2017 Sheng Puer Regional Blind Tasting – Everyday Teas

Oh boy, we are doing this again. My previous Everyday Teas  review was a sheng puer regional blind tasting of 2016 teas. It is time to do 2017 teas! I suggest reading the 2016 blind tasting before proceeding with this 2017 review. I predict this tasting is going to be harder – 2017 teas probably haven’t settled down enough yet. This year only the Nannuo shan is from the same farm as the Ailao Shan is from a different source. This set has a Yiwu instead of a Bulang. I like Yiwu, at least what I tend to associate what Yiwu tastes. Who … Continue reading, hoot!

Huang Guan Yin Roast Comparison from Old Ways Tea

Back at the 2017 Northwest Tea Festival, I saw the Tea Bar doing a 5 minute taste comparison of electric vs charcoal roast tea. I sadly missed the tasting, but Old Ways Tea, who supplied teas for that tasting, sent some my way to do my own comparison. Getting my own to try is much better as I can write in depth. So what I have is Old Ways Tea’s Huang Guan Yin Wuyi oolong. I have an electric roast and a charcoal roast, same year, harvest and batch – the only difference is the roast. Some might think the … Continue reading, hoot!