2005 Ruyi LongRun Shou Puer from LongRun Tea – Tea Review

Today’s tea is the 2005 Ruyi LongRun Shou Puer. I snagged this cake at the World Tea Expo 2016 but it is available on Amazon! This puer is Lingcang material. I had asked LongRun what was their oldest shou was and they directed me to this 357 gram cake. 2005 is actually the date they rewrapped this tea. They bought a factory and these cakes were part of that acquisition, so likely they are older. I went blind on this one as I got a deal and was hoping for some good old shou. Dry Leaf and Steeping Method The 2005 Ruyi … Continue reading, hoot!

LongRun 2007 HeXin Shou Puer Tuocha – Tea Review

I bought this LongRun 2007 HeXin Shou Puer Tuocha while I was at the World Tea Expo 2016. Similar to my other purchase from LongRun teas, this tea was stamped one year, but they stated it was another. They had explained to me that these were rewraps from a factory they had purchased, and they couldn’t stamp it older than when they acquired it. I’ve reviewed LongRun (also known as Spring Teas) before – they are of interest to many as their teas are available on Amazon. I mostly bought this puer as the price was right (showroom price) and … Continue reading, hoot!

2011 Longrun Jasmine Puer – Tea Review

This was one the World Tea Expo 2015 finds and an impulse buy. When I bought this Jasmine Sheng I thought it was a shou and in that moment jasmine shou sounded cool. Then when I was checking up online I learned what I got was actually a sheng. My 2011 Longrun Jasmine Puer is a 100 gram mini cake. It is Yunnan origin and that is all the information I can find on this tea. By the way, Longrun pu’er is available on Amazon.com. So far the Longrun pu’er I’ve gotten has been decent, so if you want tea off Amazon I’d … Continue reading, hoot!

2011 Chunhui Unfermented Sheng Pu’er from LongRun Tea – Tea Review

While I was at the recent World Tea Expo, I was super happy to find a seller there that carried lots of Pu’er – LongRun Tea! I walked away with 2 pu’er cakes. Looking at their website, I couldn’t find a store front. After more poking around, it appears they sell on Amazon! Hey guys, there’s pu’er on Amazon! Today, I’ll be reviewing LongRun Tea’s 2011 Chunhui Unfermented Sheng Pu’er. It’s a 357g cake, priced at $28.99 as I write this. I scored my cake for $20 at WTE, nice! The tea in this pu’er cake is Lingcang, Yunnan spring material from … Continue reading, hoot!