Smart Soak Tea Stain Dissolver from Mandala Tea – Oolong Owl review

Got some stubborn tea stains? I heard much about Mandala Tea‘s Smart Soak Tea Stain Dissolver, so I had to try it out, so I purchased the 6oz bag with my last Mandala Tea order. I admit, I like my DIY tea cleaning method of simply rubbing baking soda on everything. Baking soda usually does the trick on most tea stains, and I found it especially effective upkeep on teaware to keep it looking pretty years later. Baking soda is also very cheap, easy to find in stores and usually in everyone’s pantry. However, there are some tea stains baking soda cannot … Continue reading, hoot!

Glass Tea Thermos from Mandala Tea – Oolong Owl Teaware Review

I’ve had a couple blog posts now showing off my Mandala Tea’s Glass Tea Thermos in action, so I think it is time to review how nice of a tea thermos it is! I am a big Mandala Tea fan. Great teas and customer service! I found their Glass Tea Thermos and purchased it for my first cruise so I can have a pretty tea thermos. I have quite a few travelling tea steeping items, but I wanted something attractive and stylish that could also double as a tea pot in a pinch. Mandala Tea’s Garret has a pretty handy video on using … Continue reading, hoot!

White Night from Mandala Tea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

White Night Tea is a white tea sold by Mandala Tea, an Oolong Owl favorite US based tea seller. Tea peeps – this tea, White Night Tea, is processed in a certain way, encouraging it to age. With that said, in a few years, this white will become a black tea! SUPER HOOTY COOL! Mandala Tea has so many cool teas! Let’s jump right into tasting White Night tea with a new Tea Owl, Formal Night Tea Owl! Dry Leaf White Night tea has a pretty interesting dry leaf – it’s big, open leaf with some fuzzy hairs. Some of the leaves are silver, some black. The … Continue reading, hoot!

Flowering Cones Black Tea from Mandala Tea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Flowering Cones Black tea is a hand sewn blooming tea made with high grade Yunnan spring black leaves. This gorgeous flowering tea is sold by mandala tea, US tea seller. All the flowering (aka Blooming) teas I’ve tried so far have a great flavor at first, but quickly turn bitter due to the longer steep time required to get the tea to expand. Flowering teas look gorgeous, but sometimes I feel they are all about presentation rather than taste. Oh, if you remember an early blog post I did about my first blooming tea experience, I saved the leftover bloom in a … Continue reading, hoot!

White Peony from Mandala Tea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

White Peony is a 2013 supreme grade white tea. This Yunnan Province grown tea is sold by Mandala Tea, online seller of loose leaf teas. White Peony is also known as Bai Mu Dan, or sometimes written in English as Pai Mu Tan. I do love Mandala Tea‘s goodies. They have amazing pu’er, and a mind blowing milk oolong. How about their white teas? I received this tea as a surprise sample with my order. Actually, this tea blew me away with its appearance alone! This tea is flat out beautiful! No need for tea owls, I’m going to let the tea leaves speak for themselves. Dry … Continue reading, hoot!

Special Dark Ripe Loose Leaf Pu’er 2006 from Mandala Tea – Tea Review

Special Dark Pu’er is a loose leaf, ripe/shu 2006 pu’er from Mandala Tea. Mandala’s Special Dark Pu’er was on my “must try!” list before it was even listed for sale. With my last Mandala Tea order, I snagged this and a bunch of other ripe pu’er for more pu’er tea drunk party times. The website description of Special Dark Pu’er cites an indulgent cocoa like tea with a soundtrack of the dark side….hmm. I do like the dark side! Let’s give this pu’er a go! Dry Leaf: Special Dark Pu’er has a dusty dry coloured brown leaf, with some lighter … Continue reading, hoot!

Mandala Silver Buds Raw Pu’er 2012 from Mandala Tea – Tea Review

Time to pu’er pick some Mandala Silver Buds Raw Pu’er 2012! This 100g cake from Mandala Tea. Mandala Tea has several Silver Bud pu’er cakes – 2008, 2011 and 2012. I went with the 2012 as it is cheap price, plus it was on sale at the time! I actually was stuck between this one and the Mandala “Wild Monk” Raw Pu’er 2012 for my first cake. Also, the 100g cakes are so darn cute of a size!   My only disappointment was there was no artwork on the wrapper. The Wild Monk cake had some fantastic art on the wrapper (and I’m a sucker for that kind of … Continue reading, hoot!

Milk Oolong Tea from Mandala Tea – Tea Review

Another Oolong Week tea! Go OOLONG WEEK! Milk Oolong is a high-end Taiwanese oolong from Mandala Tea.   Milk oolong is yet another tea type that I’ve had a couple times and wasn’t super impressed or blown away with. The first  milk oolong I tried was bland. The other milk oolongs I tried after that were okay and slightly creamy. I was looking around Steepster and noticed Mandala Tea‘s Milk Oolong was on the first page of being the “best tea” and one of the top rated Oolong teas. The reviews of Milk Oolong looked fantastic, so an ounce slipped into my Mandala Tea order. DRY LEAF: Looking at the … Continue reading, hoot!

Mandala Wild Monk Raw Pu’er 2012 – Tea Review and Experience

MY FIRST PU’ER CAKE! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! I mentioned previously that I’ve been shopping for pu’er cakes. I did lots of research and set a budget. After checking ratings, I discovered Mandala Tea has a great lineup, along with their own exclusive cakes. They also have really great customer support! This Mandala “Wild Monk” Raw Pu’er 2012 caught my eye for it’s promise of smokey and creamy notes, without any bitterness. It is also a 100g cake, so it is small enough to be affordable and low risk for a new to pu’er cake tea owl like me to try. I got this cake, and … Continue reading, hoot!

Mandala Phatty Cake from Mandala Tea – Tea Review

Mandala Phatty Cake is an exclusive, ripe (shu) pu’er 2011 cake from Mandala Tea! My tea collection is on the high side and as 2013 first flush teas are starting to be sold, I’m freaking out. All those greens and white teas I have in my stash that I need to drink now! I dislike stale tea. Then I started thinking, hey, pu’er teas get better with age! I should get some and I don’t have to worry about my teas going stale. So I researched! Mandala Tea caught my eye for having some good pu’er. After trying to figure out what to … Continue reading, hoot!