Hojicha Powder from 3 Leaf

Finally, a vendor that has Hojicha Powder! I’ve tried Hojicha “matcha” a few times at tea industry conventions and enjoyed it. When I heard that 3 Leaf released two Hojicha Matchas – Hojicha and Banana Hojicha Powder, and I immediately purchased so I can my roast on. The instructions on making Hojicha powder is vague, even with a quick google. Overall, it seems a serving is 1 teaspoon and you add “hot” water to taste, around 8oz/ 235ml/1 cup. Hojicha Powder from 3 Leaf 1 tsp clocked in at 2.3 grams (call it 2 grams). I added a little bit… Continue reading, hoot!

Chiran Matcha 2019 Limited Edition from Naoki Matcha

Today’s matcha is from a new cultivar that hasn’t hit commercial production. Naoki Matcha’s Chiran Matcha 2019 Limited Edition is from Chiran region in Kagoshima Prefecture using the SeiMei Cultivar. Googling up the SeiMei cultivar doesn’t get too many hits, but I do find a paper dated in 2018. Matcha Powder and Preparation The matcha powder smells of mowed flowers and chestnut shells. I used 2 grams of matcha powder, usucha style, whisked in 5oz/150ml low temperature (175F/79c) water. Chiran Matcha whisks up amazingly well and high amounts of foam. I did a finger drag test across the surface and… Continue reading, hoot!

Naoki Matcha Silver Yame Blend from Naoki Matcha

Our matcha for the day is the award-winning Naoki Matcha Silver Yame blend. This matcha is from Yame, in the Fukuoka prefecture. Matcha Powder and Preparation The Matcha powder is light and fluffy with a grassy and flat flowery scent. The colour is a dark green, though slightly grey, so a bit off from the perfect vibrant green matcha. I used 2 grams of matcha. No need to sift this as the matcha powder was practically floating. I used around 165F / 74c water temperature. I found less water was best for this tea – I liked around 150ml/5oz. I… Continue reading, hoot!

Cha Ka and Sae Gyokuro Matcha from Samurai Tea Master via Sei Mee Tea

Matcha is generally made from a specially grown and processed tea called Tencha. There are always exceptions to this, as sometimes tea sellers grind up other teas like Sencha or various Chinese Greens to cut cost or create a new profile. The matcha today is made with Gyokuro, which commands a luxuriously higher price for Japanese teas. The cultivation of Gyokuro and Tencha are similar, as they are both shaded, steamed, but Gyokuro is rolled whereas Tencha is destemmed flakes. There is also a long research rabbit hole as different cultivars could be used for both teas, also changing the… Continue reading, hoot!

Smile Tea Organic Premium Matcha by Birouen Tea House

Matcha Time! Today’s matcha is Smile Tea Organic Premium Matcha by Birouen Tea House, which is from Kirishima, Japan. It is JAS organic and ceremonial grade. The instructions on the back of the package are confusing as the list and written instructions list different amounts of powder and water. I have never heard of steep time with matcha either. With matcha, I find it is best to just stick to 2 grams and use water to taste. Matcha Powder and Preparation Smile Matcha’s powder is full of colour, but dark green instead of the vibrant nuclear green I like to see.… Continue reading, hoot!

Simple Steeps by The Tea Spot

I have been in travel mode this summer, both for tea festivals and escaping the home office as I lack an air conditioner. The Tea Spot sent me some of their teas packaged as Simple Steeps, which are pre-portioned to go teas for $5 a box. I sneaked a few tea tastings while I traveled, but let’s sit down and give them a full tasting. Simple Steeps Matcha I believe I’ve had Tea Spot’s matcha before in their Matcha Fitness set, which came in a cute tiny tin. This time we have matcha in a thin packet which Tea Spot got… Continue reading, hoot!

Vanilla and Mocha Matcha from The Whistling Kettle

Today I’m testing out The Whistling Kettle’s flavored matcha. These are labeled for matcha lattes, so you will want to mix these with milk. There is no sugar in these matchas, but obviously, they have added flavoring. Whistling Kettle does have an unflavored organic and ceremonial matcha if you want a traditional cup of matcha. I have the Vanilla and Mocha Matcha. Each package is 100 gram/3.50z of matcha. I use 3 grams for around 8oz/235ml serving, so that’s a lot of matcha lattes for $20 package. The Whistling Kettle’s Vanilla Matcha The colour of the Vanilla Matcha powder is… Continue reading, hoot!

Green Tea With Japanese Orange and Lemon from JapaneseGreenTeaIn.com

I’m a daily matcha drinker. More often, I simply throw 3 grams in some water then hit the gym. If I have the time in the morning, I will go all out with a bowl of matcha high in froth. Today, let’s check out a new matcha/green tea powder by JapaneseGreenTeaIn.com, maker of one of my favorite matchas. This product was actually a collaboration with the Arahataen tea farm in Shizuoka, Japan, and a local high school. The challenge was to come up with a tea that the younger generation will enjoy. That said, we have Green Tea with Orange… Continue reading, hoot!

Jeju Island Matcha and Black Tea from Teas Unique

Teas Unique sent me a box of unusual Korean teas. I most often come across green tea or hwangcha, but here I have matcha and a black tea. Teas Unique’s Hwangcha was pretty good with a big selection. Out of the box, I picked out the Jeju Island teas to review. Teas Unique’s Jeju Island Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha I haven’t had good Korean Matcha. Note, yes we can be pedantic and this isn’t matcha, but green tea powder. I’m sticking with matcha as it is faster. This Jeju Island Matcha from Teas Unique is a first flush, single estate,… Continue reading, hoot!

Material Matcha Uji MMU03 Blend & Kickstarter

Material Matcha Uji is a new matcha seller with a twist – they have handcrafted 3 different matchas, blended with various Uji varietals, which makes for different flavor profiles. This isn’t the first time I’ve come across blended matcha, but the first time to have a tea vendor go into more detail. Since I do a lot of matcha reviews, I’ve learned matcha has many flavor profiles, yet no way to distinguish anything as no one talks varietals. I’ve had matchas that were potent, sweet, fruity, more umami, and even floral. The most information I see on matcha is the region, usually Uji.… Continue reading, hoot!