Organic Herbal Blue Tea from BlueChai – Oolong Owl Tea Review

BlueChai is a caffeine free, organic herbal  butterfly pea flowers tea sold by These flowers are harvested in Northern Thailand. I ordered a free sample of BlueChai, I didn’t look much into what this tea was. A spicy tea? Though, it is confusing that “chai” can also just mean “tea”. Once I got the package, on the label, it states “pea flowers”. I’ve never had pea flower tea, so trying this tea will be fun! Dry Leaf Really pretty, chunky, big leafed blue flowers with yellow centers, dressed with the odd green stem and leaf. Not much scent to these flowers. … Continue reading, hoot!

Goji Pop from DAVIDsTea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Goji Pop is a herbal tea blend of apple, goji berries, hibiscus, roships, and honeydew. This caffeine free tea is from DAVIDsTea. Goji Pop is an Oolong Owl favorite. I’ve must of purchased this tea about 4 times now. I tried a sample of it and WOW very good! I then promptly bought a 100g tin worth and have been refilling it every since. Annoyingly, my local DAVIDsTea was always sold out of this tea, so I’ve bought it online most of the time. Dry Leaf Very chunky appearance. Lumps of apple, goji berries, and hibiscus that have petals stuck … Continue reading, hoot!

Kuwacha Sencha – Mulberry Leaf from Kesennuma Kuwacha Eitoku via Yunomi – Tea Review

Kuwacha Sencha – Mulberry leaf tea is from supplier Kuwacha Eitoku. I obtained this tea from from the August Tea Samplers Club. Mulberry leaf? I never heard of this tea! I’ve had mulberries in tea, which taste very sweet and honey like, but not the leaves and definitely not as the main ingredient. According to the information I got with my tea, the processing of this tea is the same as sencha, and as we see later, so is the steeping method. Out of the three teas in this month’s Tea Samplers Club, this Kuwacha Sencha – Mulberry leaf … Continue reading, hoot!

Peppermint Patty Tea from Butiki Teas – Tea Review

Peppermint Patty is a herbal tea made of vegan chocolate chips, organic marshmallow leaf, organic peppermint. This caffeine free and vegan friendly tea is from Butiki Teas. Yay, Butiki Teas! I haven’t done an order with them for awhile and with this latest order I ordered a lot! Oohhh yeah! Mintea the Owl was excited – finally a mint tea for him to help review!   Dry Leaf: Opening the tea package, Peppermint patty is a blast of sweet mint and chocolate!  I can sense that white smushy middle of the mint filling and melty chocolate coating! It is seriously like unwrapping the … Continue reading, hoot!

Guava Cadabra from DAVIDsTEA – Tea Review

Guava Cadabra is a caffeine-free herbal fruit blend from DAVIDsTEA. This blend features mango, apple, hibiscus, elderberries, and guava crunchies. Guava Cadabra is DAVIDsTEA‘s Tea of the Month for July 2013.   Guava seems to be an uncommon ingredient in tea. Actually, even seeing guavas in stores is uncommon, unless I go to specialty markets. Guavas remind me of a coworker I had who would often eat them like a giant apple – walking around the office with this large green fruit in his hand, taking large bites out of it. I ordered this tea as guava is tasty, unique and I do love … Continue reading, hoot!

Pondi Cherry from New Mexico Tea Company – Tea Review

Pondi Cherry is a herbal fruit blend featuring cherries, cranberries, raspberries, elderberries, hibiscus and blackberries. This herbal tea is from New Mexico Tea Company.   Similar to the Lady Hannah tea review, this 1oz sampler wasn’t labelled, thus my terrible handwritten label. I keep a stack of labels next to the tea stash as I stick on notes about the tea, like steeping instruction changes.  DRY LEAF: Well.. not actually leaf in this tea. Dried fruit chunks and bits? Yeah!   The smell of Pondi Cherry is like sweet cherry fruit leather. Mmmm! I made fruit leather once. I snacked on most of it … Continue reading, hoot!

Strawberry Blizzard from Georgia Tea Co – Tea Review

Strawberry Blizzard is a fruit and spice herbal from Georgia Tea Co. This blend features strawberries,  apple bits, hibiscus blossoms, guava bits, orange bits, cardamom, cinnamon, foamy sugar drops, egg protein, strawberry slices and a bit of rose and mallow petals thrown in. FYI, this tea is not vegan friendly! Alright Georgia Tea Co – this is my first time ordering with them. Their teas are very well priced. I actually went for larger sizes as it seemed more of a deal! I’m guessing this tea is supposed to be iced, but might as well be thorough and try it hot. The packaging … Continue reading, hoot!

Lady Hannah from NM Tea Co – Tea Review

Lady Hannah is a herbal berry tea blend from New Mexico Tea Company (NM Tea Co). Lady Hannah features apple, hibiscus, rosehip, pineapple, papaya, bramble berries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. First off – with my recent order with NMTea Co I purchased two 1 oz pouches of tea. They both came UNLABELED. NOOOO! Annoyingly, both teas were fruity herbals, but I was just able to tell them apart as one was more cherry whereas Lady Hannah is more berry. I labelled it myself after I figured out what tea was what. I’d be REALLY FFFING PISSED if I ordered a bunch … Continue reading, hoot!

Banana Coconut from The Persimmon Tree – Tea Review

Banana Coconut is a caffeine free herbal/rooibos blend of chamomile, coconut and banana. This tea comes from The Persimmon Tree, a great online loose leaf tea seller. (FYI, this tea was previously called Banana Dulce and went through a recent name change, hence why my tin has the old name on it. It is still the same blend!) I need more caffeine free teas in my life. Unfortunately, I’m not huge on rooibos or chamomile – which is often used for caffeine free blends. Regardless, I still order teas with rooibos or chamomile as I’ll try about anything and I don’t want … Continue reading, hoot!

Jasmine Blossom from Nature’s Tea Leaf – Tea Review

Jasmine Blossom is a herbal tea of naturally dried jasmine buds. This tea comes from Nature’s Tea Leaf. DRY LEAF: Dried flower smell – wooo creative! I mean, if you ever dried flowers, it smells floral, but also kind of flat. Bleh, hopefully I’m making sense here. Very nice looking tea here – all mostly intact flower buds! So pretty! I made a bouquet! However… what is this?????!!!!!! It was the only one in my bag of tea. I’m guessing it was a dredge or something. Kinda looks like my tea owl munched on my teas and hurled a flowery owl … Continue reading, hoot!