Aliexpress 2014 Wild Spring Bud Yabao Pu’er cake – Tea Review

Strange things happen when I’m on Aliexpress. If I see any interesting tea and it’s $10 I will try it. If it sucks, well it was only $10. I don’t know what I was looking for on Aliexpress, but I found this weird looking cake for $9 for 200 grams. It’s a 2014 Wild Spring Bud Pu’er apparently, but it could be wrong. I don’t know, let’s drink it! The dry leaf looks really neat and pretty, like smushed yabao cut with moonlight white. It was easy to break with my fingers, no pick needed since it was lightly pressed together. I steeped … Continue reading, hoot!

2011 Braided Sheng Pu’er – Tea Review

I was cruising Aliexpress looking for trouble and I found this sweet looking raw pu’er cake! This pu’er is a 2011 Sheng/raw with the leaf that has been twisted or braided and then pressed into cakes! How cool is that? I haven’t seen this style of pu’er cake before and could only find one other on Aliexpress. It was later pointed out there is also a hand braided pu’er at Yunnan Sourcing. I went with the Aliexpress cake as it was $16, which is pretty good for 357g size! More pics! Dry Leaf The twists of grey and greens leaf breaks off easily … Continue reading, hoot!