Atlas Tea Club feat. Nepal Teas

Interested in expanding your tea experience by trying teas from all around the world? Looking for a gift for a tea lover that has it all? I honestly wished I thought of this tea club – every month Atlas Tea Club sends you tea grown from a different country. No ordering from many different tea vendors from around the world, nor waiting for long international shipping (don’t get me started how bad international shipping has been lately), as Atlas Tea Club is based in the US. As well as trying teas from around the world, Atlas Tea Club lets you… Continue reading, hoot!

Antwerp’s Placebo and Scarlet Fire Shou Puer from Mandala Tea

With the temperatures dropping, I am excited to get my shou game on! I love how shou warms me up on cold days, along with its comforting rich flavor. Today is a pair of shou from Mandala tea, who have some of the best shou and are based in the US. Both Antwerp’s Placebo and Scarlet Fire are available in cake (100g-200g) or mini tuochas – samples today are all mini tuochas. 2020 Antwerp’s Placebo Shou Puer Antwerp’s Placebo Shou is 2017 Menghai material, processed in 2018 and then pressed later. The mini tuocha has a sweet earthy scent. I… Continue reading, hoot!

2021 July White2tea Club feat. Guangzhou Storage Puer

White2tea has lovely natural storage located in Guangzhou City. The 2021 July White2tea club is a flex comparison between 2013 Yiwu sheng puer stored in Guangzhou and not Guangzhou. 2013 GZ Natural Storage Yiwu Sheng Puer The leaves have a bruised peaches and copper scent. As usual and for both teas, I used a gongfu ratio of 1 gram of leaf per 15ml of vessel size, steeped in boiling water. After a rinse, the leaves smell like a fruity pawn shop. First, Second, and Third Infusion: 2013 GZ Natural Storage Yiwu starts off light and sweet with a blur of… Continue reading, hoot!

Yunnan Gold Tip and Keemun Maofeng Black from Hence Tea

Today I am feeling like black tea. I had a busy August and an even busier September is here, so I need to sort my new black teas into either my morning lazy style, gongfu pick me up, or afternoon tea snack time. Hence Tea sent me two more black teas to try – Yunnan Gold Tip and Keemun Maofeng Black. I previously wrote about Hence Tea’s Songluo Black. Yunnan Gold Tip from Hence Tea This Yunnan Gold Tip has the scent of sweet canned cherries. For both black teas, I went with gongfu style with boiling water, using a… Continue reading, hoot!

2020 Moon Waffles White Tea from White2tea

My love of Yunnan White tea knows no bounds! I blind purchased a cake of 2020 Moon Waffles, a bud-heavy Yunnan white tea that is pressed into a convenient thin waffle pattern. I am a fan of White2tea’s Waffles shou, so it was exciting to see a white tea waffle! Leaf and Steeping Method The cake is gorgeous with the dark leaves mixed with furry silver buds, all with a faintly floral scent. Thankfully, it is not difficult to snap off squares of white tea. For gongfu style, I used 1gram of leaf per 20ml of vessel size, steeped in… Continue reading, hoot!

2021 Bull Noir Dianhong from Bitterleaf Tea

2021 Bull Noir Dianhong is an experimental spring Yiwu Yunnan black tea with machine roasting as opposed to sun dried. This tea from Bitterleaf is the same as their Yiwu blend but also a test to see how the black tea develops for future teas. I snagged a tin as I love a good experimental tea and Bitterleaf Tea’s Year of the Zodiac Yiwus tend to be reliably delicious and affordable. At this time, Bull Noir is sold out, but I wanted to get my thoughts on this tea out there. Leaf and Steeping Method Bull Noir has huge spacious… Continue reading, hoot!

2021 Seven Steps Sheng Puer from Mandala Tea

Mandala Tea has a number of incredible sheng that I hold dear to my heart, but also hold up as quality tea despite me drinking them very early in my puer drinking journey. Today, I got a sample of 2021 Seven Steps. I found the 2020 Seven Steps on their website, maybe this is a new one or a mislabel? Either way, this sheng is said to have some high tea energy, so let’s rock! Leaf and Steeping Method Seven Steps Sheng smells of amber incense and bruised apricots. My gongfu ratio is 1 gram of leaf per 15ml of… Continue reading, hoot!

2021 June White2tea Club feat. 2021 Hype Sheng Puer

Another year of HYPE! June’s White2tea club included a full cake of 2021 Hype Sheng Puer. The months White2tea includes a full cake is always a deal ($38 a cake vs $29.99 tea club price). Also included is a sample of 2021 Yesheng Gushu Baicha Maocha, which is available in cake form. 2021 Hype Sheng Puer from 2021 June White2tea Club The cake has a vegetal peppery scent. As usual, I used 1 gram of leaf per 15ml of vessel size, gongfu style with boiling water. The hot leaves have a steamed banana leaves scent. First, Second, and Third Infusion:… Continue reading, hoot!

Umi Tea Sets’ Teapot and Shou Mei

One popular site for teaware sets is Umi Tea Sets. They got practical tea sets, silver, miniature, novelty, but also loose leaf teas. Umi Tea Sets sent me one of their lovely teapots as well as a Shou Mei, so let’s get the whole set up a test run. Umi Tea Sets Teapot This cute lotus pot has a 150ml capacity and ergonomic kyusu design. I am left-handed and these right-handed kyusu pots tend to end in disaster for me, but the side lid knob that is offset makes it easier for me to get the right angle to pour,… Continue reading, hoot!

Moychay Ivan Chay feat. Ivan in Red Robe Brick

Moychay sent me a bunch of their Ivan Chay (Willow Herb, also known as Fireweed in the US) and I’ve been enjoying it for night tea drinking. Impressively, Ivan Chay mimics fruity black tea, without the caffeine. This tisane can be brewed in any method you like. Moychay offers a number of Ivan Chay options – different regions, processing, and blends. Today, let’s drink two Ivan Chays, one from the Tver region and another Tver but blended with Da Hong Pao. Tver Region Ivan Chay This Ivan Chay smells strong woodsy, apple bark, and mulled spices. Gongfu Style: I used… Continue reading, hoot!