have any coupon codes or sales, be sure to let me know and I can post them on the main Oolong Owl page or in the review. Please indicate the length of sale or expiry.
  • Oolong Owl is open to affiliate programs.

For tea review inquires, please contact me at char@oolongowl.com or fill out the form below.

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