Thirsty For – Tasty Exotic Drink and Tea Video Recipes

I came across a video series called Thirsty For on the Tastemade Youtube channel and I wanted to share it with my tea peeps!


“Thirsty For” uploads every Sunday, shot video recipe tutorial style, of an exotic drink recipe. The recipes are of drinks from all around the world – including Japan, Trinidad, Poland, Mexico, and Chile. All the drinks shown in the series are non-alcoholic. Of course, since tea is an amazing drink that has been around for ages, they have some tea recipes. Besides the tea recipes, I enjoy learning about and being able to try new drinks I can make myself without travelling! The videos are also shot very well, great music and visually pleasing to watch!

Here are some of the tea recipes so far:

London Fog – Drool, vanilla bean!

Noon Chai – I was surprised with the use of wuyi oolong tea in this recipe! Sounds fantastic!

Matcha Green Tea. How come when I make matcha it doesn’t look this neat?

Bubble Tea (Boba). Yum, bubble tea!

Sweet Tea. Sugar-tastic!

Moroccan Mint Tea. I should really stop being lazy and try this recipe instead of steeping up a mint/gunpowder blend.

Yerba Mate. Ah, so that’s how you use a yerba mate gourd and bombilla.

Totally check out the entire Thirsty For playlist! Any tea recipes jump out at you? 

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