Three Friends from Butiki Teas – Tea Review

Three Friends is a black tea with orange, chocolate and marshmallow flavoring. This tea is from Butiki Teas. Okay, I am slightly biased here. I love Terry’s Chocolate Oranges. I’m homesick for Canada and my family, so the smell and taste of chocolate oranges bring me back to spending time with my Dad. He always gave me a chocolate orange for Christmas. The first time I got one, I was insistent I break it myself – but I was a pretty weak of a kid. Heck, despite all my brazilian jiu jitsu, my upper body strength is kinda crap. Dad … Continue reading, hoot!

Nina’s Paris – Sample Tea Review

Hello my amazing tea peeps! Nina’s Paris is a french tea brand that is about to launch in US and Canada. Check out their Facebook page and Twitter! Their America’s website is Anyways, I got a handful of samples from them – yum! I got Marie Antoinette, Mon Secret and Nina’s Japon as samples. I decided to do sample all of these teas and some quick review. I wish I had more than one serving of each so I can do a full review with sweeteners or  as lattes! Marie Antoinette is a black tea blend with rose petals and apple flavoring. Dry leaf, … Continue reading, hoot!

S’mores Genmaicha from 52 Teas – Tea Review

S’mores Genmaicha is a chocolate and marshmallow green tea blend from 52 Teas, an online tea seller that comes up with fun new blends each week. Okay my tea peeps. I feel bad. This tea sold out but I’m still reviewing it. Hey, I bet it’ll get blended again hopefully. If it doesn’t I’m sure we’ll campaign and wishlist it until it does. As soon as I saw 52 Tea tweets that it was up, I bought myself a package without blinking an eye. When 52 Teas comes out with a tea you know you’ll like you buy it ASAP. If … Continue reading, hoot!

Kamba Berry from Butiki Teas – Tea Review

Kamba Berry is a purple tea blended with freeze dried blueberries, strawberries, Ethiopian sweet basil and powdered ginger. This interesting berry tea comes from Butiki Teas! Wah, purple tea? I’ve had purple tea before, as a sample from Butiki Teas, and it was pretty good, though it was awhile ago. This Kamba berry tea sounded really good since I love both strawberry and blueberry, so it sneaked its way into my shopping cart. DRY LEAF: Berry tart smell with a slight medicinal herb smell to it – ginger? The smell of berries has attracted a wild OWLBEAR to our tea session! I guess … Continue reading, hoot!

Strawberry Blizzard from Georgia Tea Co – Tea Review

Strawberry Blizzard is a fruit and spice herbal from Georgia Tea Co. This blend features strawberries,  apple bits, hibiscus blossoms, guava bits, orange bits, cardamom, cinnamon, foamy sugar drops, egg protein, strawberry slices and a bit of rose and mallow petals thrown in. FYI, this tea is not vegan friendly! Alright Georgia Tea Co – this is my first time ordering with them. Their teas are very well priced. I actually went for larger sizes as it seemed more of a deal! I’m guessing this tea is supposed to be iced, but might as well be thorough and try it hot. The packaging … Continue reading, hoot!

Lemon Lime Cream Tart from Della Terra Teas – Tea Review

Lemon Lime Cream Tart is a rooibos and honeybush blend featuring lemon and lime bits and flavoring, along with cream and vanilla flavors. This caffeine free tea is from Della Terra Teas. I bought 2 oz of this tea. I knew it would probably be pretty good, since I love Della Terra Tea’s Lemon Chiffon. DRY LEAF: YOWZAAAA! This tea smells fantastic! It smells like sugary sweet citrus – more on the lime side. Really reminds me of a creamy lime mousse. /DROOOOOL STEEPED: Smells very creamy with a sweet citrus finish. Oh yeah! The appearance is a classic red-brown … Continue reading, hoot!

Organic Mango Pear Deluxe from ESP Emporium – Tea Review

Organic Mango Pear Deluxe is a white tea blend from ESP Emporium, online loose leaf tea seller. I ordered this tea because the fruit combination sounded really cool! I don’t seen enough pear teas! LOL, pears bring up memories of living up in orchard country in British Columbia, Canada… sneaking in and snagging a few green pears. Don’t do that! DRY LEAF: Nice mango and pear smell! The tea is mostly white tea leaf, with some apple and mango bits accented with marigold petals. STEEPED: Fragrant mango pear scent – great combo! Bit of a weird dry smell at the end. The colour … Continue reading, hoot!

Agua di Jamaica from Steep City Teas – Tea Review

Agua di Jamaica  is a fruit green tea blend from the delicious Steep City Teas! I heard that this is one of Steep City Teas popular teas. I’ve never heard of Agua di Jamaica – yay wikipedia! Yowza, that sounds pretty hibiscusy tart of a drink! I’m glad Steep City loaded this tea with lots of berries! DRY LEAF: Luscious, tangy fruity citrus smell! Very interesting appearance with the tightly curled green tea leaves, bright flower bits and fruit! Loads of big hunky fruits. Steep City isn’t kidding around here – get a load of this cherry: (I ate it later on, it was yummy!) STEEPED: … Continue reading, hoot!

Gyokuro Kin from Den’s Tea – Tea Review

Gyokuro Kin is a top grade japanese tea from Den’s Tea, a Japanese green tea seller. This is my first time trying Gyokuro! I got this tea as a sample. But seriously, I don’t think I’d buy it just to try it. At this time, it’s $14 for 2 oz.  Den’s Tea also sells a more expensive gyokuro, Gyokuro Suimei at $23 for 2 oz. With that said, I’m very happy to have a sample of this tea! I was terrified I’d mess up steeping this tea and ending up with an expensive teeny cup of bitter hell. I’ll do my best! DRY LEAF: … Continue reading, hoot!

Earl Grey Heaven from The Persimmon Tree – Tea Review

Earl Grey Heaven is a creamy earl grey black. This tea is from The Persimmon Tree! Okay, I discovered this tea got a rename from Earl Grey Creme to Earl Grey Heaven. With that said, the packaging on my tea is the old name. My dad LOVES earl grey teas since Captain Picard ordered it. As a kid  we’d sit on the floor (we had couches, but preferred sitting on the floor for TV time) sipping crappy bagged oversteeped earl grey that tasted more bergamont, paper and bitterness. Despite having a loose leaf crazy daughter, Dad still uses the bagged tea variety. … Continue reading, hoot!