Yixing Teapot #3

So, I unexpectedly acquired another Yixing clay teapot. Yixing #3? Well, I have #2 coming in the mail soon. #1 is the yixing pot I got from Hong Kong. I was shopping a couple towns over from where I live and my Mother-inlaw said there was a tea shop in the area. We weren’t sure what kind of tea shop it was.. Boba tea? Restaurant? Loose leaf? Anyways, it was a few blocks away from where we were so we went to check it out. This tea shop is called Bamboo Tea House out in Claremont, California. By the way, … Continue reading, hoot!

Yixing Turtle Tea Pet!

Finally got my first Tea Pet /Mascot! No, I’m not retiring the owls – they are still Oolong Owl’s official mascot. This tea pet is made from yixing clay. You place them on your tea table and care for them (or feed them) by pouring tea over them. Over time, the pet will suck in the tea smells and colours. Anyways, I’ve always been in the lookout for some. I tried my luck with ebay, and here’s what I got: A TURTLE! Feed me tea! This tea pet was purchased from Berylleb King Tea via Ebay, shipped from China. This … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s Special New Teapot

I have a new tea pot! A piece of teaware I’ve been questing for! Here’s the box: Owly is here at the unveiling of this awesome teaware. Owly and I decided that he will be present for all Oolong Owl achievements and fan mail. This teaware is certainly an achievement. Can you guess what it is? Attractive purple owl will be our owl hand model, unwrapping the box. Opened, the box is full of tissue. Let’s take out the tissue. Folding away some of the tissue, Owly is confused what he is looking at. Ah, it’s a teapot! A very … Continue reading, hoot!

Inexpensive Cha Hai/ Tea Pitcher Find!

What’s a Cha Hai? It is a serving pitcher used in gongfu style brewing. After you steep your tea in a nice gaiwan or small pot, you pour the tea into the cha hai, and from there, serve the tea. Here’s a video from Verdant Tea for more explanation of chinese tea ceremony gear. (isn’t Verdant’s Videos always so calming?) Anyways, though most of my tea sessions are just for me (and stuff Owls), I use the pitcher as a vessel to strain the tea, have another infusion on stand-by to drink, and when I’m drinking out of small cups. When I get … Continue reading, hoot!

T Free Hourglass Travel Tea Tumbler – Tea ware review

I purchased this really cool looking travel tea tumbler, T Free Hourglass from ZenTeaLife.com. Zen Teas is an online tea seller based in the Vancouver, BC Canada area! (I’m a sucker for Vancouver tea sellers – since it’s my home town!). When I saw this tea tumbler on Zen Tea’s website I was IN LOVE! It’s slim, sexy, unique, and functional. Anyways, Zen Tea had a sale, and I jumped on it ordering the tumbler. I had a hard time deciding which colour to get – I loved all three and thought they all looked good, but I went with … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s First Gaiwan

I finally got a Gaiwan! WOOOOOT! A bit of history – I prefer gravity steepers. Once I got mine from DavidsTea, I was hooked. I later on got Adagio Tea’s IngenuiTEA (which I dislike due to its narrow size). I wanted to try a more traditional way of steeping tea to see the difference, but also experiment. I shopped all over ebay and online tea shops. My in-laws are going on a cruise in China later this year and I didn’t want to wait that long for a gaiwan. My Gaiwan came from Yunnan Sourcing’s US shop – I was attracted to the light … Continue reading, hoot!

Daiso Haul #2 – More tea ware!

I had broken my 2 cup tea pot not too long ago. I was looking online for a new tea cup, but I felt kind of sad. I could spend $15-$20 and get a nice tea pot, or I can get a couple cheapy Daiso tea pots for $1.50 to $4 each and if I accidentally break another one again, I won’t feel as bad. So.. DAISO TEA WARE HAUL! (again) I found two nice small tea pots. They hold around 15 to 16 oz each. The blue print one came with an infuser and was $4! I also snagged a … Continue reading, hoot!

Blooming Glass Teapot from DAVIDsTea – Review

I snagged myself a Blooming Glass TeaPot from DAVIDsTEA a few months ago. It was on sale (whooo!) and I needed a glass pot for all the blooming teas I’ve been collecting and not using. I bought this teapot online – so it came all the way from eastern Canada to California! I was really worried it would of been smashed. However, my tea pot arrived in perfect condition – everything was packaged very well! voyeuristic tea pot! No wait, that’s me! This tea pot is large. 40 oz / 1.2 Liters. Totally a tea pot to take out to share … Continue reading, hoot!

Daiso teaware haul

DAISO! I love Daiso! They are sprouting more and more stores too! I originally went to the store in Richmond, BC Canada and was really sad to move out of Canada because at the time they only had the store in Canada and around San Francisco. However now they recently have opened a couple Daisos in my area, in Southern California yay! What’s Daiso? Well, it’s a japanese dollar store. Stuff is all $1.50 ($2 in Canada) and up. Need cute stationary, pencil cases, dishes, socks, lip gloss, yarn, gardening stuff, bath mitts, and kitchen stuff? Daiso has it and probably … Continue reading, hoot!

Cute Green Tea cup earrings!

More Etsy finds! This time, a pair of green tea earrings! I snagged these earrings from Artwonders on Etsy! Super super cute earrings! More pics! My earrings are very light weight and hang beautifully to show off the contents of the cup – green tea and a tea bag. I had to get these because the detail was very cool and I’m a big sushi eater. I wore these when I went out for sushi and it was awesome! Artwonders on Etsy has a couple other tea related earrings and necklaces which are all very cute. I’ve been very tempted by these earrings … Continue reading, hoot!