The New Black Ripe Puer from Misty Peak Teas

Today’s review is a brand new offering from Misty Peak Teas – The New Black. The New Black is a ripe puer, a coming of a new age as Misty Peaks has not ventured into shou until now. This tea caught my interest, moreso to see how good of a ripe Misty Peak teas has for $29 for 100g price tag. The review for this tea jumped up my queue as I got so many questions about it! As described on their site The New Black “…has matured to perfection since it was picked back in the Spring of 2012. As we … Continue reading, hoot!

2015 Autumn Misty Peak Sheng Pu’er – Tea Review

There was some drama with this 2015 Autumn Misty Peak pu’er cake. It was first out of the gate by a month or two compared to other tea sellers who do Autumn sheng pu’er. It was sold exclusively as being freshly picked and pressed, only a couple weeks old! To some, that sounds really cool. To others, they were wondering how they were able to ship it that fast out of China and how much moisture is in the tea. I had got this sample just after this cake came out. I was super curious about the new Misty Peaks pu’er and requested … Continue reading, hoot!

Autumn 2014 Sheng Yiwu Mountain Pu’er from Misty Peak Teas – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Autumn 2014 Sheng Yiwu Mountain Pu’er is a new pu’er from Misty Peak Teas. This stone pressed pu’er was picked from 200 year old+ trees and hand processed on Jan 2014. Time flies when you’re having fun with tea! A year already? It seems like it wasn’t too long ago when I enjoyed Misty Peak Teas‘s 2012 Autumn and 2013 Spring pu’er. I’m curious on how this Autumn 2014 Sheng Yiwu Mountain Pu’er stacks up with the amazing cherry blossom, apricot deliciousness of Misty Peak Teas‘s 2012 Autumn. Dry Leaf Autumn 2014 Sheng Yiwu Mountain Pu’er is a stone pressed loose tangle of dark leaves … Continue reading, hoot!

2012 Autumn Yiwu Sheng Pu’er from Misty Peak Teas – Tea Review

Misty Peak Tea’s 2012 Autumn Yiwu Sheng Pu’er!   Another Misty Peak Tea sheng from 300-600 year old trees? Yes please! I can’t say no to sheng pu’er – the stuff is THA BOMB! Just something so magical about raw/sheng pu’er. I’ve been a green/white/oolong drinker the last few months, and I find raw pu’ers really appealing in flavor – they aren’t strong robust like black teas, but not really grassy vegetal like a green. I’ve been recommending raw pu’er to fellow green/white tea drinkers. Be adventurous, hoot! Dry cake: The tea has a lovely earthy floor scent. I had no issues … Continue reading, hoot!

2013 Yiwu Spring Sheng Pu’er from Misty Peak Teas – Tea Review

Today, I am sampling some 2013 Yiwu Spring Sheng Pu’er from Misty Peak Tea. This tea is produced in pu’er country – Yiwu, Xishuangbanna Yunnan China. Misty Peak Tea was giving away a free sample of this tea and I jumped on it fast. Sheng pu’er? YUM! DRY LEAF: This one is a doozy as I’m pretty sure my sample was smashed up by USPS – it happens. I had one small intact piece of cake, with the rest being pretty loose. I’m not getting much smell off the dry leaves. The tiny green Owl is sitting in my tea cup. I bet … Continue reading, hoot!