Marmalade Puerh from California Tea House – Tea Review

Right before I moved out of SoCal, there was a tea tasting event that I wasn’t able to make. A tea buddy of mine did make it, and mentioned trying this Marmalade Puerh from California Tea House. Just the name alone of this tea and I had to have it! I don’t know why, but I always buy puer blends, despite majority of them are terrible mostly because puer just doesn’t western brew well. Dry Leaf Marmalade Puerh is HEAVY. The puerh used is heavy and the chunks in it are also heavy. This has got to be the most … Continue reading, hoot!

2015 Menghai v93 Ripe Puer

I had tried a Menghai v93 2010 or 2011 in a Steepster Community Pu’er Traveling tea box and thought it was pretty good. Looking up the Menghai v93, I found out it is pretty inexpensive, especially if you go for a recently made one and just age it yourself. For the 2015 Menghai v93 I paid $7 for 100 grams tuo on ebay, however you can get it cheaper at Yunnan sourcing, especially if you get the 5 pack. I was stuck though – my pu’er cake collection is exploding after a recent upgrade to my storage, which is already close to max capacity. I decided … Continue reading, hoot!

Jiaogulan Dragon Pearls from M&K’s Tea Co – Tea Review

Today’s review is a tea from a new tea seller! M&K’s Tea Co, located in California! Today is also a really neat tea review – Roasted Jiaogulan Dragon Pearls. This is a herbal caffeine free tea harvested from Pingli, Shaanxi China in 2014. I wanted to try this tea so badly – any tea rolled into pearls is an adventure to steep! The name of this tea sounds familiar to me, I’m guessing I saw this tea in the tea isle of Asian grocery stores. M&K’s Tea Co has good information on the tea, but I decided to google search it some more.  With a quick google … Continue reading, hoot!

Santa’s Cup Herbal Rooibos Tea from TeaXotics – Tea Review

CHRISTMAS TEA TIME! I’m still not in the Holiday spirit yet. My tree isn’t up. I’m starting to buy gifts now, 9 days before Christmas. I’ve done only one round of holiday baking. I love doing the gingerbread house thing every year – that symbolizes Christmas time to me, but I decided against it this year as I really don’t want to eat it! It is hard feeling Christmas here in SoCal due to the weather, especially since I’m from Canada where it is usually snowing right now instead of sunny. I need to feel Christmasy soon or I’ll be … Continue reading, hoot!

Cocoa Creme Black Tea from Simple Loose Leaf – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Cocoa Creme Black Tea is a blend featuring south Indian Flower Orange Pekoe Black tea, ground coffee, cocoa and yogurt chips. This coffee lovers tea is sold by Simple Loose Leaf, online seller of tea in a subscription format. 2 years ago I was really into roasted mates and black teas that had a really robust flavor with hints of coffee. There was something about the super caffeine hit that helped me with moving and settling in here in California. I haven’t had a coffee flavored tea in awhile, so I thought I should give  Cocoa Creme Black Tea a try. Big fuzzy … Continue reading, hoot!